Monday, June 30, 2008

Seattle Symphony Orchestra rant.

Got up this morning had breakfast took off on Fidelio for a trip around the lake.
Got back before noon.
Statistics follow

Distance, 50.2 miles
Time, 4:18:52
Average speed, 11.6 mph
Maximum speed, 32,3 mph
Accumulated total 519 miles

I am exhausted.

Of secondary importance;

I put a comment on Seattle Symphony Orchestra's summer fest, site asking them if they still planned to have me arrested for coming on their side of the street.
They've removed the comment.
I am an officially "disappeared" person.
Apparently they are embarrassed that my nose has gotten their fist all bloody.

Embarrassed is what they should be.

When I complained to the city about their prejudice years ago, I was told that there was a statute of limitations of six months on any complaint I might have.
Apparently that statute does not apply to their continuing offense to me.

My only choice is to continue to be offensive, I guess.

No mystery why they can't keep an artist like Joshua Roman interested.

What pathetic people, what a pathetic organization.

My new string quartet is magnificent, so magnificent that even Meredith likes it.
She's a big R.Strauss fan, so I guess it doesn't take much.

O.K, It's been a full day, I'll knock off now.

Wait a minnit, lemme find you a picture.

A Symphony hall in a city that has made and continues to makes an artistic difference in the world.
Not some little wannabe logging hamlet with delusions of grandeur


Sunday, June 29, 2008


Walked to the library, watched videos there.
Posted a video of Elvis on Facebook.
Walked home with a sack full of potato chips form the Safeway
Edited string quartet for a few hours.
Went to The Chapel and listened to Wayne Horvits and Gravitas.
Wayne on piano, Peggy Lee on cello, Ron Miles on cornet, and Sara Schoenbeck on bassoon

All slow tempo compositions, with a distinct flavor of improvisation, the excitement coming from the depth of the colors and the high artistic level of the solos.
There has been some discussion at SCI about the suitability of combining the 'cello with other instruments, notably the bass clarinet.
The statement that the Clarinet is the best blend has raised a bit of discussion in my hotmail inbox.
With deep analysis of the various instrument's wave forms, extended techniques, et
I'm not totally sure that that was the actual point of the discussion but misunderstanding is the soul of any such concerto.

(the word "concerto" means both together and conflict, somewhat like the word "cleave")

The many ways in which the Gravitas instruments blended and separated were so full of invention, both melodically, rhythmically, and harmonically seemed more than adequate to me.
I'm sure that a Bass clarinetist would have been able to add his own skills to the mix whether that instrument was "best" complement to the 'cello or not.
The music I heard was great, fully deserving the standing ovation it got.

Even though the performance was enhanced by a young person's marimba and percussion band playing for a wedding just outside the windows.

I say enhanced because they were quite good and Gravitas enjoyed them too.
But Steve did close the windows because a band's gotta do what a band's gotta do.

Later that night on SNL the first ever Saturday Night show was aired as a tribute to George Carlin, who was the host.
All those young people,
Certainly I never looked that un-wrinkled.
Certainly I never had that much hair.

So long, George, thanks for all the laughs, thanks for all the education.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

More interesting links

I'm spending my e-time surfing Facebook friend's friends.
I found this link through Alex's Facebook page.
It's been an interesting week.
We'll talk later.

Then there's the question of the bass clarinet



Marco Mazzini playing a couple of pieces on the bass clarinet.
"Deep" is by Alex Shapiro.
"Belle" was written by Francisco Colasanto

It's been a disappointing week for me.
After the troubles with the bike on Monday, Tuesday brought a trip to social security to do some paper work about Medicare or something.
Then Wednesday it was a trip to Group Health for a similar bout of bureaucratic incomprehensibility.
All having to do with Meredith's retirement from Boeing.
Who won't be paying for health insurance any more.
Don't blame them, really.
It's just that I paid my own health insurance for 30 years or so and now it seems it's out of my hands, which doesn't make me feel assured of anything other than gigantic companies' ability to weasel out of any contract with a nonentity like myself.
I am planning to continue my practice of not getting sick.
I'm too afraid to.

Anyway, Wednesday after the trip to GHC, and a recce to the local Volvo dealer, prompted by the mysterious running problem that Leah (the dirty brown Volvo we drive everywhere) has developed, I was preparing the musical offering for my Thursday class
when the phone rang.

It was David asking where the hell was I (he doesn't actually talk like that, I'm just exaggerating for dramatic effect, poetic license and all that sort of thing)
It's a new scholastic millenium (or quarterium) and My class is now on Wednesday.

Sorry, David.

So here we are again.
I've accumulated several new Facebook friends most of whom are either musicians or people I've known for years The joke about finally being friends after all this time is being exercised thoroughly.

But there is something heartwarming about using the word, saying it out loud.

I do hope you all forgive me for not waxing cynical.

What do I have for the picture of the day?


Fast water in Oregon.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"The Blues in not about you feeling better, the Blues is about making other people feel worse"


Monday, June 23, 2008

Three bike rides

.2 miles in 2.23 minutes, average speed 4.9, 17.3 max
.1 miles in 3.o8 minutes, average speed 3.7, 18.2 max
24.9 miles in 2hr,4min,26sec, average speed 11.9, 36.7 max

Significant trouble shooting between #2 & #3.
I swear what I had to do this time to make it work was to undo what I had to do last time to make it work.

Maybe that's why I never made any money as a mechanic.

Enough of that, however,

I'm collecting friends at a prodigious rate over at facebook.

It's strange the effect just applying that label to people I've known for years.
Fifty years in one case.
Married to in another.
Never met them in others.

But it somehow seems more significant to make the statement in public.

Enniewhey, it's heartwarming to be able to turn on my computer and see them all
listed with pictures, even.

Speaking of pictures, here's the 'cello head I promised yesterday.

I'm going to go over to my facebook site now.
I've concocted a formula using my bike stats and
the number of friends I've collected
that should put a hard number to my ultimate worth as a human being.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

I went to a Mahvelous party

Here is a link that I mentioned to various people last night.
If this link doesn't work, got to Gathering note and scroll down a bit.
This is what symphonies are capable of.
Much better than stolid black clothed royalist minions doing their duty as some ancient overmaster threatens them with a stick.

Viva Gustavo, Viva Venezuela

Here's some closeups of the violins I showed you in an earlier post.
I'll show you the 'cello head later.

I found a button on my Facebook site that allowed me to invite my mailing list to be friends, I'm getting interesting results.
I suppose I should go read the mailing list and see just who it is that I'm annoying.

Oops, there goes the P-51 again.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Laissez le bon temps roulé (or is that roulè?)

Anyway, the sky is filled with creatures with the enviable power of flight, although if the price of that gift is to pick ones food out of a new mowed lawn, I'll have to give it a pass.
Even though the robins seem to be enjoying themselves.
Swooping and diving like that hummingbird in the back yard is doing at hundreds of miles an hour in order to impress a little girlybird looks like fun.

Also in the sky a pack of WWII airplanes are making their annual rounds.
B-17, B-25, B-26 and what all.
There goes one now.
I've even seen a Messerschmidt and a MIG in the air, must be breeding season for them.
There seem to be more every year.

And I've seen the first hydroplane of summer.
Although they are not nesting along the lake just yet.

It's time to fire up the ALFA and go cruising along the lake.


Anyway the premier social event of the day (second only to seeing you lovely people here) will be, of course, Judith's solstice party this evening.

I can hardly wait, although due to the intractability of time, I will probably have to.

Heres a picture.
It's the bass made out of old recycled wall paneling that Hooverific mentioned on a previous comment.

That's it for today


Friday, June 20, 2008

A day later

OMG, I've written another poem!
I'm not sure I agree with Butch about that.
Poems are supposed to be incomprehensible assemblages of words and phrases that just might as well mean...well, anything.
Seems to me that anything that just says something is merely prose.

Think on it, just what in the heck is E.A.P. yapping about with his silly ass talking Raven?


Most of the other "great" poets read like the OED run through a shredder.

I can understand what Glenn and Janet and Alex are talking about.

It's all very nice and I love it but it's comprehensible, therefore it must be something other than poetry.

I've been struggling with my other sites (Facebook and Myspace) trying to add friends
and finding musicians to hire.
They keep updating these places and I have a hard time keeping up, especially with this slow dial-up connection.

Pfui! (did I spell that right?)

On the scientific front,
I have almost completed my studies of "dinosaur" bones and come up with a startling discovery that will rock the scientific community.

Stay tuned.

Also I spent yesterday writing another piece for string quartet.
Soon as it's finished, I'll post it for the world to ignore

I'll look for another picture.

There, that's much better.
The one on the far left, I didn't build.
The rest I did.

Perhaps I will get a picture of the bass for hooverific.

You never know what I'm likely to get up to.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Labor minimus

I don't know exactly where this little flower is
but the presence of snow indicates, Flagstaff.

No school today stayed home an did yard work.

I it was a physical week, this
Monday it was a 25 mile bike ride
Tuesday involved some serious weed-whacking on the slope behind the hedge
in order to find the hedge under all the weeds.
Wednesday I mowed the lawn
And today it was a matter of dragging up all the stuff cut Tuesday and running it through the chipper.

Charging what I used to get running my shop, that's several hundred dollars worth of labor.

Here is the profit

Of course, I had nothing to do with either the raising of the flowers or the picking of the flowers or the arrangement of the flowers.

And, what's more, I don't even remember that vahze hanging around the house before.

Still it's a nice bunch and will be until about 2:00 PM tomorrow when all the petals fall off and we sweep them up and dump them in the compost.

Sic transit gloria floria.

Nice tile work though, innit?

I have been inviting friends to my facebook site
Perhaps if I contact enough musicians through bring friends with Katy and Tom, it'll be easier to find people for the salon.
Or maybe I could even put together a whole concert somewhere.

Anyway, many have been called, but few have chosen.
I don't remember who I've already invited, so I'll probably be duplicating invites.

More harassment charges in the offing no doubt.

The life of a composer-selfpromoter is a treacherous one, mes amis.

Orry vwah and a jew

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And miles to go

I promised you a picture yesterday and when I make a promise it becomes a duty.

I am not in a mood to blog today but I do because I promised.
I can't seem to find any irrelevant tangent to go off on.
Nor any absurd pun powered segue ...
Or incomprehensible Joyce quote.



The rest is... something or other

Oh well, on the incomprehensibility front anyway, I'm sure that Anonomann will get a kick out of the new link to the SSO Summerfest.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Nice sunny day

Go for a bike ride.

Why not?

24.4 miles
2:08:27 time
11.3 average
33.4 Max speed
443 odometer

Half of Lake Washington.
Here to the I-90 floating bridge.
Cross Mercer Island
South to Renton
Round the airport
Back to here

In an entirely unrelated story;

Omniscient Mussel points out that two tones are not a chord, but a interval.
To make a chord you need to add a third or a fifth or both or even more
How would this apply to the Jane chord thing, I wonder?
What would a dominant seventh chopped out of War and Peace be like.

With a million or so words to choose from, how could one ever tune it properly?

Talk about your microtones.

The mind boggles, and I somewhat agree with Professor Peter Schickele as to the usefulness of a mind boggled.

I.E. it's not.

I am going to shut up now and see if I can find a picture for you.

Well cyberman is in a snippy mood today and won't load anything.
Maybe he just took advantage of the weather and is down at Seward park waxing down his carucha hoping to impress the girls.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jane Chord

Go to this site to find out what this post is about.

Jane Chord


You west
Prelude Mundi
No night
Yeah this
Whattaboringday Yummy
To tomorrow
is can

Feel time
First street
The anyway
Last up
Once this
Wokoki canyon
Well dearheart

Folklife ciao
Today sera
Flagstaff Page
Before jacket
Went Flagstaff
Rather it
The drift.


Two related works


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yet another Thursday in the life

You know the outline.
After the coffee and cookie bit, this time I went to the Pike Place brewery for a hamburger and a stout.
Never got around to ordering the 'burger be cause the stoutwas so efficient at relaying God's message that he loves me and wants me to be happy.

Had steak an egg breakfast at a different place instead.

Don't remember the name, but the food's good, go there sometime.

Having done not a bloody thing musically all last week, David came up with a different kind of lesson for me.
Through composing.
Had me pick some musical elements and stick them together without listening first.
Just write it down as I goes along.

Then he played the thing out for me.

I'll post it.

Can't get a hold of sci to upload the string quartet,
If you're desperate to hear it.
Go to the Facebook or ReverbNation site.
It's called "A Walk in the Park"'s another picture.
Somewhere way out west....


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fantastic pianos save a loser day


During yesterdays attempt to consolidate all my running around, gas-burning chores into one green trip, which, due to forgetfulness, confusion and not knowing when the library opened, turned out to be anything but efficient, I became aware of some Bach piano music on the radio (KING FM).
Nothing unusual in that, of course, but just as I was fantasizing about a Columbo design Ferrari V-12 engine(the one with the ball bearing roller cam followers and the hairpin valve springs) I heard a faint human voice.
Well, It was Glenn Gould, wasn't it?
So I listened more carefully, (one of the English suites)
Notes like little ice cubes floating off the keyboard perfectly choreographed all exactly in the proper place and time.
This was the high point of that trip, or I should say, trips, eventually involving, due to my lack of adequately composed mentis, four of 'em.
I decided to bag any thoughts of efficiency and hole up with mindless entertainment and junk food.

When I got home with a couple VCRs and a bag of Tim's Cascade Wasabi flavored potato chips the day's sojourn was made complete by the realization that the bag I had bought was, in reality, sour cream and onion.

Anyway on to the concert at the Chapel, which was about pianos and the sounds they can make.

Main theme

First on the bill was

Dawn Clement

Local artist, works at Cornish, I believe.

Jazzy renderings of original works and some Beatles'

Lush resonant music, making good use of the piano's warmth and depth.

The first thing that caught my eye was when she smiled once while playing, which reminded me of a famous photograph of Glenn Gould playing, seated on his little bench with a rapturous smile on his face.
And Jacqueline Du Pre holding her cello similarly transported.
Or album covers of Janis Joplin looking like she's having a hell of a good time.

It just looks like such a joyful place to be.

Anyway, Dawn didn't play like Glenn, her playing was warm and human.


Larry Karush

Wasn't anything like Glenn Gould, either.

For one thing, he wore a short sleeved shirt instead of being all wrapped up in winter gear with a wool scarf and gloves for chrissake!

Larry is a Los Angeles based artist.

Where it's warm all the time (I dream of that warmth)

For another thing, he sat up straight on the bench, which was a normal bench (the soft, padded one with the knob on the side, not the jackscrew thing that the Marx brothers used to make fun of)

And too, he didn't throw an infantile fit as I shook his hand when Alex introduced us.

The important thing was his playing of his "comprovisations" which were artful, intellectual, inspiring and moving and energetic.

One piece improvised over a repeated ground (not unlike one of Frank Zappas guitar solo marathons over Ruth Underwood's percusso continuo) reminded me of long distance driving.
Later, when he later announced that the name of another piece as "Rush" he indicated that L.A. traffic might have something to do with it.

The music was...
Dense, deep, passionate, if words could do the job, we wouldn't need the music, would we?

So I'll just say that during the performance I began to extrapolate Beethoven's artistic evolution and wondered whether had he survived through the jazz age, might not his music have been something like this.

I don't believe in recaps, if you didn't get it the first time, go listen again.*


I only had two regrets for the evening.

I didn't bring my "Feel Free to Laugh" cards and hustle readership.

I wore my "Everything I know, in life I learned from Frank Zappa" t-shirt but buttoned my overshirt so that no one could see it and realize how hip I am.

Sic Semper Gloria Mundi

*just kidding


Monday, June 09, 2008


No sleep last because of yesterday's adventures
Chamber Music Society luncheon.
Talked to some nice people.
Listened to R.M. Campbell.
He writes for the P.I.
His vocation seems to be fading away.

Soon all that will be left for me will be the cartoons, the crosswords and the horoscope.

Which won't be too different for my usual morning bowl of Cheerios™ ritual.

And you dearhearts.

Wish I'd actually been there accompanying my minimally animated corpse.
All that seems to have filtered through the fog of my diminished awareness was that the ARTS seem to be growing steadily as they die.

Good food. Salmon, Strawberry shortcake.

I drank no wine because.

I'm still tired, recovering, et cetera.

Tomorrow, it's

Larry Karesh and Dawn Clement


Nonsequitur & Chapel Performance Space
Good Shepherd Center 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, Seattle
Good Shepard Chapel

Eight O'Clock

Wake me up when you get there.

Heres to the hithering thithering waters of...



Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh, No, not another bike trip

Yeah, well, get used to it, amigos.

This morning when I tried to connect with all you beautiful, talented and intelligent folks, my computer decided to try to load something that I did not want to load up.
In the process, the silly thing attempted to dial up your number without my approval.
Now, I appreciate all the free stuff I'm getting from Brother Bill, but I do wish to maintain a smidgen of autonomy.
I don't even mind a little Spam (Why hasn't Hormel™ complained about this?)

Any I reacted to this continuing cyber abuse by deciding to take a ride.

I've been wanting (certain dear friends will undoubtedly insist that I've always been wanting. Listen not to these people) ever since my serendipitous High altitude training I got while carousing about the High desert of Arizona and New Mexico, to revisit the loop of the two main rivers filling the south end of Lake Washington.

To wit, the Cedar and the Green, both of which have trails associated with their names.

Only this time in a clockwise direction.

So I did.

Log Specifics follow;

Trip length, 60.8 miles
Time, 6:25:41
Average speed, 9.5 (I was hoping to maintain over ten, but quod Peugeot, Peugeot.)
Maximum speed, 27.7 (Not as dramatic as earlier maxes but the route is basically flat)
Cumulative Distance, 418 miles.

First 16 miles was a breeze, second 16 miles was work, third 16 miles was torture.
The last 12 I was the backside of a dragon. (see footnote for explanation of that inane joke)

At 32 I tried some of that stuff that comes in little red bottles that claims to give one five hours of low stress energy.
Seems to have worked.
Especially when one combines it with a liter of Dr Pepper™ with only two miles to go.
The only significant hill on the journey.
You're not supposed to do that, accordion to the label.

Actually since one is following one river upstream and the other down, due to the intrinsic nature of rivers (seeking, but seldom finding their own level and all)
it was technically up hill one way and down hill the other.


My charlyhorsing legs tell me a different story, however.

The highest test gasoline isn't much solace when one's tires are flat.

So I'm still wired, if you will excuse my bringing electronics into this.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ma questo é divertante


I have been trying for three days to upload the latest string quartet to my SSI site so that it will appear as the music link on my profile.
All I get on this machine is "operation timed out" all I got down at the library was a long wait for nothing, and today at the library I couldn't log on at all for some bureaucratic reason or other.

Phooey, this piece is going to change the world's idea of what string quartet music is supposed to sound like, and I can't get the site I'm actually paying for to work with me.


The cyberman is keepin' me down.

I suppose it's back to Arizona, where the sun shines through the snow.

Betatakin ruins.

These, I think are on the Aspen overlook trail.
We went down this one because we didn't want to hike all the way to
Betatakin and Keet Seel ruins which require long hikes so we just took the easy way out.
Betatakin is a five hour jaunt, and Keet Seel is a seventeen miler that needs a back country permit.

The cat we still have was named for the Keet Seel ruins.

These trails are at the Navajo National Monument.

After this, we went to Monument Valley, which was too full of tourists.
Walked around a bit.
Tried, but failed, to find the trail called "Wildcat" or "Bobcat" or some such.

So we moved on to Kayenta, the Anasazi Inn, and The Blue Coffee pot, where I encountered fry bread.

Molto yummy.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Coming soon

To a Good Shepard Chapel near you.

Alex Shapiro's friends will be performing.

Thinkdance music and Nonsequitur & Chapel Performance Space present

Larry Karush: Comprovisations for solo piano

The June 10th, 8pm concert will feature new works by Mr. Karush, and draw from a range of original repertoire, jazz, and contemporary music. Larry Karush is a nominee for the 2008 Alpert Prize in Creative Music, and was based in NYC before returning to the west coast (LA). He has performed world wide, made numerous recordings, and received many accolades during his wide-ranging career.

Pianist Dawn Clement will perform the opening set.

Larry Karush
Dawn Clement

So, go listen to these folks.

I'll have to go to the library to upload the new music, I guess.

Support the arts.

Art, of all genres and disciplines, is important to, and necessary
for a healthy society, and world.

It's the soulless jerks who can't keep a beat who cause all the trouble.

On a tangentially related note,

Hey! Hey!

We'll be back to "Road to Ruins" soon... maybe tomorrow.


Thursday, June 05, 2008


is this groggy foggy and wet Thursday made glorious twilight by these long shadows and setting sunlight gleaming off wet surfaces.
But I, who was not made for this inane twaddle, shall talk of other things.

With any luck, I've replaced my profile music clip with my latest work.
It's called "A Walk in the Park" for string quartet.
Hope yez likes it.

Well it doesn't want to load...I'll try later.

Last weeks version is on my facebook site.

Anyway, today was wet and cold. My coffee (and a nice piece of pecan pie) at Caffe Ladro was followed a little further up the street by a Starbuck's tall drip belly warmer.

Got up the hill to SCCC way too early.
Wandered about for awhile and found the new location of Twice Told Tales, a local used book monger.
With utmost self-restraint, I managed to not buy any books.

Which was not easy.

The rest of the story is pretty routine, nobody asked me to read any strange words on any small pieces of paper (see Jeremy Denk's birthday announcement)

I did have a little economic adventure at the bank, however,
I wanted to change two $5.00 rolls of dimes into quarters (much more convenient for bus fare) one of the rolls was short by 3 dimes, but somehow the teller miscounted and I ended up with a $10.00 roll of quarters plus two more quarters.
I took her word for it but later realized I owed her $.80, which I shall return Monday when I go downtown again to the Chamber Music Society's fund raising luncheon.

Unless I forget.

High finance is such a giddy, breath taking endeavor.

Back home again I replaced the belt on the Hoover and drove Meredith down to Maya's for a Mexican dinner.

The house still smells of burnt Hoover belt.

Last night we watched Alex's neighbor, Steve Miller and his band.

Mainly because his show was on before the Bob Dylan one.
Bob Dylan at Newport, 1962, 1963, 1964.

What a wordsmith! A deep and profound sense of importance permeates his work, especially the early stuff.

Without any other kind of sense at all.

Love it!

Lemmesee if I got a picture for ya.

There, that'll work. It's an acoustic bass guitar I built a couple years ago.

I'll get the music loaded as soon as I can.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kicks keep getting harder to find

Feel Free to Read

Is Butch's site.
He has posted a stirring polemic against the Bush's holy war in Iraq.
The stirring has raised several interesting comments.
Nice picture accompanying, too.

Route 66, a strip of asphalt uniting the nation

Butch has also posted the poem as a comment on yesterday's post right here on FFTL

Route 66, the American dream of freedom and mobility.

Why don'cha read it?

It winds from Chicago to L.A.

God, remember back in the day when we would ride around in our Oldsmobiles and scratch up a couple of bucks to put 5 gallons of 15 cent gas in the tank and four or five similarly priced burgers in our guts and have a hell of a time?


Monday, June 02, 2008

Road to ruins Page one

First day in Page, we did nothing except find a motel and have a steak dinner.
The motel did have a internet connected computer, so we e-mailed home for the last time on the trip.
Saw Chief Tsosies Antelope Canyon tour bus and decided to stay the next day and take the tour.

This is what Antelope canyon looks like.

Then we went to a scenic lookout that gave us a nice view of the surrounding countryside and the river and the dam.
Drove down and toured the dam.
Watched "Zorro" on teevee.

Next day we pulled out of Page.
Pausing only long enough to buy some cookies from the Safeway across the street.

Nice day

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday evening

The wedding was nice, as weddings are wont.
Drank Champagne, brought a bottle home.
Drank that while we watched a few seasons of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves
Starring Hugh "House" Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Saturday Night Live then it was today.

Kitchen work gluing wood together and nailing up trim and polishing the ceiling.

Worked on a string quartet piece, that's not it in the picture.
Thats the second movement of the clarinet concerto.
But scores all look pretty much alike, eh?

Went to book group.

Discussed "The Secret Life of Words"

Ate food (Good)

Drank two beers (Corona)

Played eight bars of Dave Brubeck (poorly)

Hugged the hostess (nice)

Drove home. (Volvo)

Meredith and Keth are watching "Fargo" (YUck)

I'd rather talk to you guys. (Truly)

Especially you,
over there in the corner,
trying to hide, don't be shy,
join the fun.

You're all welcome here.

P.S. I once left a comment on Think Denk that I thought Hugh Laurie was at his best as Wooster, but now that I've actually seen an episode of "House" I'm not so sure.

I had a discussion with Meredith about the possibility on Laurie and Fry playing Sherlock and Watson.
Scary thought.
Anyway I was having that conversation, but Meredith was having a different one.
One involving such ideas as "there's the turnoff for Salmon Ruins"!

I do think, however, that the world is about ready for a good satire on old deerstalker.

Well, I'd like it anyway.


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