Monday, November 08, 2010

God and dead leaves

I'm really glad God made people. I could have never come up with something as clever as that.

In the splog world, I ust finished a nice ride along the Samamish Slough through beautiful fall colors with delightful weather of lowering clouds and intermittant sunshine.
No rain.

27.2 miles
2:16:51 hours
11.9 average speed
23.1 maximum speed. It's a flat route, only sprinted once to pass a gang of OLD PEOPLE cluttering up the trail.
658 + 1307 = 1965



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Your plethora of comments on this
opening statement over on your
FB page makes commenting here
sort of superfluous, but I did think
my analogy of you as the mad
scientist, laboring until the wee
hours in your QA basement, working
over your homemade forge, creating
something out of dead parts from
machines, was a nice parallel to you
as a demi-god or palmer god or
some such entity that might try
and whip out a petri dish some time
and put some flakes of skin on it,
and go for the Dolly clone thing.

Yeah, those damned old people
can be a nuisance sometimes.
Makes us pleased that we are
not part of that faction, enit?
With my two young grandsons
visiting though, watching the
energy they have at 4 and 3
years of age, I do feel about
110 years old often.

Have you read or checked out
my latest "word verification"
poem, more of the adventures
of Bledashh of Bangladore?
Having great fun with it.
May have to go with one, or
one like it for a magpie challenge,
or applehouse challenge one day.
You are the one who started me
off on this jag. Why don't you
jump in and write one using a
minimum of 10 nonsense words.
It is very Lewis Carroll and quite
liberating actually.

10:19 AM  

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