Monday, May 17, 2010


Hot humid days of spring here in Seattle and environs bring with them a renewal of such fascinating flora.

Vast herds of wild moss thundering across the yard.

Green fuzz gathering in my window sills.

Congregations of verdance on the bathroom tiles.

Mushroom families fungal parties rampaging between my toes.

The greening of the cat

Ah, spring.

Ah, pollen.

Ah, choo!


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Well said, sir.
This particular diatribe
which smacks of the poetic,
was well put together,
not quite the ragged Palmer
poet we are used to--who
is unique and worthy of course,
and I dug it, and posted it,
thank-you very much.
I wrote a ditty about "hands"
as a workshop challenge
for Lynne yesterday. Considering
the size of your hands, and how
much they have done for you,
and continue to do for you,
perhaps you could compose
some words of praise or
abuse for those hands of yours,
and submit it. She liked the
poem you submitted last month,
or was it the month before?
Still trying to get used
to my new ride. I am slow to
adjust to things. Yesterday,
I was trying to fuss with some
of the settings, and ended up
with several back windows open,
and wind rushing in on the
freeway, and in a panic trying
to drive and figure it all out.
Staying busy at the office
this week, and anticipate it
will zoom by leaving only (5)
weeks before ZERO day 2010,
the day I make contact--
with my leisure and my soul.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
You already have 8 comments on your 20 May blog, including several filibusters by Glenn, so I'll post my comment on your 20 May blog here.
1) Days (and nights) have also been cold and rainy; this May here is the coldest first-25-days of May on record here.
2) Hope your clarinet-piece mailing is received favorably by someone who will perform it. The clarinetist here to whom I gave your Clarinet Caprices has not been in the "pit" when I've been to performances in the Staatstheater here, so no opportunity for comment as yet. The Principal Double Bass has not yet had a chance to study your concerto; he is very busy as (also) the Chairperson of the Orchestra's "Committee".
Best wishes (and Greetings -- also from the LL to you, Meredith, and Keth)!!!!!!!!!

7:05 AM  

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