Friday, November 13, 2009

Last night

We walked down the hill for dinner and music at Cafe Vignole.
The music was provided by The Bottom Line Duo.

Bottom Line duo

Traci Hoveskeland - Cello
Spencer Hoveskeland - Bass

The bottom line is the bass clef the instruments are cello and bass.
Very entertaining show.
They played stuff by Popper, Piazolla, J.S. Bach Dvorak, Johnny Cash, Beethoven, Vivaldi and more...more.

And Dragonetti the famous Bassist (buddy of Ludwig, who as you probably remember famously extended the range of that instrument in his great symphony # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 {pick a number})

Spencer Hoveskeland also extended the range.

At times off the fingerboard and into the piccolonian stratosphere.
Where one encounters Zeno the party pooper.

And once even all the way across the stage to the cello.

Was very good to hear the bass as a solo instrument.
Will be a help writing the bass concerto.

Which is progressing apace...virtually finished.
I'm adding the bells as we speak.

There will be no whistles.

I used the whistles up on the seven short pieces for wooden train whistle and strings right hand only.

That hasn't been a great success.

Nor, I hope, will it ever be.

The food was terrific, but I shouldn't have let M see the bill.

Any way they'll be back next week, so I plan on hearing more.

I'm in a good mood today for some unfathomable reason.

A bit disconcerting, that.

I need to be concerted for my music.

I'm sure if I lie down for awhile it'll pass.

So I'll go do that now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
I look forward to the completion of your double-bass concerto!! Perhaps, you can get it performed by the orchestra(s) of which the Talvis are concert-master/-mistress!! Best wishes!!!! After hearing it and (if I like it), I'd be glad to offer it to the Principal Double-bass of the Mecklenburg Staatsorchester, who is a good friend of mine and a healthy 40-year-old (in contrast to other chamber music acquaintances here, who seem to get very, very sick when I offer them one of your masterpieces (I mean REALLY sick, not form your music, but from other causes (I suspect unhealthy eating!!).
Tschüß (and best wishes for getting your Kontrabaß-Konzert performed)!!!!

1:57 AM  

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