Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sorry Grandma

Nice time at Loch Aerie.
Colder than Sarah Palin's frontal lobes
A bundle of firewood a day comes with the cabin.
That and some masking tape around the window sills kept most of the snow from drifting in.
The little gas furnace kept the ceiling nice and warm.
Stayed inside and read books.

Didn't have to do too much trail hiking out amongst the cougars and bears.
Just a five mile nature loop at the lodge.

Worried a bit about the trip back 'cause of the snow, but no problems there.
Let Darwin clear off the greater part of the "I got four wheel drive. I don't need chains" idiots before we left.

Cruised home at regular speed and parked in the driveway.

All ready to head up to Edmonds for the family gathering.

O.K. I got a relatively new car.
I got chains.
I'm ready for the ol' over the river and through the woods bit.
But, Wait.
A Flat Tire?
It was fine yesterday.

You know what I don't got?

A SPARE TIRE that's worth a damn!

That's what I don't got.

Just one of these "don't drive it anywhere" pieces of junk.
I suppose I could spend the day fooling around freezing my fingers and fouling my naturally sweet nature.
But to hell with that.

That's what I get for buying from the "Remember Nagasaki" society.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

The inquiries I made on FB
were all answered here;
man, that's a lot for me to
process. It was 10 degrees
down here in the foothills
this morning, and that is
colder than what Sarah Palin
keeps in her bra.

Good thing you did not slink
back on Monday. Roads and
tempers were in bad shape.
Glad to hear the Prius with
it front wheel drive and smooth
hybrid traction did well.
Did you have a meal or two
at the lodge in the Theodore
Roosevelt room? Pricey but
tasty if I recall, usually order
a steak.

Considerate of the that tire
to choose to go flat after
you returned to Redwing Manor.
Life can be sweet it you get
your mind right. You needed
to get a real tire to carry for
a spare anyway, otherwise
on one of the trips to Flagstaff,
you could get stuck with that
midget fake factory feller.

My grandson, Austin, turns
three tomorrow, and two of
my daughters, one a nurse,
the other a social worker soon,
have to work, so we are having
the "family gathering" on
Black Friday. I wonder what
President Obama does on that
auspicious day?

3:31 PM  
Blogger Trulyfool said...


We gave up on fishtailing and stranding -- got a modest 4WD.

It works like a champ. I brave the ice with no fear, my friend!


7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
My word!!!!! From this and the following "Blog" above, I gather Seattle once more had SNOW!!! And that even before we here in Nordost Deutschland had any, though some is predicted for next week. When Seattle gets snow, that IS bad, especially for hill-dwellers like those on Redwing!!!!
I hope the snow gets all snowed-out before 5 January and there's none left for 2011!!!!!!
We hope you three (+ Cat) will get through the Winter in good health!!

7:45 AM  

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