Monday, March 01, 2010

Inane nattering

Got a score in the mail to a Minnesota competition today.
A orchestral conversion of the bass concerto's last movement.
Made the deadline.
So that's a relief.
Never have to worry about that piece again.

Thinking about turning the whole thing into a symphony.
Add another movement, a scherzo or minuet, or boogaloo, ya never know.

Also got scores wending their way east to Germany with our mysterious anonomann.

Other things are happening or are about to happen
Weather getting mild.
Bike rides in the offing.
The onning really, I don't get off till the ride is over.
But that's a small point.

Tomorrow, f'rinstance, I donate another pint of one of my precious bodily fluids
The red one made out of iron.
To make sure that adventure goes off as planned, I had a Red Robin mushroom burger for dinner tonight and, after a pretty good program about Dolley Madison on the public telly station, a peanut butter and jam sannich.
Protein and sugar and various esters on a couple slices of A La Francaise bread.
A brand I must travel far to obtain any more.
Even my fancy store on Queen Anne doesn't stock much.
So I have to hit the QFC on Capitol hill.
Actually don't hit it, it's made of durable materials that would undoubtedly defeat me in any contest of fisticuffs I might be foolish enough to start.

I just go there and buy the stuff.
But, you knew that already.

Many other marvelous things have happened since last we spoke, but I remember hardly any of it.



Suddenly I am run over by a truck.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Wow, time flies like a harpy
bitch in heat. Is it already
time for your Minnesota submission?
One of these years those cheese-
heads will get it into their
dairy-soaked noodles that a
Doug Palmer composition is just
about IT, and they will be forced
by the universe, and their
clogged arteries, to chose it.
Then what the hell will you do?
Have to travel to Minnesota,
I suspect. Then you can be cool,
like Alex, hopping around from
state to state, big city to big
city, to do your lectures, and
attend concerts done of your
work. That will be bitchin beyond
belief, enit?
terrific title, and I did find
some Palmer poetics within it.
You will find them already
posted over on FFTR.
The title feels and looks and
sounds like skit for Monty
Python. Your self-deprecation
knows no boundaries for sure.
Terry Gilliam would be proud
to shake your appendage.
I took yesterday off in
retribution for Melva leaving
me to fly to Texas to see
her mother, and attend a one
day conference. I was the
local star of HUSBANDS GONE
WILD over the weekend. Had to
rise early, like 5am, on
Saturday, to get Miss M to Sea-
Tac. Then made it to KERBY'S
CAFE in Sumner for a stack
of French Toast and six limp
pieces of thick bacon, swilled
down with a pint of cold milk,
and strong coffee. Then I picked
up the paper and planned the
rest of my day. I spent 12 hours
going to movies; saw (4) of them--
Gibson, THE WOLFMAN with Benicio
Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins,
John Travolta, and THE LOVELY
BONES with Stanley Tucci; from
1pm to 1am--exhausting, yet
exhilerating, a personal best.
I followed up Sunday with a
three film day, seeing NINE
with Daniel Day Lewis, then
2012 with John Cusack, and
then THE ROAD with Viggo
Mortensen. Yup, 8 movies in
two days; impressive as well
as insance. Then I spent
yesterday recuperating, and
working on TFC announcements
and planning. I have a TFC
Producer's Committee meeting
tonight in Tacoma, to pick
films for us to see in April.
We start our James Dean tribute
this month on Friday with
EAST OF EDEN. I feel out
of the loop here at the office
this am, and will face the
music of change in a few hours
when everyone else shows up.
Lynne Rees liked my poem,
several things to criticize;
like the trained English
teacher she is. Will write
something later today to join
in her new challenge.

6:06 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Still steamed off about the six
Chinese comments left on FFTR!
You really had some fun "translating" the first one,
making it almost poetic. I
would like to think they were
not all spam, or smut, but
who can tell? I emailed you
hoping to find the mechanism
for removing extant comments
from a blog without having to
resort to a filter, like many
use, and that you tried out
for a time on FFTL.
I did whip out two poems
yesterday to leave over on
probably have perused them
already since you are one
of the most faithful at keeping
up with my frantic postings.
NIGHT were the poetics.
Lynn had picked some titles
of old Welsh poems, and we
were to create something just
from the titles. Kind of cool,
for sure. Any excuse works
for me. Talked with Miss M
in Texas a couple of times.
She is flying in late tonight,
and will be picked up by one
of our daughters. I will
already be in repose, readying
myself for another early
rising, and day in the VA mines.
Terrific to think that
Anonomann took some of your
compositions to Germany, to
share with his musical cronies
over on the Continent.
Wouldn't it be ironic if you
became a hit, a real sensation
in Germany and Austria?
Guess you would have to grab
your Miss M, dust off your
passport, and truck on over
[actually fly on over. You
could take a boat, but that
might take too long--although
you could read a lot and
eat bunches of cookies during
the voyage, enit?]

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
I have your scores here, and I'll try to get them to the proper people asap.

9:10 AM  

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