Friday, March 05, 2010

More boring bike stuff. Splog.

25.4 mi,
10.5 avg,
30.6 max,
2:24:14 hours on the trail.
1521.8 on the odometer.

Started out to do ten
Once on the trail, decided to make it maybe 20.
Thought when I passed Seward Park I might take a lap or two there on my way back.
Planned on huffing and puffing on up to MOHAI. That would make it abt 22 miles, but.
WHEN I got to the top of the dreaded Ohlmstead "S" curves I took a road less traveled and ended up in Madison Park.
AND the Madison Park Bakery where I consumed a really fine maple bar and a similarly superlative sup of soffee. (I mean cup of coffee)
And a bunch of water.
On the way back I took a detour at Leschi and did some hill climbing up the Ohlmstead twisty windy road to the floating bridge overlook.
Where I overlooked the floating bridges and contemplated the plaque honoring the guy who designed and built the things. Howard somebody...I forget.
That first one went up in 1940, although I remember going to some kind of ceremony there.
So that (the ceremony) had to be at least five years later, which was about the time I started my ugly and useles habit of remembering things.
I also contemplated popping across the bridge and taking the back road back to R.Beach.
But I didn't.
What I did manage to accomplish was to ride almost all the way up Waters street to Redwing.
This is a new accomplishment.
Some day...Someday... I will prevail over this short bit of inclined roadway.

But before that, I did get in a lap and a half in Seward Park.
The half being up and over the spine of that lovely wooded peninsula.

The trip was quite a treat for me, (I, who have studied high speed driving at Skidmore college)

So now I suppose it's back to the ukuleles.

Last week sometime, I left a comment on someone's site concerning rejection notices and now I cant remember where it was.
So... I am left to wonder if anyone commented on my comment.

Sic semper gloria blogi.



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