Monday, August 31, 2009

The "Ring"

Is over for this season.


Valhalla is built.
The Builders are cheated.
The ring is cursed.
The Hero is inconceivably conceived.
The sword is made.
The Dragon is dead.
The Hero is screwed.
The Horse is fried.
The Gods are baked.
The Nixies have their gold again.
Valhalla is toast.
The hall is closed up.
The Musicians are on their way home.
If not there already

and I'm going to bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane + Meredith!
Sounds (reads!) like you had a great "Ring"!!!
My "Ring" (Part III) ("Siegfried") starts (Premiere) next Sunday (6 Sept.) in Lübeck; the Stage Director (friend) has secured a freebee ticket for me, and another long-lost friend (from my Munich years in the 70s) will sing and act Fafner (the dragon, who will actually appear as a being (not a machine as in Seattle and elsewhere). We will meet for breakfast on Monday (7th), so I won't be in the State Library then as usual on Mondays to read your interesting blogsite (maybe before next Mon. or after).
Would loke to read your comments on the Seattle "Ring"!!
Anonomann (+ LL who just told me to send regards to Meredith)

2:27 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

seepiComing late to the festivities, still
I have some news, some opinions,
some banter. Oddly, even knowing
you all these years, I was unaware
that you had lived in Ballard.
I too had lived in Ballard;
two places actually. The first place
was rented from the Ballard
Lutheran Church, right next door
to it actually. I think I went to
Maple Leaf Elementary. The second
rental was further north somewhere,
and I had to walk up to an Elementary
east, half way up the hill to Greenwood.
I think it must have been about 1953-
1954 'ish. Something else we have
in common. What a world, what a
world, as the wicked witch once
uttered as she melted from a soaking
of pure innocent water, enit?
The Ring Cycle, more specifically
by Richard Wagner, seems to be
the big Kahuna of Opera; all 10
hours of it, done all over Europe
and America every year. I feel so
left out having never seen the opus,
the extravaganza. My plan is to make
some attempt to pick up all this
missing culture after next June when
I retire; or not. I took last Friday off
and went out to see Tarentino's new
opus, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS....yes, that
is bastards with an "E"; go figure.
Brad Pitt had some fun with the role,
but he was only a supporting character
in this mish-mash remake of an
Italian WWII flick. Eli Roth had the main
starring role, and he was good in it,
but the film was made up of long long
set ups with tedious dialogue in several
different languages, before any of
the signature violence came about.
It was better than VALKYRE, but only
a smidgin better. I also caught the
latest Anime from Miyasaki; this one
was titled, PONYO. It was all about a
goldfish that wants to be a little girl,
and her father, and evil magician and
oceanographer, prefers she stay a
fish. Whimsical and fun, it took the
edge off the blunt bat of the Basterds.
I got a call from my Sis, Clys,
who lives in Auburn these days,
near her three sons and divers
grandchildren. She is not doing well,
so Melva and i spent Sunday with her,
and realized that she needs some
help and intervention. So we are both
taking her to her bank this morning
and trying to get her solvent again.
We bought her a couple hundred bucks
worth of groceries yesterday.
Ah yes, the Family Circus, there is always
a new act waiting in the wings.
Nice to see Miss Jannie back in Austin,
and back to her blogging. She has
dropped in on my site several times
last week as well. I am gearing up
for a Paul Newman weekend, screening
COOL HAND LUKE on Friday, and
THE HUSTLER on Saturday. He has been
dead a year now. Wow, how time warps
around us, flies by, screams silently, or
not so silently sometimes, enit?
Glad to see you getting in several
more rides on Fidelio as the summer
wanes and Fall gathers its strength.


5:56 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

We bought a lovely ruby and diamond ring for Mom this year. She loves it.

And who the hell IS that Glenn guy?

11:23 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Rings are safe as long as you don't cheat the people who build your castles.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Mariana Soffer said...

Great text, let me add a line

and the beautifull young womans have their lips exploding with the botox they injecting on it.

2:16 AM  

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