Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last few days.

The Opera...four or five separate shows going on at the same time only loosely united by the idea of flying with singers mostly dressed in skivvies.
Hot mess.
Not impressed.
I am convinced that tye excessive applause and shrieking was paid for.
By clique and by claque.
If you catch my drift.

Music was O.K.
New work is always an experiment.
Kept wishing that Virgil Thompson was around, like to hear what he thought.

Anyway, who cares?

Wrote the violin and piano piece based on Ann's quote. I'll polish it up and post it.

In re Caprichino
(six short caprices for clarinet and piano)
Got a clarinetist, got a pianist, everybody has scores.
Ready to roll.

Gonna cost bet.

Wednesday, June 9 at Soundbridge, 7:30.
David Mesler's concert for private composition students.



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

I heard some advertisements
on the radio for the Opera
productions. What is the theme?
Something like Bernstein's
music and Sodheim's lyrics?
Who is Virgil Thompson? Do you
mean Virgil "Thomson", the
music composer and critic
that died in 1989? Do you
have one of his books?
Many of us care. We just can't
help ourselves. Ann's quote
was pretty far out, hitting
on some "important" themes.
Looking forward to listening
to your composition.
Congrats on finding the
clarinetist and ivory banger.
I know you do have some
musician friends, but in
the case of a performance,
perhaps it is best to put
up the dough, and keep things
professional, enit?
Ironically, I think Wednesday,
June 9th is the day that
my supervisor is having my
Good-Bye "Pizza" lunch here
at the VA. Good show with the
performance. I'm sure that
your piece will shine. How many
students does David have?
Do you attend his classes
en masse? Somehow I thought
you had some kind of private
classes. Silly me.
Love your salutation:
Don't hone in on the last one
though. Tonight I rush home
to let the Comcast guy in
with my new HD super cable
box; getting tired of seeing
washed out large images on
my new flat screen LCD TV.
We had a guest over last
night, and insurance salesman,
selling long term health
care; scary stuff. I, of course,
with my chronic health issues
am an insurance pariah, and
as such am untouchable, but
Melva applied for a policy.
We'll see if she gets accepted.
Long term health these days
is like 5,000 bucks a month.
In ten years it will double.
I am working on restoring a
pictorial for Boris Vallejo,
another terrific fantasy
artist that once had a posting
on FFTR before I panicked
and started hitting that delete
button. He is like a cross
between Vargas for his cheesecake
and spicy women, and Frazetta
for his creatures and warriors.

5:52 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The "arriv" in arrivaderci is silent
It might have been better as Sayonciaoarrivweideshoenaderciara, but a joke like this only gets one chance at life.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The opera was "Amelia" written and produced by Seattle Opera, a sterling outfit.
Yeah Virgil Thomson.
He was a very knowledgeable and vicious critic.
I have a book of or about him...jussasec...."Virgil Thomson by Virgil Thomson" if yer innerestid.
I've got some polishing to do on the piece but vennisoon after.....
The classes are private, I've never met any of his other students.
There are 12 other composers on the ticket

11:07 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Two young men from Comcast showed up
last night, but were unable to hook up
the HD cable box. The new technology
has no port or provision for hooking
up my VCR, or even a DVD recorder.
I had to run out and purchase some
kind of special HDMI cord, and they
are to return this morning to fix things.
So I am still at home this a.m ., and
hope they arrive before I have to scoot
over to Group Health for my 11:30am
medical appointment. Nothing ever
seems to go easy for me; linear is
not a reality for personages like mineself.
Lynne has us written these three
observations a day for seven days,
and some great stuff is showing up.
Actually, after my treatment, I will
slink back to the office, and put in
my Friday writings; that are sitting
in a folder on my desk. I fully intended
to be at the office this morning.
Comcast had different ideas.
I go with the flow, but even as a
carbon unit piece of flotsam I still
have a voice to fuss with.
Glad to see I figured out who
Virgil Thomson was, and hey,
I was remembering correctly about
your private composition lessons.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

skivvies, eh? Aren't those "tightie whities?" :)



7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
Glad you found a clarinettist to perform your GREAT "Caprices for Clarinet"!!!!!!!!!
The clarinettist to whom I gave them here has not gotten around to looking at them yet (he's had them since March!!!). I finally met him again last week.
His loss is also a loss for people who want to hear excellent music with a humorous twist!!!!

2:04 AM  

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