Saturday, May 08, 2010

Comma Sutra

Saturday, I rode, saw a guy crash his bike into a steel post, wasn't hurt, saw a sailboat tip over, saw the cascade mountains all clear ad bright, saw the lake, all shiny and blue, rode the kilo hill at 3rd West, had a egg white, spinach, and feta wrap , drank an Izze raspberry soda, rode down 3 West at a high rate of speed, stopped at Stan Sayers park for a breath and watched a guy take off on his jet ski, rode up all the rest of the hills on the way home, read more of Proust's third literary concerto, watched SNL w/Bette White, fell asleep................
and many other non essential activities.

Desperately chasing the blues away.

33.97 miles
10.2 avg
33.2 max
3:19:06 hours
314.2 + 1307 = 1621.2

Today the grass is too long.

I'll wait a couple days to see if it gets any shorter before I mowit.



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Don't know what's the dealio,
cuz I commented on Friday's post
on Sunday, and this one wasn't
there, and now it's Tuesday AM,
and I am still at home, playing
hooky and taking care of business.
Yup, I picked up my new ride,
and it is a Beautt, smart key,
sun roof and all. I made arrangements
to have the extended pedal put
on today here in Sumner, so
I called work and took Day 4
off for this weekend; such a deal.
I can drive the vehicle, but the
standard brake pedal is tough
to use for this old gimp.
The Suzuki is silver, was hoping
for a red one, may have to paint
it in a year or so; has a black
interior, with 4WD optional
when needed, 2.75L V6.
When I get more used to driving
it, maybe one of these days
I will roll up to the Redwing
manor. Actually later in the
summer, after our return
from our road trip, first three
weeks in July, probably take
the Zuke, I was going to try
and pry my way into your very
busy schedule, and have some
face time. Our newly landscaped
brick wall in front of our shack
ties in the granite covered front
stairs and the brick house; kind
of cool looking actually.
Which particular "blues", since
there are so very many kinds
according to the bluesmen,
are you chasing away?
I have a film club admin meeting
in Tacoma this evening, and I
was not looking forward to
driving there in the new ride
with the old brake pedal.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Blue Bunny said...

i abslootely LOVES izze drinks!! speshilly teh oringe!

3:23 PM  

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