Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just another yesterday

It was a schoolday, like many others.
The sky was clear and blue (sort of a light robins egg blue, grayed out a bit) clear enough to make me decide not to wear my gore-tex jacket with the hood, which turned out to be a bit of a mistake.
Just a little bit.

I wore a corduroy jacket
It had a missing button.
Still does.
Turned the collar up and closed the lapels.
Anyway, I had no reason to suspect that the day would be any different from any other day.

I had no inkling that earth changing events might take place in my life.

No concept of the possibility of a major sea change in my journey through the rocks and swamps this poor bedraggled planet.

No precognition that I would be diverted from my straight and narrow path by the cruel exigencies of fate.

Imagine my surprise when none of this happened.
It won't be hard.
I wasn't surprised a bit.

Except for the change to light rain, there was no drama at all.


Well except that when I got to the SCCC parking lot, I found I was early for the afternoon parking rate and drove up 16th for a coffee and croissant at Victrola.
Drove back and parked.
Trotted on down to the library (main branch) to deliver a book to a friend who works there.
A book about Andrew Jackson.


Because I was unable to upload the videos of the concert at home, I thought I would try the library's computer.
But after waiting for about 2o mins for the thing to up load, I was busy amusing myself with a silly pencil and paper game when I looked up to the screen and noticed the warning that, as I had been inactive for 10 mins, I was about to be shut down.

I had 15 secs to push a button marked either yes or no but before I could respond properly it was too late.

So I yanked the flash drive and scrammed.

If loading a large file is not activity, I cant imagine what is.


When I tried it again this morning, it worked fine, as should be obvious if you are reading this and there they are.

Wish we had closed the flap on the piano, the violins are a bit drowned out.

Hope you like it.

I Have found the



Blogger Friko said...


3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Alas, I can't get all the audio on the computer @ the Landeszentralbibliothek here in Schwerin.
But I can send requested greetings from the LL to you, Meredith, and Keth.
So, here goes:

4:36 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Yeah, Friko, I too, wonder
what the hallobaloo is all
about? Guess Doug now has
some fancy editing features
that get him excited even
though some of us are not
privvy to it. Such is life
here in Cyberland, and in
the mind of Lane Savant.
Hey, world, it is Friday,
and it shot me through the
rain, wind, mist, and traffic
on the beat for this
Led/Beatles morning.
I love your title for this post:
The first section made it into
FFTR as a poetic, and I found
a terrific painting of Time
and Fate to illustrate the
subtle and profound underpinings,
the brain barnacles you left
intact within the prose.
I am still amazed at the
International appeal of this
blogging thing. It is great
having Friko in the fold,
and there is that other gal
from South America, whatsername.
Just this morning a John from
Victoria, Australia left me
a comment on the TFC Annex
telling me how impressed he
was with our club, and the
blog site, and informing me that
in Victoria there are two film
clubs that keep him very busy.
Silly, I guess, but I am still
easy to please when folks from
multi-thousands of miles away
tune in, click on, and get on
our wave lengths.
I made a comment about my future
as a performance poet, doing so
well in poetry slams that one
day I would go up against
Sherman Alexie, and I would be
crushed like a bug. Cortney
Bledsoe agreed that Sherman would
be a formidable opponent.
Fridays are a bit less hectic
here at the office. Maybe I
will find some time to ferret
out more of Duane Locke's very
strange poetry.
But thanks for giving me a shot
of Savant to kick off the end
of the week on FFTR.


6:13 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

There are two tabs on the create post page. One is "edit html" and the other is "compose".
I never used "compose" before I uploaded the videos, but it has all those features that the other has not.
Font, size, color, etc.
I can't imagine much use for the stuff

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:09 AM  

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