Friday, November 06, 2009

Great bloggers steal

Fran Hill said...

Yes! Mark! What a great idea. I'll be onto that one. LOL is easy, though. I can tell you that straightaway. It's Leaning Over Lavatory. And IMHO is I May Have Overeaten. The two are connected.
5/11/09 14:27

Also I'd like to point out a random act of kindness for the day.
I did not give my opinion on Lance's site because everybody there actually seemed to take these random act things seriously.

My opinion of random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty is as follows.

Random acts of kindness are often called "harassment"

Senseless acts of beauty can get you busted for "graffiti"

It's much better to walk like you know where you're going and don't make eye contact.

What's preached in the church should stay in the church.

'Cause that stuff don't work in the real world.

Wasn't that nice of me not to inflict my life's experience on those apparently nice people?

And what if it was?

It's a friggen jungle out there!

I see the ghostly image of Ophelia glittering in the fog.


Blogger Fran Hill said...

Glad you liked my comment.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Kindness grows in souls open to it. The world is getting happier. All the trees are singing.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

You are a genius Fran Hill. Here, have a nice shiny apple.

Souls open to kindness are the ones that get pissed on, Jannie.
Hope you never find out about that.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane, Jannie, et al!
Only souls of the psychologically sick piss on others who show them kindness. Kindness between two healthy (psychologically) people warms the hearts of both. If I can find a quartet that will play your music, that would warm your heart, my heart, and their hearts!!!

2:32 AM  

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