Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Check out my sister's stuff

Open Studio, hand crafted stuff

Dolls, Ornaments, Original Watercolors,Teddy Bears, etc.
Learn about the Christmas spider.
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Saturday and Sunday
23605 101st place West, Edmonds WA.98020

Fun for the whole family

The Fremont Players return to Hale's Palladium with another raucous British panto, Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. Putting a humorous spin on two classic children's stories, with original songs and music by the Fremont Philharmonic, this musical comedy is a traditional holiday experience the whole family will enjoy!

Mayor Smallberries is looking to clear-cut the neighboring forest for condos and strip malls, but first he has to oust all the inhabitants, including Grandma and the Three Little Pigs. Red Riding Hood sets out to inform and protect her Grandma, but on the way she encounters two big, bad bullies from her past, along with the spoiled Prince and his nanny, who happens to be an old friend of Grandma's. Between all the reunions and the happy hours, the building up and blowing down of houses, will the Prince and Red find true love? Will Grandma keep her home? Will the three little pigs lose their bacon?!

You'll see large colorful characters, men dressed as women, and women dressed as men. You'll be encouraged to boo at the villain and cheer for the hero and help all the characters along their way to a happy ending. The Fremont Players promise that enough jokes and innuendos will be fired over the kids' heads to keep everyone entertained, so make this show part of your holiday tradition!

Saturdays at 4:00 and 7:00
Dec 4, Dec 18
Sundays at 1:00 and 4:00
Dec 5, Dec 12, Dec 19, Dec 26, Jan 2

Hale's Palladium, 4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle

children ages 0-10 and seniors age 65+ $6; adults $12

Shows do sell out, so buy your tickets soon!
or 1-800-838-3006

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New site

Due to changes at Facebook, I have a new page there;

  • Facebook Composer Page

  • Dedicated to my music and music related activities.

    Not much there yet.

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Thanks to Chuck

    Don't need trophies

    Riding my bicycle
    Up Queen Anne hill
    Goin' up is a bother
    Goin' down is a thrill
    Pushin' on the pedals
    With my tongue hangin' out
    When I get to the top,
    You can hear me shout
    You can't beat this
    No, you can't beat this
    'cause, when I turn around.
    I'll race down like a coo-ool breeze.

    And the only reward I need is a chance to do it again

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    A day of leisure ruined

    Half way through a session of orchestrating a horn concerto, Meredith pops in and tells me that some fact finding has unearthed the possibility that our cat, Keet Seel,

    or something like that just might have feline distemper.
    Which means a quick trip to the vet.
    Which means that I've got to boot up (my feet) and put the wimpy spare on the Prius and haul everybody down to Renton.
    Fortunately, there are many tire stores along the way.
    Two of which are clogged up with business.
    No room at the in, in other words.
    Seems we picked up as gigantic hunk of truck or bus tire chain.
    But the third was open, willing, and able
    So that's fixed.
    The cat doesn't have feline whachacallit, but we (M and K, not me) will be forcing pills and medicine down the cat's throat for an indeterminate period of time.

    This sort of thing happens a little too often around here.
    Check out the following link for the earlier concatenation of feline misadventure and domestic maintenance

    The Draincat Adventure

    I'm still going to pass up the opportunity to visit grandmother's house this year.
    Mainly because Meredith is not feeling well and doesn't want to go.
    Besides, that was a big hole in the tire and I don't trust the patch yet.

    Sorry Grandma

    Nice time at Loch Aerie.
    Colder than Sarah Palin's frontal lobes
    A bundle of firewood a day comes with the cabin.
    That and some masking tape around the window sills kept most of the snow from drifting in.
    The little gas furnace kept the ceiling nice and warm.
    Stayed inside and read books.

    Didn't have to do too much trail hiking out amongst the cougars and bears.
    Just a five mile nature loop at the lodge.

    Worried a bit about the trip back 'cause of the snow, but no problems there.
    Let Darwin clear off the greater part of the "I got four wheel drive. I don't need chains" idiots before we left.

    Cruised home at regular speed and parked in the driveway.

    All ready to head up to Edmonds for the family gathering.

    O.K. I got a relatively new car.
    I got chains.
    I'm ready for the ol' over the river and through the woods bit.
    But, Wait.
    A Flat Tire?
    It was fine yesterday.

    You know what I don't got?

    A SPARE TIRE that's worth a damn!

    That's what I don't got.

    Just one of these "don't drive it anywhere" pieces of junk.
    I suppose I could spend the day fooling around freezing my fingers and fouling my naturally sweet nature.
    But to hell with that.

    That's what I get for buying from the "Remember Nagasaki" society.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010


    Good show,
    especially Megan McConnel's singing and song writing.

    I also got a chance to do a little stand-up comedy in announcing my piece.
    "People sometimes ask me what I call my music.
    Well...actually they say What? do you call that MUSIC?"
    Total silence, 
    I was about to say "That went over well" when they got it and laughed.
    "It's sort of jazz and it's sort of classical but I refuse to use either Jazzicle or Clazz. 
    I like to think of it as a place where Jazz and Classical go for a drink after work"
    I'm a bit stoked about getting two laughs.
    I'll post the video when I get back from Lake Quinault

    I've always wanted to do stand-up.

    Travels with churly

    About to go away for a week.
    Here's something from an earlier adventure at the L.A. train station

    Before we got on the train, however, we walked through the station.

    Looks like this. Majestic, I'm sure I've seen it in movies.
    Birds fly in and out working the crowd for peanuts.
    Or chips.
    One came up to me while I was chewing on a tough cinnamon roll.
    "Hey pal, you gonna eat that?"
    "Sorry, it's not good for you little birdies to eat this stuff"
    "You from Seattle, bird hugger"
    "What's it to ya if I am?"
    "You soggy envirocephs, are so lame"
    "It's your health"
    "You know, mossbrain, it's not those cheap levis that make your butt look big, it's all that fat that makes your butt look big. If you're so bloody healthy, let's see you do this."
    With that, he flew to the rafters and emitted a white substance that seems to have permantly stained my REI Gore-tex jacket.

    Saturday, November 13, 2010



    Eight years
    I bought her the house
    Worked hard to keep the roof over her head
    Brought home the food that sustained us,
    all the stuff that makes life possible
    Nobody gave any of that stuff to me
    But I brought it home
    Shared it
    That was the contract

    Compromised, conceded, gave in a million times
    Bent over backwards to make it work

    Now she says she's leaving
    Says she can't trust me
    Says I'm a liar

    All because that silly-ass necklace thing I gave her when we were dating,

    wasn't gold

    Only brass

    While I'm at it...

    I feel a song coming up

    Nobody wants you when you're down and out -
    Nobody wants you when you're up and about -
    Nobody wants you -
    Nobody wants you -
    Why don't you just go home?

    Nobody wants you when you're wearing that hat -
    Nobody wants you when you're looking like that -
    Nobody wants you -
    Nobody wants you -
    Why don't you just go home?

    You come around here with a face full of hair -
    You got some vain notion that somebody cares -
    You think you're so great -
    But you can't keep a beat -
    Do something useful with your big ugly feet -

    (Dynamite guitar solo)

    Why don't you just go home?


    Volusian Rhapsody

    The Volvo
    used to be named
    because the license plate
    had a LYA
    in it.

    Since then
    the plates have been
    changed twice—
    last time
    it was LUU,
    like Long-lasting Universal Umbrage,
    or some such affect.

    Now it is
    make a name
    out of that!
    like Xenogenesis Granulomian Evelyn,
    Evie for short?

    How do you like
    your brown-eyed
    station wagon
    Mr. Death?


    Gnarly Tree: Are You Me?

    O Gnarly tree
    O Gnarly tree
    I feel just like
    You look to me.

    You flinch beside one
    Straight and true
    I wonder what hap-
    pened to you.

    The same amount
    of soil and sun
    Why are you the
    Unlucky one?

    O Gnarly tree
    O Gnarly tree
    It all seems so
    unfair to me.

    And last and least

    Dada Days

    was an art movement
    inspired by the insanity
    of the 1st World war
    when the world
    (the ones left alive
    after the guns
    and the influenza)
    were knocked silly
    by that event.

    It was as if
    the artists involved
    were saying
    "if that's an example
    of humankind's highest
    most noble behavior,
    then anything
    can make sense."

    We've gotten worse
    since then.
    has apparently
    given up.

    Too lazy to write anything new

    Ophelia, Ophelia
    What's the deal ya
    Left me all alone
    Beside the telephone
    Waitin' for your call
    Don'cha know your all
    I long for in a world
    Won'cha be my girl

    Ophelia, Ophelia,


    Wait a minnit, that's Caledonia
    Me and Cal are soooo over
    an' she knows why.

    I gotta go now, the SWAT team
    has the house surrounded.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Tenor Sax and vitamin D

    Rehearsal went well. The sound of the Tenor Saxophone is to die for, and that's what I feel like doing.
    The music sounds too good to have been written by me.
    I must have stolen it somewhere.

    Autumn is a promising time, much more so than spring.
    Winter, if it's cold and snowy is exciting and dramatic, and if it is not, it is a relief.
    Summer, on the other hand, if not warm enough, is a disappointment.

    Like the basic building blocks of life itself.

    Monday, November 08, 2010

    God and dead leaves

    I'm really glad God made people. I could have never come up with something as clever as that.

    In the splog world, I ust finished a nice ride along the Samamish Slough through beautiful fall colors with delightful weather of lowering clouds and intermittant sunshine.
    No rain.

    27.2 miles
    2:16:51 hours
    11.9 average speed
    23.1 maximum speed. It's a flat route, only sprinted once to pass a gang of OLD PEOPLE cluttering up the trail.
    658 + 1307 = 1965


    Saturday, November 06, 2010

    If I were a rich man

    My portfolio earned $20.000 last month thanks to the mid western "Blue" states.

    Or as Gene Wilder put it in "Blazing Saddles"
    "You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. They're people of the land. The common clay of the New West. You know - morons"

    I'm thinking of foreclosing on some of them. Some Mississippi waterfront would make a good investment. My lawyer says the fact that they've already paid up is "No Problemo"

    America, Hell Yeah!!

    Thursday, November 04, 2010


    I guess I gotta write something about a chicken.
    I hate chickens, every time I get a some at the Colonel's I look into the bucket and say "I hope they killed you slowly, you disgusting piece of scum". Serves them right for attacking me when I was a mere child, no bigger than a chicken myself.
    Chicken factories? I'm all for em, the more crammed together and miserable, the better.

    That's what I think of chickens.

    It's personal

    In other news;

    I was thinking that the major challenges of riding had been met and it's not a very interesting ride unless it's at least 30 miles. But I talked myself into a 10 miler only to find myself extending it to a half - lake (25 miles)
    At 20 I found a heretofore unmet challenge, to wit, the half block straight up hill on the west side of the I-90 bridge. I've done it before by swerving back and forth, but today I rode straight up.
    Hoop-de-friggin- do.
    Any way at 23 miles I still felt full of it and decided to extend it to 30.
    A 2.25 lap around Seward Park and a few other side trips accomplished that.
    And my butt ain't even sore.

    30.63 miles.
    2:56:33 hours.
    10.4 average.
    36.2 maximum speed.
    630.8 + 1307 = 1937.8

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