Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Well, my little construction consisting of a rice steamer and a two foot length of air ducting seems to work pretty much as planned.
I managed to steam and bend all four sides of the ukulele project today
(well, two of them yesterday so they had a night to cool off)

I totally forgot to go to the blood bank yesterday.
Feeling guilty, but have got M. to go with me next time and soon.

I really have nothing amusing to say today.

Go to

  • Being Miss

  • for a hilarious take on "Jack and the Beanstalk"

    If you must laugh.

    David once again can't make the class today, so there's no Seattle perambulation to report.
    I did go out and walk around the yard....maybe that was yesterday.

    So that's it, I've got some serious lying about the house to do.

    Practicing to be a real estate agent, Haw, Haw.


    Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

    Wow, yesterday I managed to
    whip out two more poems,
    and hopefully you have spied
    them over on FFTR, enit?
    I should feel guilty, sort of,
    that I have been left over in
    a corner of a large populated
    room at the end of the hall,
    and as long as I stay "busy",
    neither of my supervisors is
    giving me grieve, or projects.
    I would like to think this
    is just courtesy and respect
    for my 53 years of serfdom
    being a wage slave, but I
    think it is illusionary, and
    I keep waiting for the maxwell
    silver hammer to fall somewhere
    on my person or psyche.
    BEING MISS is kind of a cute
    site; a little reminescent of
    the Lane Savant touch, cept
    the Brit plump chocolate snarfing
    gal is trying to publish her
    short stories and stuff,
    instead of her musical compositions, and is busily
    papering her shed with rejection
    slips. Don't know how you found
    so many British blogs out there,
    but this is the third one
    I have followed your link to.
    Friko is fun, and Applehouse
    Poetry workship with Lynne
    Rees is super, but this one
    did not float my boat much.
    In your way, you get Around
    cyber space like Jannie does,
    I guess. I thought it was cool
    when I followed several of
    your links one time, and found
    your comments on many of their
    postings. I hope I do not
    freak out Lynne Rees with
    my multiple submissions of
    poetry and banter over on
    Applehouse. Has she ever left
    a comment on FFTL? Maybe
    she does not follows links
    like some of us. Did you
    ever leave some of your
    poetics on her site, or a
    comment? Melva returned late
    last night, and in the "it's
    a small world catagory", she
    sat right next to our youngest
    daughters ex-live-in boyfriend
    (they split 9 months ago)all
    the way from Houston. She
    said they "had a nice visit."
    Man, the TFC is hopping, and
    I thank Crom that I have had
    some leisure to keep up with
    it. EAST OF EDEN screens tomorrow
    night, after my monthly medical
    treatment. Sunday night is the
    OSCAR PARTY down at our meeting
    hall in the Pythian Temple in
    Tacoma. Then next Tuesday it is
    time for the Executive Committee
    meeting, and I have to write
    up the invites for REBEL WITHOUT
    A CAUSE, and GIANT, before the
    next weekend. Yes, I know,
    all you Savantites out there
    are just thrilled when I relate
    my activities, but then, I
    have to share with somebody,
    enit? I know Anonomann gets
    cranky when my comments get
    lengthy. Glad to read that
    your to-be-patented instrument
    and wood steamer works. Chalk
    up one more to the Palmer
    genius, right? Is your memory
    selective, like my hearing,
    in terms of not remembering
    to go and share your plasma?
    Sometimes, when you are at
    your most droll, and you
    claim that you have nothing
    "amusing" to say, it is still
    funnier than hell; like Woody
    Allen looking into the camera
    and kevetching about things
    that bother him. He is being
    serious, but still the absurdity
    overrides the pathos, and the
    situation emerges loaded with
    levity. Lying about the house
    is no mean feat. Perhaps you
    could prepare a tutorial on
    how to do it with Savantian
    panache, and charge like five
    bucks a pop for it on line.

    6:07 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hallo, Lane!
    Hopefully, you get a rebate for the lessons you don't get!!
    We were not allowed to have any less than the stipulated number; if we miss a class, we had to reschedule it and make it up; the students paid for a full program of class sessions!

    9:08 AM  

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