Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dump - da - DUMP - dump.

Surfing so far, eh? *

I am in my cave digesting my nuts and berries
To lazy to do anything creative, here's another link.

Besides the surfing, I am also yawning a lot.

I almost thought seriously about a bike ride yesterday due to an disgustingly ugly blue stain on the sky and a total lack of cloud cover, fortunately, the serious thinking tired me out so I spent the day following Laura Croft helping her steal little white, green, and gold statues sequestered in odd places around the world.

And shooting things.

I've also been watching a lot of silly "classic" TV.

Rockford files, Magnum PI, Quincy, Night Rider, Ironsides, and the like.

But NOT Dragnet, God, I hate that snotty little Joe Friday asshole.

Everything wrong with the world is because of sanctimonious idiot bastards like Joe Friday.


I got your facts, Friday, hope ya,choke on 'em.

Oh yeah, Watched the tearjerk movie "An Affair to Remember" hoping to inoculate myself with an immunity for that sort of thing and mainly build a resistance to the coming down with a case of "It's a wonderful life".

Also ate turkey and annoyed my family.

They started it.

I'm tired of this.

* Let's go do that now, everybody's learnin' how...


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Yes, yes, the Thanksgiving holiday
has completed itself, good , bad,
or indifferent. The gay young
men who attended our family
gathering had a good time. We
played games for hours after
stuffing ourselves. Sorry to
hear you found some way to piss
off your family. Sometimes that
is not too hard to do. I can
be testament to that. It certainly
was a mild morning, like 46 degrees
with a full moon coming in to
the office on this Doors/Beatles
Monday. Four days off just whet
my appetite for more, more!
And now it is back to the office
grind. Got to make a run to
the medical clinic to have some
stitches removed tonight. They
itch a lot. Perhaps that's a
good sign. Watched an old Wim
Wenders flick, THE END OF
VIOLENCE, with Bill Pullman,
Andie MacDowell, and Gabriel
Byrnes; had some nice twists.
Also checked out Maggie Gyllenhall
in SHERRY BABY, which blew my
socks off; a very powerful and
sad film, with a performance
the Academy seemed to overlook.
Picked up my copy of the new
STAR TREK, and watched it again;
still feel that it reinvents
the franchise. No one thought
that was possible, but J.J.
Abrams pulled it off. He produces
FRINGE on TV as well, which
is something to look forward to
each week. Gosh, we had some
real lazy layabout days this
long weekend, and if felt so
right. Loved your Jack Webb
rant. He made a career out of
being an asshole. Though he
did some good acting with
Marlon Brando in THE MEN,
with Lee Marvin in PETE KELLY'S
BLUES, and kicked ass in
THE D.I. Check them out.
My mother-in-law just had
knee surgery, her second, so
Christmas break when our whole
family descends on her home in
Texas will be special; her limping
and hurting and unable to cook
and do for us. Melva, the girls,
and my sister-in-law will take
care of those chores. I am
supposed to put together a
DVD loaner care package and
send off like two dozen films
to keep her occupied for the next
few weeks. Got to take care of
that. This Friday is the TFC
Christmas party. Should be fun.
Melva might even attend,
making a rare appearance. She
is not the social butterfly.
But I love her just the same.


6:02 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hey gang, it is Tuesday, Tuesday,
on this Led/Stones/Beatles
second day of the week. I am off
to see my dentist this afternoon
to fix a broken filling, and then
I have a film club meeting to
choose movies for January.
This Friday's big shindig
Christmas film club party
will be a gas; always draws
a big crowd and kicks off the
season. Melva will attend, I'm
pretty sure. I guess Anonomann
is richtig. I am the most
loyal commentor extant for
this sterling blog site. But,
hey, it was here I cut my
teeth those years ago, and here
that Doug decided to set up
my own blog site to siphon off
some of my steam, piss, vinegar
and creativity. Thanks again
for that gesture old pal.
Had the umpteenth encounter
with racoons on the way from
the car in the dark this morning.
Man, those critters freak me
out. They know little fear, and
some of them are like 50 pounds
of hungry and brazen. I hiss
and pound the ground with my
cane. They hiss and finally let
me pass.


6:09 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Ugly blue stain on the sky, how perfect an image.

James Garner was one of my first biggest crushes, right up there with the Six Milllion Dollar man. I even kind of crushed on Barretta.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magnum PI?!!! the original neocon?!! Just discovered RTV myself, Seahunt has great theme music and Peter Gunn and Crisis are cool. Hitchcock is mean. And I love the phrase "Wagon Ho!" in Wagon Train, who IS she...?

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every train had it's wagon ho -
That's how the west was won.

....Emily Dickinson.

10:54 AM  

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