Saturday, March 13, 2010


The small ukulele sides, the ones with the tighter bends came our fine.
The slightly larger one with the gentler bends refuse to bend without breaking.
I've now got four screwed up hunks of especially planed down to .050" wood in the firewood pile.

This doesn't make sense!

Six bad sides if you count the one I'm going to use anyway on a sloppier instrument using plywood instead of the right stuff.

Plus I dropped a gluing weight and it smashed the spruce top I had cut for the one that won't let me bend aforementioned sides.....for.



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Well, sir, Saturday was not
one of your better, more
productive days it seems.
When it comes to the subtle
bendability of wood, or the
crack ratio, when I talk with
the several woodworkers that
come through our program,
they break a lot of pens
and vases and bowls before
they get a positive result.
So goes the nature of wood.
Hope that just before you
pull up stakes this AM,
you will shoot off your
usual Adieu to the FFTL
followers, and telling us
to play nice in your absence.
Train ride on the horizon,
lots of cookies and reading
on the agenda, and sight
seeing. A train ride must be
cool, cuz you can get up and
move around when your legs
cramp up, and your butt
goes numb, enit?
I submitted 11 poems to the
last Lynne Rees APPLEHOUSE
challenge. She rejected two
of them for being off subject,
and criticized the hell out
of 8 of them, and like one.
Bit of a challenge now to
get that "A", raise it from
a "B"--but then you know how
the grades game goes, you tell
them what they want to hear,
and they think you are brilliant.
It is like trying to come up
with the right line to date
a pretty girl who does not
think you are worthy. So one
voice tells me to keep at it,
because at least the challenges
she puts out there are stimulating
me to write more, which is a good
thing, and another voice tells
me she is ALWAYS going to find
something to red pencil. That is
her job, as she sees it. So
to hell with her. But then I would
be limited to only sharing my
poetry with my friends, who
generally like the swill, rough
edges, warts and all.
Melva got back from Spokane safely
on Saturday. The Pass was pretty
snowy, she reported, but passable;
like my poetry, enit?

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane + Readers!!
Some days nothing works out right!!

Hope your instrument pieces will be better-behaved in the future!!

The LL just stopped by the computer I'm using in the State
Library here and told me to send greetings & regards to you, Meredith, and Keth. So, now I have done this herewith!!

Anonomann + LL

9:19 AM  

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