Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentines for you all

I still seem to cling to the absurd notion that love is of some practical use when we all know that it is pie in the sky. But, as it says in my profile why the heck not?
So here's a valentine to all those who read my blog, to all those who leave comments, to all those who will never even know I exist, and to all who have sinned against me
It's supposed to make the world a better place, not excuse your sins.
So lighten up? Okay?
Anyway, Meredith and I just spent the week at the Sou'Wester lodge in Seaview WA on Long beach peninsula, the famous kite flying place. I was hoping to get a chance to fly a dragon that I got for Christmas, but it rained all the time (sic semper pluvium)
Plus Meredith got some kind of flu so we stayed indoors and read books and when we got home again, I got it. But it's all over now.
  • Adopt a Microbe

  • The Sou'wester is a great place run by a beautiful couple, Len and Miriam, and is a favorite with the local (and probably world wide) creative types.
    Google them.
    Go there.
    So, anyway I heard from an old friend, a good buddy from high school, He is a poet an actor, a philosopher, and a big time movie buff.

  • Glenn Buttkus

  • Also, He is partially connected to the people who have caused the SSO to violate my basic rights as a law abiding citizen, but I can't tell you more than that on an unsecured line.
    Moscow rules apply here.

    Anyway, I don't know if me loving you does any good, but at least it makes me feel a litte more like a partially decent human being.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    It sounds odd to think of myself as an old high school buddy, but there it is. I am trying to read at your rather lengthy comments on your blogsite, in order to do some catch up ball on the state of your mind and your life. Melva and I go to the coast a lot too, but we like the north beaches above Ocean Shores. There is an old Navy base at Pacific Beach set up for military types and government employees. You can rent a three bedroom house on the ocean for $89.00 a night; hell of a deal. We have been frequenting the place for several years now. Maybe after we get reacquainted we could meet you and Meredith there some time.


    7:01 AM  
    Blogger butch said...

    Doug, aka Lane:
    I have actually taken the time to dig up my old Google blog posting handle so that I could respond to your very personal, almost nefarious comments, as sort of myself, and not "anonymous".

    I love all the posts you have about your daily forays and walks around Seattle. I have a disability these days, so my walking for pleasure days are somewhat over. My walking with a cane is somewhere between a shuffle and a hobble; but I get there.

    Seattle for me had turned into a city of ghosts. Living in Tacoma for 25 years now has changed my perspective on living in the Northwest. The South Sound is also cool. Until you surfaced as a respondant to one of my posts on one of my websites, I thought of you too as a ghost; a ghost who walks.

    Nice to see that there is still some flesh on those bones, boy. And still some rancor and rage left between your ears. More later.


    7:55 AM  

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