Monday, November 16, 2009


I found some code to install on this thing but when I put it in, my template looked funny so I took it out again.
I'm not sure what it does anyway.

Nice concert Sunday;
Philharmonia Northwest still great. Robert Silverman rocked Beethoven's fifth piano concerto. Marjorie Merryman's Windhover was a nice representation of meteorological unrest. I'm still not up to speed on the Russians, I wanted to add something to Shostakovich's 9th Symphony but I don't know what.
Robert Silverman's embouchure is not as great as Jeremy Denk's but the piece was a winner nontheless.

Also...New Link....John Adams (and friends)

  • John Adams

  • Back to work....


    Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

    Another of life's little
    lessons, for sure. I had a nice
    comment going here and then
    I kept looking at the John Adams link, which perked up my
    curiousity, and I clicked on it.
    HELL MOUTH is an interesting
    blog; another find for Savant--
    but of course the body of my
    comment was deleted by those
    pesky cyber gnomes. Stupidity
    has a bitter taste this early
    in the morning. What code?
    Is the "thing" your computer?
    What's up with Jeremy these
    days? I suppose I could follow
    your link to his blog and
    find out, but who has the time
    for such frivolity? We had
    a power outage for several
    hours last night ,and so my
    clock was not funtional this
    AM, and I overslept, had to
    rush about resetting clocks,
    hoping not to rouse Melva.
    I am trying to tape Robert
    Mitchum in the 1959 lost
    western classic, THE WONDERFUL
    COUNTRY today, and had to
    reprogram the VCR before I
    was fully conscious; great
    fun. Driving in was like
    a boat race. The squall was
    something out of the South
    Pacific with monsoon tattooed
    on its chest, Christ. I had
    to actually use an umbrella
    walking in from the car, and
    it turned inside out with
    the wind gusts; probably broke
    it. I was able to post four
    more great Cortney Bledsoe
    poems on FFTR yesterday. He
    had a link to them on his
    site, published in Pank
    Magazine. I am still finding
    the bizarre poetry of Duane
    Locke out there. The stats
    say he has published literally
    thousands of poems, so at some
    point I guess I will become
    disenchanted and just walk
    away from the professor.
    In my peek over on Hell Mouth,
    I liked the snippet I read on
    a piece comparing music to
    poetry and literature. I may
    have to return to it and find
    the essence. Well, it is
    Tuesday, and the office calls.


    5:59 AM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    The code was for "Stumble it" or something. I stuck it in my template but it looked wrong somehow so I took it out.
    I'm not sure what it is supposed to do but it's billed as a way to increase site exposure.

    Jeremy Denk has not posted anything new for quite awhile.

    But I have.

    11:16 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hallo, Lane!
    The "Philharmonia Northwest" sounds like a good group to be Composer-in-Residence to; have you tried?? That is THE best way to get your works (as they deserve to be!!!!!!!!!) performed in public!!
    Tschüß (und "toi,toi,toi, as they say here),

    4:48 AM  

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