Thursday, May 06, 2010

Flatland 20

Just got back from a 20 miler up the Cedar River trail and back (of course I got back or I wouldn't be here at the computer, wood eye?)

Here's the splog
20.84 miles
10.6 average
24.3 max
1:57:08 hours
280.2 + 1307 = 1587.2

Saw a big green jet plane take off at Renton field and almost ran into a gardener who was blow drying the trail.
Too many people on the riverfront to ride there so I stayed on the street through Renton.

Now I'm going back to the other computer to put finishing touches on the bebop trumpet concerto.

Nice talkin' to ya, drop in again sometime



Blogger Friko said...

a gardener blow drying the trail?
that means, what exactly . . . . . .

2:29 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Leaf blowers blowing the freshly cut grass off the trail.
Maybe he was a "Trail maintenance engineer" or something.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hey, Friko, nice to hear from
you. Good to have our English
cousins drop in, and this
reinforces the notion that FFTL
is an international sensation;
or at least Lane Savant is,
or maybe his splogging stats
are, or maybe the net is just
a phenomonon of wonders, and
lost of strangers could drop
in from anywhere, like the
Chinese, or Japaneses, or
Korean dude or dudette that
likes to drop in with some
Asian Scatology now and then.
Tis Friday, by Gar, and the
day is dawning earlier and
earlier. It's only 5:40am
here at the Orifice, and the
sun is teasing the horizon
already. Perhaps my mechanic
friend, Larry, found me a
Suzuki SUV last night at the
Auto Auction. Maybe I will be
able to reconstitute my fantastic
Frank Frazetta salute over on
FFTR; got several hundred more
of his paintings to post. For
those of you who wonder why
I am repeating some of the
oldie but goodie postings, it
is simply that in a panic
several weeks ago, I deleted
hundreds of old postings,
trying to bring down my
overloaded MB stats for the
E-Blogger police. And now
I have room to spare ad
infinitum, as long as I pop
for five bucks annually,
I am having the fun, and the
frolic, of reconstructing
that which has been lost.
Just so you know,
as Dr. Kevorkian was prone
to uttering.
By the way, the SHOWTIME original
starring Al Pacino, who will
probably win another Emmy,
playing Dr. Jack, was terrific;
dull, pretentious, biased, but
sort of fun to watch the actor
crawl under the skin of this
eccentric crusader for assisted
suicide. Tonight I am off to
Tacoma to host the TFC screening
of CHRIS & DON, a documentary
about author Christopher
Isherwood, and his partner of
35 years, Don Bachardy, the
artist. Then on Saturday, two
of my daughters are taking
Melva out for the Mother's
Day annual plant buying foray,
and then they will cook her
up a dinner. Nobody will drop
by on Sunday, so Melva and
I will make to a movie;
probably the documentary,
BABIES, from France. It is
a TFC pick for May too.
My holistic helper friend
Judy, showed me the digital
camera with zoom lens that
she will teach me how to
use, and loan me, and perhaps
sell me later this summer.
It is a Sony, and quite

5:54 AM  

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