Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Modern music

Went to the ultimate minimalist concert Saturday, not only didn't the orchestra play anything, but the orchestra didn't even show up, what's more the audience didn't show up. I hope the Rainier Symphony's pops concert next Saturday at the same venue is as exciting. And a fine meal at the Whistlestop was had by all.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

This kind of a gig sounds
like something that would
headline at the Palmer Opera
house, yet to be erected over
there in Madronna. The
"ultimate minimalist concert"
indeed, even better than the
old PDQ Bach shows.
At least the garlic lemonade
over at Whistlestop saved
the day, enit?
Still adjusting to my new
ride. For fun I went out to
the net and found bunches of
jpg's of the 2008 Suzuki
Gran Vitara, the silver prince
I call it. Newer vehicles
require the reading of their
manuals so that one can figure
out what the hell ESP and ABS
features are, and how to
engage the 4WD, and like that.
With the 16" tires, and high
running gear, and stiff shocks
for off road, and stablizers,
the rig does not provide a
soft ride like a sedan. We
had considered taking it on
our 3-week road trip, but
perhaps not. We will drive
it to Pac Beach tomorrow
for our May weekend at the
ocean, and if it fatigues us
with the stiff jolts.
I am readying a pictorial
of the graphic art of Neal
Adams over on FFTR, one of
the many that I had deleted
during my cyber panic last
month, when I got all gigga-
mega-and terra bitten at the
time, spent my five bucks
to Google, and now everything
is copasetic. Later I will
return the history of Baseball,
Football, and Basketball
films; also deleted during
my panic.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Tis a flat assed Friday;
none of my tunes played on
the drive in.
My son-in-law, after council
with my middle daughter,
came over last night and
backed out of the offer to
buy my old pick up. I was
OK with it cuz my mechanic
had offered to buy it too.
I will call him today and
find out what he has in
mind. I offered to give it
to him, no money up front,
just to establish a "credit"
for future vehicle repairs.
He seemed to like that notion.
So far have about 100 images
on the Neal Adams salute
posting; always was one of
my favorite graphics artist
back in the 60's-70's.
The office has found ways
to keep me busy about 50%
of my day now, cutting down
my blogging and fun time;
really chaps my buns too.
Melva and I are off to Pac
Beach in the late afternoon.
Might get some good weather,
and get some decent beach
time. Last couple of trips
the weather has been too cold
and windy and rainy to fully
enjoy the beachcombing.

5:41 AM  
Blogger Blue Bunny said...

yoo iz one of my funiest blogers!

i went to a karrit eeting kontest but they had nothing.

i runned home and cryed

then eeted my owne kaarrits.

3:21 PM  

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