Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Worked all day yesterday learning and doing with my video editor.
Managed to cut the 2 vln concerto into it's three movements and add titles.
Managed to post them on my facebook site.

  • My Facebook site

  • Which I've also linked over there to your right under "Blog Party Revelers"

    Theoretically I should be able to post them here, but that didn't work.
    Perhaps I'll try tomorrow at the Library.

    Thanksgiving is looming and I want to thank you all (and Y'all) for visiting and commenting and listening to my music.

    I also want to thank Ophelia for trespassing against me.


    Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

    Very nice indeed, sir. Now
    you can add editor, and film
    messeraroundwither to your
    professional resume.
    I am beginning to feel that
    by not being able to have
    access to Facebook, and such
    here at the office is a real
    bummer. You make it sound so
    cool. One day soon I will be
    able to click on whatever
    floats my boat. And just
    think I will have months and
    months of your hard work and
    creativity to catch up on.
    Glad you dug the Duane Locke
    poem on the naked God. Kind
    of expected it to show up
    right here on FFTL; maybe
    later. Yes, Thanksgiving is
    looming vast and fast and
    furious. You and Miss M go
    over to Janet's, right?
    Or do you host it sometimes?
    We are having only one
    daughter over to our domicle.
    She has invited two gay male
    friends that she calls,
    "the girls". That should make
    for a spirited holiday. Maybe
    I can learn something about
    fashions, or the latest dance
    steps, enit?
    I have my monthly TFC meeting
    tonight, after missing last
    months to celebrate Melva's
    birthday. We talk about
    BRAVE, and AMELIA. It will
    be the last meeting for 2009.
    December 4th, we have our annual
    Christmas party, and that is
    always too much fun; lots of
    great eats, and hooping and
    hollering and hugging, oh yeah!
    Had a Led/Doors morning on
    the way in this AM, and that
    perked me up some.


    6:14 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hallo, Y'all!!!
    Thanksgiving ("Ernte Dankfest" here is in October. Hope Y'all have an enjoyable one in Seattle!!!

    4:44 AM  

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