Monday, May 03, 2010

More health problems

Much to everyone's surprise, my EEG test came out "normal" ..sooo... it's a whole new ballgame.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Congratulations on that "sort"
of health problem. I always
knew that you had a good heart.
After all, it was you who
set up FFTR for me, and handed
to me to get me out of your
blogging hair a bit.
I went over to my mechanic's
in Puyallup yesterday to discuss
SUV's, and my leg issues.
He agreed that Suzuki is an
excellent choice, but surprised
me with an offer to safe me
thousands of bucks by going
to the car auction himself and
finding one for me. So I rushed
off to Toyota of Puyallup, and
did a test drive of a 2008
Suzuki Grand Ventara, and lo
and behold, it fit me to a T.
Plenty of leg room, already
a larger wider brake pedal,
comfortable seat. I drove it
over to my mechanic's, and
now he has a better idea of
what I want and need. So,
maybe old Glenn will get a
newer used car yet.
I picked up a crow bar, which
I have wanted for years, to
assist on Saturday, removing
the old railroad ties from
the front yard flower beds,
and putting up landscape
bricking. We had a fellow
over yesterday that has his
own landscaping business,
and Melva wants our lawn
torn out, rethatched, and
some trees removed, and
bushes removed, and a new
lawn extended to the fence
lines in the back yard;
pretty ambitious, but it
will spruce thing up some.
Man, I love my three day
weekends, getting prepped
for my 7 day ones.
Really, though, it is good
to hear your health issues
are minimal at present.

5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Like Glenn, I'm glad you're still in good heart health!!
Just got back from Turkey; great weather! Sitting in the shade with 72-80 F degree weather, I got three books read in one week! Great vegetarian food, too, at the Thalia Beach Hotel where I stayed in Side, Turkey (near Alanya on the Medeterranian).

7:59 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Actually, the joke works better if you think of it as a brain activity scan.
I gave up wanting to be normal years ago, but it just keeps sticking to me.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Humping it on this fine wet
Wednesday, for sure, enit?
Anonomann, hey, that lazy and
warm vacation in Turkey sounded
great! Always nice to get some
back-reading in.
Dragging my ass this morning,
woke up late, and had to kick
it to catch up, but neither
rain, nor hail, nor dark of
night kept me from my post,
and it became a Fourple, a
morning by jingle!
My mechanic went to the Car
Auction last night looking
for a new used car for me,
a Suzuki SUV. Will find out
later today if he found
anything. If not, he will go
every week until he bumps
into what I want. Actually, I'm
not in a rush. Izman runs well
enough; probably would last
me another 100,000 miles;
but I just have this stupid
American itch to reward myself
for 53 years of yokedom.
Taped episode 3 of the new
DR. WHO, and Matt Smith is
beginning to win me over.
He has a new Tartus, and a
new hot redheaded companion,
one Miss Amelia Ponds.
Starting to make plans for
my photo forays coming up
later this summer. We have
a digital camera that I have
never learned to use, and
I have to find out if it
will take a bigger lens.
Meredian Auto Wreckers,
out on the highway just this
side of Northwest Trek,
has a back lot full of antique
cars. My brother and I, over
20 years ago, spent a whole
day back there. He was being
the photographer, using 35mm
slide camera, and I really
enjoyed roaming around lining
up shots with my "good eye".
Most of you out there are
already sufficiently organized
in the digital world, but
it really is the undiscovered
country for me.

5:42 AM  

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