Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have been spending too much time in computer game land.
The last three days, in fact.
Mainly running around shooting bad guys and stealing artifacts in Tomb Raider.

I'm getting my fill.

Although today I did do a little work on the mandora project.
I'm using a 2" wide fingerboard but slimming down the peg head to fit violin tuning pegs.
The outside strings are a steep angle from the peg to the nut
This is likely not a good idea.
So I added some pieces of wood to reinforce the peg head so that I can carve out a better route for the lowest and the highest strings.

After that I'll make a bridge and finish it.

Took a box of books to half price and sold them.
Bought a book of rock guitar techniques, like I'll ever learn them.

Also went to a fabric store where Meredith, in an unusual stroke of genius, didn't buy anything.

And went to the store for food.

I think school starts this week, so I'll have to write something.
I did write something for a double bass concerto but it is dismal.
Kind of movingly dismal but dreary nonetheless.

Meredith, on the other hand, is doing useful work for one of the candidates running for some gov. office.
Also she volunteers for the local grade school library.
And tutors math at the public library.

And she's making dinner as we speak.

Smells good.

Whatta deal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane + Meredith!
Best wishes for your instrument-making!!
And for your composition for your class with David!!
As to the fabric store, Margrit loves the dress made from the fabric she bought there with Meredith!!
Hope you liked the "smells good" item Meredith cooked for you all!!
Anonomann (+LL)

2:42 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

If you continue to hone your
gamer skills, the government
will want to recruit you to
run some high tech weaponry,
enit? Our youngest daughter,
Andrea, has found an apartment
and moved out this weekend
to live with two roommates.
We slipped down to the Cannery
there in Sumner and picked
up a small couch on sale to
replace the one Andrea
took with her. One of our
favorite couple friends
threw a dinner party on
Saturday, and Shane, my pal,
is a wizard of the Green
Egg. He made scrumptuous
pork ribs and pulled beef;
makes his own sauce too.
The Half Price Books swap
out is cool, then your shelves
don't get cluttered with books
you have already read several
times. Did you catch Angelina
Jolie in TOMB RAIDER I & II?
They padded her bust to give
her that great profile; wearing
those .45's slung low like the
Phantom is way cool. Actually
the films are fun, and have
great effects. When the mandora
is completed, will it go on
the shelf, or will you play it,
or compose music for it?
I spend those hours on Saturday
scouring the net for more
Robert Bly poetry; found some
too, and it found its way
to FFTR double quick. He wrote
some interesting essays on
the importance of prose poems.
Sounds like Miss M stays
focused in the midst of her
blessed retirement. I wonder
if at some point in mine
I will become bored and find
a volunteer job to fill the
void....not. I know, talk is
cheap. What was the fine
oders wall about? What did
you have for dinner?
Andrea borrowed my pick up
for part of her move, and
of course, being a young
person, she paid no attention
to where I had placed my
stuff, so at 4:20am this
morning, in the dark, I could
not find my squeegie, or towel
for the windows, or my gloves,
or my disability placard. She
had changed the radio to some
rap bullshit station, and it
took ten minutes to readjust
the driver's seat and all the
mirrors. Ah parenthood, there
is nothing like it; what a joy.


5:55 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Good Morning to the hordes
of FFTL followers. It is Tuesday,
by all accounts, and my internal
clock is clicking like a one
of those whirling dials on
the utility meter, counting down
to June 2010. Oh, I know, no one
gives a rat's ass about listening
to my rambling relative to my
retirement, the day I get out of
incarciration. But it is prominent
on my cortex, like ten birthdays,
Christmas, and my wedding day,
all rolled into one.
Has Duke Nukem faded into gamer
Valhalla? Can't you get a newer
version for your present computer?
Miss your rapping about the
Nukem studly adventures. I was
at a buddy's house on the week
end, and in the john he had a
copy of Glenn Beck's COMMON SENSE, a right wing rip off of Tom
Paine's treatise; made me uneasy
as hell. They are out there,
those super patriot who would
cripple this nation even further.
I have a shot of leading the
discussion for COLD SOUL at
the Grand Theater on Saturday.
It would be a nice warm up
for the TFC discussion in


5:40 AM  

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