Friday, May 07, 2010

Music, music, music, music

Went to a concert tonight -
Went to a concert the night before -
Got one tomorrow and -
Sunday will make it four.

I'm a concert goin' cat -
Love to hear that music play -
Got music in my soul -
Listen to it night and day.

Oh the strings and the horns -
The pianos and the saxophones -
That big bass drum -
Sends the rhythm down to my bones.

Music music music music -
Music playin' round my head -
If there wasn't no music -
Think I'd be much better off dead.


Didn't go for the 30 miler today as I had planned.
Stayed home and had a headache instead and fooled around with Duke.
A totally no-anxiety recreation.
Not only are there any artistic standards to worry about.
The game is obsolete and nobody plays it any more.
Even the computers it works on are obsolete.
No deadlines.
No worrying about finding piano players.
Just beautiful mindless semi-conscious noodling around with fantastic dream worlds.
The exquisite joy of pissing away the first really nice sunny day we've had in what seems like, YEARS!


But I did manage to coin two new words.
Remember you heard 'em here first.

Prius...verb...sudden inexplicable very steep and dangerous shift of attitude or magnitude caused by computer hysteresis.

....The stock marked priused yesterday.

Brogging...bragging on your blog.

Just made that up after this mornings 20 mile jaunt 10 miles up the Cedar River trail and back in under 2 hours...brogging.

Good night


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Yeah, I was priused off big time there
a week or so ago whilst E-Blooger, aka
Googleboys, messed with my head,
and my cyber creativity. Actually, I guess
both of us could do some blagging about
our blog sites. Jannie gave out some
blog awards last month, and I reprinted
mine over on FFTR, so quite possibly
I was blagging like a bastard and didn't
even realize it, enit?
Loved "Music, music, music, music",
and posted it immediately over on
FFTR, putting your poetry stats up into
the 90's somewhere.
Melva had most of her Mother's Day
celebrating yesterday. Joel and I tore
out the old railroad ties from 20 years
ago, then shoveled, leveled, and tamped
the trench next to the sidewalk, having
to rent a 30 pound tamper. 600 bucks
worth of landscape bricks were delivered
on pallets on Friday. We made a dump
run with the old lumber, and it made
me dizzy forking over 18 bucks for
ten rails and some old plants and
plastic. Joel is giving me a big 300
bucks for my Isuzu pick up, and it
park over at his place in Tacoma,
and the family will still have access to
it when necessary. My neighbor loaned
us some tools, including a saw with a
diamond blade to cut the brick corners
for a perfect fit here and there. It took
hours and hours to put out the first
row of 30 pound bricks, and to get them
perfectly leveled; used utility sand to
lie underneath them, for drainage and
stability. Finished the job at 8pm last
night, and the five of us drove up to
OUTBACK and had the Mother's Day
dinner a little prematurely. I take Monday
off, and Melva and I will rush over to
my credit union to sign the contract
for my car loan, cut the check, and
head over to Toyota of Puyallup to pick
up my new ride, the 2008 Suzuki Gran
Vitara SUV. I'm excited like a teenager.
This will be the closest I have ever been
to owning a "new" car.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (& Glenn)!
Your concert-going sounds like my theater-days just spent in nearby Lübeck!! From 13-16 May, Isaw there: "Gypsy Baron" on the 13th, "Arabella" (in a super production!!!) on the 14th, "Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler" on the 15th, and, yesterday (the 16th)
Janacek's "Cunning Little Vixen", also in a very good production!
As going back and forth from where I live to Lübeck is too much bother, I stayed at the Youth Hostel in Lübeck, which has single rooms for only 28 Euros a night.
Now I'm back home, where I can use the computer in the State Library for free and commenting on your super Blogsite!!

2:07 AM  

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