Thursday, March 04, 2010


Just got back from an interesting concert at the Chapel.
Mari Kimura has a bowing technique that adds an extra octave to the G string of her violin.
A perfectly normal un-electrically enhanced
violin with perfectly normal tuning.

Mostly her compositions, but some others.

Besides the unplugged versions there were several violin/technology duets.

Then I drove home.

I'm tired.

Tomorrow it's the Salon and further on into the weekend some "Icebreaker" by the Seattle Chamber Players at On the Boards.

I'm so fwiggen tired!

....................Whaaa? leemee 'lone... Oh...yeah..... nite!


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Music-R-U perhaps? Great to
see that you are rousing from
your stupor and heading out
into the world to hear other
composer's work, to keep your
own creative instrument in tune.
The Chapel, the Salon,
On the Boards, hey, you do get
around, sir. Was Miss M with
you to see Mari Kimura?
Don't quite understand, though,
how you could have been so
exhausted before 11pm.
Maybe you are not a night
owl. Maybe you are a morning
crow or chicadee or mina bird.
Anonomann should be joining us
soon here. He must have made
it back to Deutschland by now,
enit? Glad you liked my
GOLIATH poem, really got off
into a special place with
that one, part religo, part
comedic, part philosophic,
and all smart ass.
I have assaulted APPLEHOUSE
with all my poetic guns,
sending Lynne Rees like six
huge poems just this week.
No telling what kind of an
impression that level of
poetic overkill that might
induce. She seems cool with
it, but the regulars, her
applehousers, those poets
who have been with her, and
participating in her workshop
for years, must be freaked
to the max. What she has
shared with me, as expected,
that I do not edit enough,
blue pencil enough, re-write
enough--like any good English
teacher, she will find something
to "correct" with/in every
submission; feels like I am
back in college English, trying
to raise my B to and A.
Great to bump into Jannie
over at Applehouse too.
So far no Lane Savant, though
I know he, too, will make an
appearance somewhere along
the path to poetics.
Medical treatment this afternoon
and EAST OF EDEN tonight @ CSL.
Some old friends may attend.
That will be cool.
Being able to compose, to write
(2) finished long poems each
day this week seems to suggest
to that when challenged, or
stimulated to write, those
words flow big time; like when
Rick Mobbs used to post one
of his paintings, and challenge
us to create a poem to accompany
it, his storybook collaborative.
It is too soon to know if this
was just a good week for me,
or if I will be able to maintain
that fever pitch of poetry
in retirement. Getting pretty
revved up for the Oscar party
at 924 Broadway in Tacoma.
Do you watch the Oscars?

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oscar, Schmoscar....der ain't nuttin but tits and ass and
loan-out diamonds on dat ting
anywayz. Da Cademy is a bunch
of fat ass losers who are too
sentimental for der own good.
Youse might not know dis, but
I'ma moviebuff like crazy. Started
when I was on the lam, and hadda
lay low for weeks atta time; wore
out several VCR's.


6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
Greetings from the LL and me to you, Meredith, Keth, Glenn, and other readers of your interesting blogsite from Deutschland, where I'm now back!!
You are now in the midst of modern music with the extraordinary violinist one night and the Seattle Chamber Players the next. Should be interesting for you.
On the plane Seattle to Chicago, I chatted with a mezzo-soprano who specializes in modern works. She and her husband gave me her web-site address ( She has sung with the Seattle Chamber Players and will sing in a very modern opera, "Media" by Aribert Reimann, in Copenhagen; she was learning from the vocal-piano score on the plane; that's why I started the conversation. Unfortunately, her web-site gives no details about her career or singing-schedule; only a few photos.
Tschüß (good being able to spell this word the way it should be spelled, impossible on an American keyboard!)!,

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn! Hola Vinnie!
Like both of your contributions this time!
Also like being back im Vaterland!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I'm tired when I creak out of bed in the morning, Glenn

10:50 AM  
Blogger kanishk said...

I have assaulted APPLEHOUSE
with all my poetic guns,
sending Lynne Rees like six
huge poems just this week.
No telling what kind of an
impression that level of
poetic overkill that might
home jobs without registration

6:27 AM  

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