Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A day of leisure ruined

Half way through a session of orchestrating a horn concerto, Meredith pops in and tells me that some fact finding has unearthed the possibility that our cat, Keet Seel,

or something like that just might have feline distemper.
Which means a quick trip to the vet.
Which means that I've got to boot up (my feet) and put the wimpy spare on the Prius and haul everybody down to Renton.
Fortunately, there are many tire stores along the way.
Two of which are clogged up with business.
No room at the in, in other words.
Seems we picked up as gigantic hunk of truck or bus tire chain.
But the third was open, willing, and able
So that's fixed.
The cat doesn't have feline whachacallit, but we (M and K, not me) will be forcing pills and medicine down the cat's throat for an indeterminate period of time.

This sort of thing happens a little too often around here.
Check out the following link for the earlier concatenation of feline misadventure and domestic maintenance

The Draincat Adventure

I'm still going to pass up the opportunity to visit grandmother's house this year.
Mainly because Meredith is not feeling well and doesn't want to go.
Besides, that was a big hole in the tire and I don't trust the patch yet.


Blogger Trulyfool said...


Not to mention the awkward skidding and black slush around Southcenter?

Our cat has been on a special diet and has still been periodically puking and now less enthusiastic about chowing down at all.

I wondered what holiday vet emergencies would be like!


7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane /& Meredith!!)!!
The LL and I both hope Meredith will soo be feeling better and will be COMPLETELY well and healthy, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The LL has booked a trip to the south coast of Portugal and will be there from 26 November through
12 December at a low. last-minute price. I'll be staying where I am, as I have lots of volunteer stints at the U.N.I.C.E.F. card-selling table at the shopping center three minutes from my apartment here -- plus some more volunteer stints at the State Theater Shop here -- and some performances I also want to attend here.
In February, she won't be coming to Seattle, as she wants to see some of the sites where I grew up and live uintil high-school graduation (in "LA") (9-23 February); during some (or all) of that time, I'll go there to join her. I'll arrive in Seattle on the afternoon of 5 January and leave on 8 March.
We also both wish your cat well, but, of course, Meredith's health is FAR more important to us!!!!!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, again, Lane & ´Meredith!!
The first paragraph in my directly above this "Comment" omitted a very important word once and a letter in it once!
That word is "soon!!!!" !!!
We both hope Meredith will soon be felling better and will soon return to excellent health!!!!!!!

7:38 AM  

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