Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breves, crochets, minims, hemidemisemiquavers and their coresponding rests

Today will be a day of finishing up a small piece for piano and violin.
A project that has been inspired by a question from a facebook friend.
The question was, "have you written anything for piano and violin?"
A question that was bound to set my imagination aflame.

Because she didn't say why she wanted to know.


All my most successful work has been inspired by questions like this.
"Another Sad Song Littering the Highway of Life" was in response to a comment about the dearth of accordion music in the world and has gone on to garner 180 listens on myspace.
As far as I know, no-one has ever played it on accordion.

The "Adam and Eve" double concerto for two violins and orchestra (with the boogie-woogie back beat bass bottom) was quite the crowd pleaser when premiered at Tom Baker's salon (in piano reduction).

And before that I set four poems of James Joyce for piano and tenor because Bryan Stratton asked for it. These songs got me some praise from someone whose opinion I have reason to respect.

"Nightmare prelude" a variation on Diabelli's little waltz was due to a call for scores and got terrific crowd response.

So I have great hopes for the piano-violin piece.

Even though it is a reworking of a flute concerto that was instrumental in getting me fired from my volunteer job at the Seattle symphony and harassed of the streets around Benaroya hall.
And, the nice person who came all the way down from the fifth floor to tell me she liked the piece {a computer simulation with my old horrible sounding patches [not that the new sounds are all that much like a live performance])
died soon after.

So maybe I'm dealing with a jinxed hunk of music.

But I shall carry on.....a trick I've learned from watching BBC shows on public television.

Then later this evening we will head out to Renton's IKEA PAC and have another try at the Rainier Symphonies Pop's Concert.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
1) Hopefully, the person who wanted a violin sonata from you is in a position to perform it publicly after she gets it!!!!
2) Was the death of the person who praised your flute piece possibly "disposed of" by BenHall "Security"?????????

1:53 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hey, some terrific responses
to your River whimsey, and
I, too, liked the audacious
juxtaposition of philosophy
and nature, with a pinch of
your mudder trown in two.
Great, also, to have you
wax down memory lane with
us for many of your past
glories, or accomplishments.
Over the years there have
been several public performances
of Palmer compositions; more
than most of us had been
aware of, enit?
Pac Beach was fun, but windy,
and the beachcombing was
kept to a chilly minimum.
Our friends who came with us
like to play pinocle, so we
did that a lot, looking at
the sunshine outside from
the bosom of a warm cottage.
We trunddled off to Ocean
Shores for a steak dinner
and a movie; saw Russell
Crowe in Ridley Scott's
ROBIN HOOD, which is an
historical epic. Cate Blanchett
is wonderful as Maid Marian,
and we see lots of psuedo-
history leading up to Robin
being branded "outlaw". Is
there a sequel in the wind?
Probably. Max Von Sydow and
Mark Strong had good moments
as well. Glad to read that
Friko's health is better now.
Great to have BB jumping into
the comments column, and of
course, the drop in of
Anonomann is ever a delight.
Your title for this piece
is a fascinating pastiche of
particles of knowledge relative
to music that in the past would
have sent me to the net to
look up those words, but now
I can just enjoy the look and
the sound of them without ever
knowing just what they mean.

6:02 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Two wholenotes together, quarter notes, half notes, thirtysecond notes.

Beth Richardson.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...


8:08 AM  

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