Thursday, November 12, 2009


After adventuring in to virtually every store in Westfield Center (formally Southcenter Mall), I found what I was looking for.

O Calloo, Callay!

As soon as I enter a 59 character code, I can begin my career as a video "auteur"

Can any of you mathematicians out there calculate the actual number that represents?
Just the integers make it the number of grains of sand in the entire universe.
But some of the characters represent 26 integers instead of 10.

That's one heck of a lot.

Just to turn on a piddly little switch in my computer and make sure that I don't cheat Sony Corp out of fifty bucks.

But soon, I shall be able to expose my pretentious fantasies to the world of YouTubers.

Over 450 widget hits so far. Thank you and aw-shucks!

O frabjous day!


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

YouTube, FaceBook, oh so many treats out there to keep us
busy, distracted, informed,
and entertained. Still have
resisted it, sort of. I did
register on FaceBook when Doug
first went on, but when I
discovered the office computer
shut the site out, I kind of
lost the throb of interest.
The filter on this PC, at
the office is strange. It
seemed to extent clear to
England, to FRIKO'S MUSINGS.
While at home last night,
on my Mac, I went out to her
site and was able to make
comments as soon as I registered;
no problem. Big Brother has his
ways, I guess. It will be a
nice thing soon to go where I
want, when I want, cyber speaking of course. My latest problem
here is I can't get Jannie's
site to "connect". It semi-opens
and then freezes. It is just
one damned thing after another,
enit? What in the deuce is an
"integer"? You get very deep
into MathSpeak and I am quickly
a lost puppy. Hey I just noticed
that you borrowed the image I
found to illustrate your Kindness
comments, and put it over here;
cool, with just the right twist
of levity and rancor.
So you will soon be a YouTube
film maker, eh? That will be
enough to pull me over there
on of these fine days.
Cold and rainy today, like
41, windy, and wet; nice
Friday morning. I woke up in
a cramped up funk, and haven't
been able to shake it yet.
Might have been the huge
4 meat pizza we ate last night;
strange dreams, body still in
the cheese and grease and fats
spell perhaps. Tonight I
host the TFC screening of
Tacoma; terrific movie. Kirk
Douglas says it was his
favorite role, even more so
that playing rebel gladiator
Spartacus. Spielberg has championed
the film too, making sure it got
a remastered DVD release. I love
the fight scene with Bill Raisch,
the one-armed actor who had a
running part on THE FUGITIVE.
Bill Bixby had a cameo. Released
in 1961, Carroll O'Conner, Walter
Matthau, George Kennedy were all
relatively unknown character
types at that point.


6:12 AM  
Blogger Blue Bunny said...

little ones and zeroes
calling out to heroes,
like you--ooo-ooo-ooo

little ones and zeroes
make you feel so near-oh,
to blue-ooo-oo-oo

i writed song that all by miself, in a miner key.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

What Blue Bunny says, Glenn.
The opposite of outegers.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
I guess the VA considers (for some strange reason) that an office computer is for office work, thus the ban on sites outside the worksphere. The same is not true of your home computer or the ones at Seattle Public Libraries.
Best wishes for successin using public and own computers for recreation!!

2:03 AM  

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