Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dump - da - DUMP - dump.

Surfing so far, eh? *

I am in my cave digesting my nuts and berries
To lazy to do anything creative, here's another link.

Besides the surfing, I am also yawning a lot.

I almost thought seriously about a bike ride yesterday due to an disgustingly ugly blue stain on the sky and a total lack of cloud cover, fortunately, the serious thinking tired me out so I spent the day following Laura Croft helping her steal little white, green, and gold statues sequestered in odd places around the world.

And shooting things.

I've also been watching a lot of silly "classic" TV.

Rockford files, Magnum PI, Quincy, Night Rider, Ironsides, and the like.

But NOT Dragnet, God, I hate that snotty little Joe Friday asshole.

Everything wrong with the world is because of sanctimonious idiot bastards like Joe Friday.


I got your facts, Friday, hope ya,choke on 'em.

Oh yeah, Watched the tearjerk movie "An Affair to Remember" hoping to inoculate myself with an immunity for that sort of thing and mainly build a resistance to the coming down with a case of "It's a wonderful life".

Also ate turkey and annoyed my family.

They started it.

I'm tired of this.

* Let's go do that now, everybody's learnin' how...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stealing stuff again.


It was Wednesday night prayer meetings,
The darkest night of the year.

God walked through the walls,
Entered the church.

God was naked.

The parents quickly put their hands
Over their children's eyes.

The preacher in panic,
Switched off all the lights.

Duane Locke

Posted over on Penhimalaya

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just another yesterday

It was a schoolday, like many others.
The sky was clear and blue (sort of a light robins egg blue, grayed out a bit) clear enough to make me decide not to wear my gore-tex jacket with the hood, which turned out to be a bit of a mistake.
Just a little bit.

I wore a corduroy jacket
It had a missing button.
Still does.
Turned the collar up and closed the lapels.
Anyway, I had no reason to suspect that the day would be any different from any other day.

I had no inkling that earth changing events might take place in my life.

No concept of the possibility of a major sea change in my journey through the rocks and swamps this poor bedraggled planet.

No precognition that I would be diverted from my straight and narrow path by the cruel exigencies of fate.

Imagine my surprise when none of this happened.
It won't be hard.
I wasn't surprised a bit.

Except for the change to light rain, there was no drama at all.


Well except that when I got to the SCCC parking lot, I found I was early for the afternoon parking rate and drove up 16th for a coffee and croissant at Victrola.
Drove back and parked.
Trotted on down to the library (main branch) to deliver a book to a friend who works there.
A book about Andrew Jackson.


Because I was unable to upload the videos of the concert at home, I thought I would try the library's computer.
But after waiting for about 2o mins for the thing to up load, I was busy amusing myself with a silly pencil and paper game when I looked up to the screen and noticed the warning that, as I had been inactive for 10 mins, I was about to be shut down.

I had 15 secs to push a button marked either yes or no but before I could respond properly it was too late.

So I yanked the flash drive and scrammed.

If loading a large file is not activity, I cant imagine what is.


When I tried it again this morning, it worked fine, as should be obvious if you are reading this and there they are.

Wish we had closed the flap on the piano, the violins are a bit drowned out.

Hope you like it.

I Have found the


Third Movement and credits

Second Movement

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Double Concerto for two violins and orchestra. Here presented live in piano reduction at Tom Baker's Composers Salon at the Chapel at Good Shepard

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Worked all day yesterday learning and doing with my video editor.
Managed to cut the 2 vln concerto into it's three movements and add titles.
Managed to post them on my facebook site.

  • My Facebook site

  • Which I've also linked over there to your right under "Blog Party Revelers"

    Theoretically I should be able to post them here, but that didn't work.
    Perhaps I'll try tomorrow at the Library.

    Thanksgiving is looming and I want to thank you all (and Y'all) for visiting and commenting and listening to my music.

    I also want to thank Ophelia for trespassing against me.

    Monday, November 16, 2009


    I found some code to install on this thing but when I put it in, my template looked funny so I took it out again.
    I'm not sure what it does anyway.

    Nice concert Sunday;
    Philharmonia Northwest still great. Robert Silverman rocked Beethoven's fifth piano concerto. Marjorie Merryman's Windhover was a nice representation of meteorological unrest. I'm still not up to speed on the Russians, I wanted to add something to Shostakovich's 9th Symphony but I don't know what.
    Robert Silverman's embouchure is not as great as Jeremy Denk's but the piece was a winner nontheless.

    Also...New Link....John Adams (and friends)

  • John Adams

  • Back to work....

    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    Family matters

    My nephew's kids;
    From their dad's facebook site;

    Wyatt likes the rapscallion, reprobate, scalawags who seem to be popping up everywhere these day's. He has a great knack for striking up conversation with the stubby-fingered registered sex-offenders in our 'hood' ( he say's "hi" as push him quickly past). I'm willing to lie to him here and lead him believe that, like his taste for bath-water and food from the floor, will surely stunt his growth or grow hair on his palms. Or maybe he wants to be in a punk band and work in social services. Ruby, on the other hand, loves to sit in her slippers and try and get me to throw away her banana peels. She might try and get away with throwing them on the floor like they were candy wrappers or something and say things in a very superior way like, "You're doing a very good job, daddy". When I heard a loud crash in the other room yesterday, I went in and found Ruby had fallen. "I told you I don't like it when you stand on your musical instruments!" I said peevishly. "I wasn't standing on it dad..I was jumping on it!" she huffed.

    Aside from that, I'm having trouble with my Satirical sketch.
    It's called "Clique and Claque, the Tacet Brothers".

    Trying to write the dialog is making me crazy.

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Last night

    We walked down the hill for dinner and music at Cafe Vignole.
    The music was provided by The Bottom Line Duo.

    Bottom Line duo

    Traci Hoveskeland - Cello
    Spencer Hoveskeland - Bass

    The bottom line is the bass clef the instruments are cello and bass.
    Very entertaining show.
    They played stuff by Popper, Piazolla, J.S. Bach Dvorak, Johnny Cash, Beethoven, Vivaldi and more...more.

    And Dragonetti the famous Bassist (buddy of Ludwig, who as you probably remember famously extended the range of that instrument in his great symphony # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 {pick a number})

    Spencer Hoveskeland also extended the range.

    At times off the fingerboard and into the piccolonian stratosphere.
    Where one encounters Zeno the party pooper.

    And once even all the way across the stage to the cello.

    Was very good to hear the bass as a solo instrument.
    Will be a help writing the bass concerto.

    Which is progressing apace...virtually finished.
    I'm adding the bells as we speak.

    There will be no whistles.

    I used the whistles up on the seven short pieces for wooden train whistle and strings right hand only.

    That hasn't been a great success.

    Nor, I hope, will it ever be.

    The food was terrific, but I shouldn't have let M see the bill.

    Any way they'll be back next week, so I plan on hearing more.

    I'm in a good mood today for some unfathomable reason.

    A bit disconcerting, that.

    I need to be concerted for my music.

    I'm sure if I lie down for awhile it'll pass.

    So I'll go do that now.

    Thursday, November 12, 2009


    After adventuring in to virtually every store in Westfield Center (formally Southcenter Mall), I found what I was looking for.

    O Calloo, Callay!

    As soon as I enter a 59 character code, I can begin my career as a video "auteur"

    Can any of you mathematicians out there calculate the actual number that represents?
    Just the integers make it the number of grains of sand in the entire universe.
    But some of the characters represent 26 integers instead of 10.

    That's one heck of a lot.

    Just to turn on a piddly little switch in my computer and make sure that I don't cheat Sony Corp out of fifty bucks.

    But soon, I shall be able to expose my pretentious fantasies to the world of YouTubers.

    Over 450 widget hits so far. Thank you and aw-shucks!

    O frabjous day!


    I'm going out today to try to find some software to edit my performance tape.
    Need to cut it in to the separate movements so it will fit on youtube.
    I downloaded a "free" one which doesn't work.
    Apparently one must "register" and that costs.

    Or something.

    "Free" as in "free" speech.

    "Free" as in "free" education.

    "Free" as in....oh, free style swimming, I dunno.

    So I won't be posting today.

    Monday, November 09, 2009

    This is today's post

    O.K. I got the Cds and DVDs back from GT Recording.
    I got the mp3s edited and posted.
    First, second, and third on the widget.
    The video of the event is too long to post on YouTube so I'll have to find a way to edit it down to the separate movements.

    If anybody would like a copy, lemmeknow.

    And on the literary front

    Intelligent, well educated professional women determining the fate of the world in a game of jacks

    You can't see the jacks very well in this picture, but they are there as is the little rubber ball.

    This rather surprising event occurred at the tail end of Sunday's book group meeting.
    The book in question was "My Jim"
    It's about the wife of the slave in Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn".
    A poignant account of slavery before, through and after the civil war.

    And in a halloweenly mode

    Here is this household's contribution to that day's hi jinks.

    And that's what I have to say about that

    This is not today's post

    I'm sorry I ate your mom.

    It's just something my evil side couldn't resist

    Sunday, November 08, 2009

    Another Today

    Have to clean the house while M is at the garage sale.
    Have to cook something for the potluck.
    Have to try to remember if I read the book.
    Yes, I did.
    What did I think of it?
    Can I remember back that far?
    Will I find something positive to say?
    Or reasonably intelligent?
    Or at least not too sarcastic, dismissive, or insulting.
    What was it about, anyway?

    Sorry about the lameness of this post, but I'm going to go and do something that doesn't make my brain hurt.

    Friday, November 06, 2009

    Great bloggers steal

    Fran Hill said...

    Yes! Mark! What a great idea. I'll be onto that one. LOL is easy, though. I can tell you that straightaway. It's Leaning Over Lavatory. And IMHO is I May Have Overeaten. The two are connected.
    5/11/09 14:27

    Also I'd like to point out a random act of kindness for the day.
    I did not give my opinion on Lance's site because everybody there actually seemed to take these random act things seriously.

    My opinion of random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty is as follows.

    Random acts of kindness are often called "harassment"

    Senseless acts of beauty can get you busted for "graffiti"

    It's much better to walk like you know where you're going and don't make eye contact.

    What's preached in the church should stay in the church.

    'Cause that stuff don't work in the real world.

    Wasn't that nice of me not to inflict my life's experience on those apparently nice people?

    And what if it was?

    It's a friggen jungle out there!

    I see the ghostly image of Ophelia glittering in the fog.

    Monday, November 02, 2009

    The party grows

    Another blog for you all to check out.

    Friko's Musings

    Excellent writer.
    More importantly, she laughed at my joke.

    This is all about my social insecurity.
    Something that the insurance I paid the Government for all those working years of my more or less meaningless life has not helped with.

    In spite of it's title and implied guarantee.

    I am still pretty much a pariah anywhere but at my keyboard.

    Yes, I'm still going on about the Seattle Symphony.
    Gave me something to hate at least.
    Goes against all the principles drummed into me by "Cristian" upbringing.
    Not what I wanted, needed or expected from my willingness to be of service to the disreputable organization.

    But, you know, lemons and lemonade and all that polyphony.


    Frankly I'm getting a little sated with lemonade.

    I think I'll try a shot or two of Wild Turkey.

    Get ready for Thanksgiving, as it were

    Or may be soon.

    You may well surmise, seeing that I'm putting a space between each sentence, that I'm running out of ideas.

    You may well.

    As may well Ophelia
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    My worth as a human being