Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ol' Sploggy rides again

Yeah, well, Why not.
Decided to do 10 miles and got distracted again by roads not traveled.
To make the ride a bit less boring, I rode around Seward park, which warmed me up and encouraged me to drive on on northward.

It was kind of gray and rainy looking, but I've been wet before.

Turned up McGilvra to avoid the dread s-curves just north of Leschi on LWB.
Ended up in Madison park where I bought a nice maple bar and a cup of prettygood coffee.
Sat outside where a brief glow of sunlight filled me with a soon to be dashed hope for the rest of the ride.
Some one at the next table was walking three small dogs one of whom was intent on having some of the walker's cupcake.
Climbed up on a chair and was tugging the cup the cake was in and almost had it before his guardian snatched it back from the canine jaws of doom.
The two white dogs behaved themselves impeccably.
So they got no attention whatsoever.

As soon as I finished my repast and got on the road again, it started to rain in vero.
So I had a couple miles of that before it stopped.
When I got back to the dreaded s-curves on LWB, I said to myself, what the heck, and rode up anyway.
The road isn't that bad.
Especially after a maple bar and a cup of Caffe Vito.
Drove on through the raining drive to the Arboretum, where I took the high road while they took the low road I don't know if they got there before me..I mean who are they anyway?
Took the path through the wetlands trail to MOHAI and noticed a sign at the museum parking lot that "Dont ride bicycles on the wetlands trail.
I seem to be collecting a bit of a rap sheet, or would be if I ever got caught.
HA Ha ha hahahaha!

Why not go into the museyroom I said, once again I said this to myself, because, because I RIDE ALONE! This is not for any antisocial motivation on my part.
I guess society is just anti me.

Read the whole story in the archives of this blogsite.

Then what happened?
Sun came out a couple of times.
I was not deliberately intimidated by an automobile in a SSO-related incident of vehicular intimidation.

You know, maybe it wasn't intimidation.
After all I did not become timid.
If anything a teeeeny bit bolder.

There are OLD bikers,
And there are BOLD bikers
But there are no OLD BOLD bikers.
I didn't fall off.

Here's what I did do.

First three quarters of the trip before I accidentally reset the computer;

12.75 miles
34 max
10.0 avg
The rest got lost in the accident

Here's what I got for the rest of the trip;

7.53 miles
21.5 max
8.8 avg
0:50:58 hrs

And fortunately the little machine has a backup which saved the whole trip:

29.61 miles
3:03:17 hrs
9.6 avg

I realize that this blog is supposed to be about my musical career.
Here is my musical career.
13 years of composition study,
Maybe 5 live performances.
Maybe 3, maybe four pieces that are actually worth a damn.
Amongst possibly hundreds of compositions including 10 "symphonies" and 14 "concertos"

A piece for solo piano sung by a choir of cats.

A trio for piano, bass, and flute that got me thrown out of whaddyacallit hall.

A variation for solo piano of a Diabelli waltz that got me laughed at in the little room of whaddyacallit hall.

And seven short works for wooden train whistle and strings right hand only.

And of course the excellent rendition of the double concerto for two violins and piano that has made it all more or less worth it.

II (that's supposed to look like a double bar, which means stop reading, put down your instrument and take a bow.

Oboists may resume scraping reeds.

Yours truly....Uncle Doug



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Doug!
An interesting meander through your bike ride, rain and all, and the scenic Lake Wash area, and the list of your compositions. After you are dead, many will be performed, but that's the fate of many composers and their compositions.
P.S. the LL and I will be flying to Dubrovnik on Sunday (4 October) and will return to Deutschland on Monday, 19 October, so there may not be any more communications from me here until 21 October or later.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Y'all!
Reason for my flight is not the horrible outcome of the German election,but the EEC reg that people as poor as I can only stay within its borders fro a max of 90 days at a time, so I have to leave the prosperous area for a sunny, poor one so I can start my 90 days again in the land of luxuiry that just elected a parliament that will favor said fat cats.

1:49 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

The Adventures of Anonomann
are worthy of a novella.
Your ride was worthy,
albeit wet, and what a joy
to realize that you are
continuing to be a consumate
non-conformist and borderline
felon; at least in those
"they" eyes, those sombitches
who hire security guards and
put up signs, and love to
believe they exercise some
sort of control and power.
It's all illusion, and you,
sir, are living proof that
such rules, laws, ordinances
are deep within the depths
of bullshit, and need to be
challenged on a regular basis
by yornself, and me, and a
couple others; maybe Anonomann.
So you became somewhat more
serious about your study of
music in 1996? How long have
you been studying with David?
Anonomann has the gift of
prophesy, I guess. If you
outlive me, and you might,
then I won't have the pleasure
of witnessing your fame as
it mushrooms after your demise.
But at that point, will you
give a shit? You will be
dead, or at least transferred
to some other dimension.
Of course the real question
is do you give a shit presently?
I got word from Mark Deming
of City Arts:Tacoma, and there
will be an article on the TFC
coming out in their publication
the last Thursday in October.
Should be a hoot. The fine and
lengthy article done on the
club in the Tacoma Weekly did
not generate jack shit for
interest. So much for following
the plan for success set out
for us by the powers that be;
whoever "they" are.
I am already planning how the
TFC membership card will look
for 2010; working on it with
my graphic arts consultant,
Joel--my son-in-law. We are
going to use that famous shot
of James Dean in the back of
the Model A convertible, with
his hat pulled down, and his
feet up; should be as cool
as the shot of Marilyn Monroe
we used this year, with her
white dress blowing up to
her waist, and one breast
almost leaping out. If the
club is still extant in 2011,
we might use Gary Cooper doing
the HIGH NOON strut. Damn,
there are so many cool choices,
and only so many years to
choose them. You haven't
mentioned Woody Allen for
a while. Do you still see all
of his films? I have copies
of about three of the past
ones that I have not viewed
yet. I wonder just how sick
of a man he is, in terms of
his sexual needs and orientation.
I guess we could email Mia
Farrow and find out, enit?
Viewing COLD SOULS, one got
echoes of Woody; a unique
footprint on the arts, for
sure; kind of like Lane
Savant--unique, iconoclast,
muckraker, pariah, etc.


5:56 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Returned to your posting,
sniffing out the poetics,
and found some. Check it
out over on FFTR:


Found a cool painting to
illustrate it, of course.

6:47 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

We need more guys who write stuff that gets them thrown out of places!

And I like to bike alone too. what's so wrong with that, if anything.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Damn, lookey there. It is already
Thursday. Just when I felt like
this week was on a repeat and
infinite loop, it picked up
steam and is chugging along.
That Jannie is quite the
Funster, enit? She still
manages to check out our blogs
several times weekly. I try
and reciprocate, as do you.
actually holds together very
well as a poem. I loved all
the essays on prose as poetics
that I have found. It is
there for sure, kind of like
that website you used for a
time that would take a poem
or some prose and mix all the
words up into a graphic
representation of same; neat.
I miss your shots at
Twitku, and dog poetry,
and holiday poems. You have
generated a lot of creativity
almost without effort. Look
at you! Sometimes I think I
could find poetry in the phone
book, at least in the yellow
pages. Only Dax knows, or is
sounds like a title for a
poems of some kind. The
word verification for this
comment is MOHEDY, which
either is a well drink at
Sam's Cocktail Lounge, of
the lost tribe of Isreal.
I have eight official
"followers" now over on
FFTR. Courtney Bledsoe is
one of them, but not you
nor Jannie, nor Janet. I do
not how one becomes an
"official" follower.
Joni is singing about being
morning, and "Where have all
the songbirds gone?" I guess
old Lennie Cohen has some
IRS problems, so at 77 he is
out touring again, to sold out
houses. Who would have thunk
that old rockers and old poets
would still draw the crowds.
We boomers are both loyal
and sentimental I guess.
Maybe that will the the
way you will finally hit the
big time; get a little older
and start touring, enit?


5:40 AM  
Blogger Blue Bunny said...

i goes almoste haff a mile on my trisikel ebry daes. i in sush gud shapes.

3:11 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Tis Friday, I tell you, and
we wage slaves are thankful
for the end of another week
of drudgery. I am listening
to Segovia this morning, and
it has put me in a mellow
mood. I watched the DVD
extras for 12 ANGRY MEN last
night in prep for tonight's
TFC screening. Henry Fonda
shopped the film around
for two years after it was
on television; one of those
golden age productions--and
no one was interested. So
Fonda put up most of the
money for the movie himself.
It bombed at the box office,
and since has become a cult
classic. The Russian remake
should be interesting. It
is titled just "12".
How wonderful to have
blue bunny on the FFTL
commenter rolls, enit?


6:03 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Haffmile good trip for lapins of the azure persuasion.

1:25 PM  

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