Monday, March 15, 2010

So long for a week or so

Leaving on a train in a few hours.
Try to behave yourselves while I'm gone.

Nice song, too

Today is Pi day, a day that will live in infinity

Just click on it.

O.K. It was yesterday.
Or actually this morning at 1:59:26 and an in-computable fraction of a second.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


The small ukulele sides, the ones with the tighter bends came our fine.
The slightly larger one with the gentler bends refuse to bend without breaking.
I've now got four screwed up hunks of especially planed down to .050" wood in the firewood pile.

This doesn't make sense!

Six bad sides if you count the one I'm going to use anyway on a sloppier instrument using plywood instead of the right stuff.

Plus I dropped a gluing weight and it smashed the spruce top I had cut for the one that won't let me bend aforementioned sides.....for.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Busy music weekend comin' up.
Bottom Line Duo tonight, Falstaff Saturday, Philharmonia Northwest Sunday, then we are off to the other Washington on the train for a few thousand hours of peeking at stuff in the Smithsonian.

Not feelin' funny at the moment.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There is no "H"

Monday was a dull day.
Until 6:30 0r so when Dennis James put on a pre-concert concert at Town Hall wherein he set out a table of tuned wine glasses and instructed the gathered on rubbing the rims to make the sound we all love.
The glasses were marked with colored dots to identify the pitch.
When this pick up band was sufficiently schooled in the technique, Mr James led them in performance of some songs accompanied by the wine glass chorus by holding up paddles of colors to signal which glasses were to be rubbed.
Against these ethereal sounds, Heather Bentley played the tune on her viola.
It was as much fun as the main concert itself, which featured Mr James on a glass armonica.
That's right "Armonica" it's a word coined by Ben Franklin for his music machine, from the Italian "armonia" (Harmony)

After promising my many and sundry internet followers that I would ride Cecelia the Vespa to my dental appointment the next day,I was disappointed to find, after I had started the machine and donned the helmet, a flat tire.

Sic Semper Machina Mundi.

But...M. also had a dental appointment that day (yesterday[scrambled eggs according to Paul])
So she gave me a ride.
Figured I'd take the bus home.
But why not walk downtown and take the bus from out front of Benaroya Hall?

Why not?

A little exercise, and another chance to moon that infra dig establishment.

So I did that.

But...after coffee and a cookie at Caffe Ladro I decided to walk the whole way.

'zonly 15 miles so WTHay?

Stocked up on Cliff bars and a liter of water an trudged onward.

My legs hurt today, which is a school day.

So I'm going to do that now.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Is nothing sacred?

The Wake

I have my doubts about this.

I am ambivalent about the change in that first (and my favorite) sentence.
Without the "o" it seems a more ancient spelling creating a feeling of timelessness
and reinforcing idea of the eternal cycle of the cosmos of the human subconscious even if, or especially that, it is a misspelling, or more than likely, a deliberate alternate spelling.
But the addition of the "o" makes the sentence seem more liquid, fitting better the nature of the river's flow.

But I'm not planning to spend 300 euros for it.

Friday, March 05, 2010

More boring bike stuff. Splog.

25.4 mi,
10.5 avg,
30.6 max,
2:24:14 hours on the trail.
1521.8 on the odometer.

Started out to do ten
Once on the trail, decided to make it maybe 20.
Thought when I passed Seward Park I might take a lap or two there on my way back.
Planned on huffing and puffing on up to MOHAI. That would make it abt 22 miles, but.
WHEN I got to the top of the dreaded Ohlmstead "S" curves I took a road less traveled and ended up in Madison Park.
AND the Madison Park Bakery where I consumed a really fine maple bar and a similarly superlative sup of soffee. (I mean cup of coffee)
And a bunch of water.
On the way back I took a detour at Leschi and did some hill climbing up the Ohlmstead twisty windy road to the floating bridge overlook.
Where I overlooked the floating bridges and contemplated the plaque honoring the guy who designed and built the things. Howard somebody...I forget.
That first one went up in 1940, although I remember going to some kind of ceremony there.
So that (the ceremony) had to be at least five years later, which was about the time I started my ugly and useles habit of remembering things.
I also contemplated popping across the bridge and taking the back road back to R.Beach.
But I didn't.
What I did manage to accomplish was to ride almost all the way up Waters street to Redwing.
This is a new accomplishment.
Some day...Someday... I will prevail over this short bit of inclined roadway.

But before that, I did get in a lap and a half in Seward Park.
The half being up and over the spine of that lovely wooded peninsula.

The trip was quite a treat for me, (I, who have studied high speed driving at Skidmore college)

So now I suppose it's back to the ukuleles.

Last week sometime, I left a comment on someone's site concerning rejection notices and now I cant remember where it was.
So... I am left to wonder if anyone commented on my comment.

Sic semper gloria blogi.


Thursday, March 04, 2010


Just got back from an interesting concert at the Chapel.
Mari Kimura has a bowing technique that adds an extra octave to the G string of her violin.
A perfectly normal un-electrically enhanced
violin with perfectly normal tuning.

Mostly her compositions, but some others.

Besides the unplugged versions there were several violin/technology duets.

Then I drove home.

I'm tired.

Tomorrow it's the Salon and further on into the weekend some "Icebreaker" by the Seattle Chamber Players at On the Boards.

I'm so fwiggen tired!

....................Whaaa? leemee 'lone... Oh...yeah..... nite!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Well, my little construction consisting of a rice steamer and a two foot length of air ducting seems to work pretty much as planned.
I managed to steam and bend all four sides of the ukulele project today
(well, two of them yesterday so they had a night to cool off)

I totally forgot to go to the blood bank yesterday.
Feeling guilty, but have got M. to go with me next time and soon.

I really have nothing amusing to say today.

Go to

  • Being Miss

  • for a hilarious take on "Jack and the Beanstalk"

    If you must laugh.

    David once again can't make the class today, so there's no Seattle perambulation to report.
    I did go out and walk around the yard....maybe that was yesterday.

    So that's it, I've got some serious lying about the house to do.

    Practicing to be a real estate agent, Haw, Haw.

    Monday, March 01, 2010

    Inane nattering

    Got a score in the mail to a Minnesota competition today.
    A orchestral conversion of the bass concerto's last movement.
    Made the deadline.
    So that's a relief.
    Never have to worry about that piece again.

    Thinking about turning the whole thing into a symphony.
    Add another movement, a scherzo or minuet, or boogaloo, ya never know.

    Also got scores wending their way east to Germany with our mysterious anonomann.

    Other things are happening or are about to happen
    Weather getting mild.
    Bike rides in the offing.
    The onning really, I don't get off till the ride is over.
    But that's a small point.

    Tomorrow, f'rinstance, I donate another pint of one of my precious bodily fluids
    The red one made out of iron.
    To make sure that adventure goes off as planned, I had a Red Robin mushroom burger for dinner tonight and, after a pretty good program about Dolley Madison on the public telly station, a peanut butter and jam sannich.
    Protein and sugar and various esters on a couple slices of A La Francaise bread.
    A brand I must travel far to obtain any more.
    Even my fancy store on Queen Anne doesn't stock much.
    So I have to hit the QFC on Capitol hill.
    Actually don't hit it, it's made of durable materials that would undoubtedly defeat me in any contest of fisticuffs I might be foolish enough to start.

    I just go there and buy the stuff.
    But, you knew that already.

    Many other marvelous things have happened since last we spoke, but I remember hardly any of it.



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