Saturday, May 29, 2010


May; brain scan, blood donation, Rainier Symphony, Amelia the Opera, two new pieces for piano and violin, a thirty mile bike ride, various and sundry other etcetera.

Just posted the violin and piano piece. I called it "Dichotomy" because it is about a Hamletoid decision process.

I think it is anyway, who knows what music is about?

Now I am going to go to Folklife at Seattle center and listen to other folks music.

I don't know if I have graduated to being folks yet but I would like to step up from white trash.

I got rid of the cars in my driveway, what more do you want?


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Dichotomy, yes, @ 5:10,
that schism that erupts when two
instruments endeavor to have a duet,
a discussion, yet still a blending of
both, harmony over discord.
Those early notes of sustained strings
are the Greek chorus to the tinkle
of the lone piano as the they begin
to converse in the bravest and
saddest of Hamletonin speak;
as the violin utters first, dramatically
describing the odors in Denmark,
yes, says Piano, yes, go on; and Violin
mews about mad maidens, ghosts on
battlements, fencing, yelling, famous
soliloquies, pompous prigs, murderous
meddling, stolen crowns and incestuous
beds--yes, agrees Piano, adding Yoric
and Horatio and the grave digger, and
several fickle friends, and the players,
and rewritten scripts, and sword duels
with a poisoned tip on one, and actually
suicide is not painless when it becomes
more murder, with a prince lusting
after his own mother and deciding not
to slay the uncle who deserved it
nonetheless, and bodies drop
Gertrude, Claudius, then Laertes,
followed by the prince himself. Then
the tone shifts to some kind of joyous
prattle and titter about plays and the
state of the universe. Good stuff, sir.
Folklife in the rain, yes, a true
Northwest tradition. Hope you hear
some fine tunes, and it spurs even
more of your compositions.
You have been "folks" for some
time now, and the evacuation of
the several cars from your driveway
was a cathartic moment for sure.
I posted my last three observations
over on Applehouse this morning.
Hope they are well received.
Some of the other participants
seem to be enjoying them.
I have added Julie Bell to my
fantasy art tribute over on FFTR.
She collaborates with Boris
Vallejo, and paints very much
like him.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
White trash you are NOT!!
To find white trash, go to Alabama (where my grandfather's roots are) and look for men in white sheets with pointed hoods.
Anonomann (+ LL, who also sends regards to you, Meredith, and Keth)

1:58 AM  

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