Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Found on Sequenza 21

A Composer Makes Himself Perfectly Gliere

You can Telemann by where he likes to live. I just Toch a trip Orff into one of the Wilder areas Faure Wieck, and to be Verdi Franck, it nearly drove Menotti.

I know opinion Varese, but even Vivaldi urban noises, the Bizet traffic, De Falla engines, as well as knowing there are Mennin the streets Callas enoughto knock your Bloch off, I couldn’t resist the urge to Galuppi home early Satie, and I Haieff to say I Still prefer the Mitropoulos.

The Boyce were Sor that I had Gibbons up and succumbed to the Riegger of the Field so easily, but I don’t give a Schuetz.

I was practically Krein from my Severacs and Pains brought on by that brief time in the countryside! Even the sounds got my Dandrieu up; let me Liszt some of them: the Rorem of the wind, a constant Birtwhistle, the Menuhin of the Katz, the Lipatti-Patti-Glinka-Poulenc of the Reiner on the roof, theGluck-Gluck of the hens, and every morning a woodpecker or some Byrd Chopin holes in a Tree. My only company was a Thorne Busch,
a Partch of poison Ives, a Braun Babbit, and sometimes a Wolf, nothing Moore. For a Forrest Grainger it may be Fine - it may be the Katz Milhaud — but I could have died of
Borodin. A friend suggested my making this Tureck; “Abegg” his pardon, but I will never go Bach to those Gotterdaemmerung Hillis. They Suk!

No, I don’t care for the Ruggles life. I like a good Mehul - a little Suppe, some Szigeti, maybe some Salome at my local Taverner with a little lime Schubert after (even if they don’t always clear the Crumbs off the table). And I like to Locatelli while I’m Eaton Maderna at night. Is that asking for Egk in Meyerbeer?

Nono! So many people Berio themselves under a Holst of problems they know they can’t Handel. Their answer is too Offenbach to nature - into Haydn, it seems to me.
I Karajan a d’Indy life in the Berg for the most Paert. Maybe it isn’t Perle Bliss for everybody, but it’s

Godunov for me!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

This I relish

You have got to read this Feb 20 blog

  • Music & Men

  • It concerns the misuse of condiments.


    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Mine eyes have seen

    A story about a brand new opera
    It is based on the Steinbeck book, the "Grapes of Wrath" I'm told

  • Grapes

  • The Grapes of Wrath. Perfect, it's about time. It is a grand and operatic story about "little" people getting screwed. This is a theme I can appreciate, as appropriate today as ever. It is a big story covering the lower half of the United states and a broad picture of American social, ethical, and religious mores.

    There is a road trip involved.

    If the characters can sing thier stories in full operatic voice it should enhance the dignity of these people that the movie diluted with it's Hollywoodistic portrayals.

    We advertize a sanctuary for the worlds downtrodden, for the weak, the hungry, the poor, the wretched refuse, but the reality seens to be, if you're a grape, you're gonna get stomped, and sombody else drinks the wine.

    An operatic situation if there ever was one.

    So, if you see one of "les miserables" remember, inside each poor soul, there is a grand song. I don't know about rich souls, but I kinda doubt it.

    Other American operas that should happen;
    Huckleberry Finn and Moby Dick

    Huck because of the profound and scathing indictment of Americas racial/social divide
    wherein Jim is forced act out Tom's ridiculous romance novel games before he is allowed his release.
    A sublime point in America's literature.
    Doesn't that speak to your life experience?
    What are we taught in our schools but the games rich people play?
    And if we don't want to play them our little grapes are crushed.
    Or, sometimes our little grapes are crushed as part of the game.

    As Mel Brooks once put it.

    Moby Dick because it is opera and would make a better libretto than Fliegender Hollander.

    Ah, well.

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    Sunday, February 18, 2007

    Valentines for you all

    I still seem to cling to the absurd notion that love is of some practical use when we all know that it is pie in the sky. But, as it says in my profile why the heck not?
    So here's a valentine to all those who read my blog, to all those who leave comments, to all those who will never even know I exist, and to all who have sinned against me
    It's supposed to make the world a better place, not excuse your sins.
    So lighten up? Okay?
    Anyway, Meredith and I just spent the week at the Sou'Wester lodge in Seaview WA on Long beach peninsula, the famous kite flying place. I was hoping to get a chance to fly a dragon that I got for Christmas, but it rained all the time (sic semper pluvium)
    Plus Meredith got some kind of flu so we stayed indoors and read books and when we got home again, I got it. But it's all over now.
  • Adopt a Microbe

  • The Sou'wester is a great place run by a beautiful couple, Len and Miriam, and is a favorite with the local (and probably world wide) creative types.
    Google them.
    Go there.
    So, anyway I heard from an old friend, a good buddy from high school, He is a poet an actor, a philosopher, and a big time movie buff.

  • Glenn Buttkus

  • Also, He is partially connected to the people who have caused the SSO to violate my basic rights as a law abiding citizen, but I can't tell you more than that on an unsecured line.
    Moscow rules apply here.

    Anyway, I don't know if me loving you does any good, but at least it makes me feel a litte more like a partially decent human being.

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Chutzpa redux

    You beady-eyed lawyer types may have noticed the subtle message in my last post.

    The Symphony sent me a threatining letter barring me from any entrance into the building.

    A few days later the Symphony sent me a letter offering to sell me goods and services in the building.

    The Symphony has solicited cash for goods and services that thay have no intention of delivering.

    And they did it using the United States Post Office.

    I wonder if the geniuses at Davis Wright Tremaine can think of a legal description for that sort of activity?


    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Chutzpa, Part two

    I recently got these two letters in the mail
    Jan 17 from Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

    Mr Douglas Palmer
    Re Contact with th Seattle symphony
    Dear Mr. palmer
    The Seattle Symphony has again asked me to communicate with you regarding your conduct. I understand that on Monday, January 8 at approximately 9:15 you were again on the property of Benaroya Hall. You have been specifically instructed not to enter onto that property. Your entrance onto the propertyserved no purpose other than to provoke a confrontation.
    You are again reminded that you are not bermitted on benaroya Hall property. Further
    entrance on the property will lead to contact with the police to have you removed.
    Very Truly yours
    Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
    Mark Berry (signature)
    cc Ginny Matheson

    I have been asked to not contact the SSO. Benatoya Hall is city property and a public space. I am tempted to contact the police myself.

    Now a letter dated January 24 2007
    Dear Douglas
    Thank you for being a Seattle Symphony volunteer! You play a very important role in helping the Symphony enrich, engage, and educate hundreds of thousands of people each year.
    The SSO volunteers are a special group of people who share a wonderful camaradie and passion for symphonic music. Everyone's individual contribution continues to have a profound impact on helping the Symphony function sucessfully as an organization. I feel honored to work with such dedicated individuals who share so generously of thier time.
    I am now asking you to expand your involvement and investment in the Symphony by renewing your support of the Annual Fund. This important fund helps provide for the Symphony's areas of greatist need, such as musicians' salaries, guest artists and educational programming.
    Ticket sales cover only half of our operating expenses, making contributed income crucial to the Symphony. By supporting the Annual Fund, you are helping the Symphony realize it's extraordinary mission to provide the highest quality music for the cultural enrichment of our community.
    Please consider joining me by renewing your support today. You can make a donation or pledge by completing the form attached to the enclosed brochure and sending it to the Symphony. For more information, pleasr call the Symphomy's Developpment office at 206 215 4846
    Thank you again for all you do for the Symphony, and for your thoughtful consideration of my request.
    Evelyn Simpson
    President, SSV Executive Board
    P.S. As a valued Symphony member, you will enjoy an exciting array of donor benefits such as invitations to Open Rehearsals; Behind the Scenes events with the Guest Artists; 2-for=1 concert coupons and access to the norcliffe Founders Room, Seattle Symphony's elegant donor lounge and Wolfgang Puck restaurant, which is now available to donors at the $250 and above levels.

    Nice to be so loved and appreciated, isn't it?

    There is some serious brain damage going on with these lunatics
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    My worth as a human being