Monday, September 14, 2009

Return of the native

We're back.
It rained the first day (Wednesday) but we waited it out and took a hike later in the day.
After that it was hot and sunny. We tried to walk up to Wolf bar but pooped out due to the heat and due to the fact that I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee.
Meredith complains that I'm no fun when I'm a somnolent slug. She also complains when I talk too much and make stupid jokes which is what happens when I'm all drugged up on caffeine.
So, six dozen of one, half of another.
We got only one picture as far as I know, on the trail up in the general direction of Wolf bar.
Which we didn't get to.
Maybe next year.
After Lake Quinault, we drove on down to Seaview to Len & Miriam's Sou'Wester resort.
Turned out it was the weekend of the world famous Hot Rod Run to the End of the Earth.
So I went and looked at the cars while M went to a bead store.

On the way home we stopped at a McD for coffee and I started jabbering away about my musical success of Friday the 4th.
You remember that, when Ilkka Talvi, Margie Talvi and Kevin Aanerud played my concerto for two violins and orchestra (piano reduction) and it was a big hit, don't you?
Anyway I'm still living off that thrill.

Has the thank you masked man man been by today?

On the way over toward I-5 we looked for Rainbow Falls Park, the one that used to be accessed by two bridges across the Chehalis until the Chehalis flooded and knocked them down.
Now there is a bypass road that crosses the river and accesses the park from the other side.
It's a six mile detour that includes a funky one lane bridge that we didn't get a picture of.

Instead of hitting the freeway we took the back roads through Tenino, Yelm, Rainier and Puyallup.
Stopped in Yelm for a midday meal.
Got my first glimpse of Mt Rainier from the other side on the way out of Yelm (I think it was Yelm [at any rate, it's fun to say Yelm])
Wow! It's even more scary than the view from Seattle.
Floating on a evanescent cloud of...well, cloud, it seems to be some kind of extraterrestrial vehicle ready to slip off it's bed and crush us all.

Which in a way is sorta true.

Actually I don't believe it for a minute.
It's a computer generated special affect.
It's gotta be.

Like that beer ad where the guy punches out a Grizzly bear for a case of Bud, or whatever.

Or the world being round.

Or men on the moon.

Or men being descendant from Apes.

Watched 2001, a space oddity last night.
What a hoot.
An infallible computer? Ha!

Besides, you could put all of HAL9000 on a zip chip and plug it in your iphone (or whatever the kids are calling themselves these days)

Watching it on a little 42" TV screen leaves much to be desired, like the fact that it's really about a Peyote trip when you get right down to it, and seeing the living room curtains reflected in the screen sorta keeps you from getting totally involved.

There is a scene where our hero has to go into a special room to make a phone call from the moon. It is a push button phone anyway.
Takes up a whole room.
It costs him a buck seventy.

Or maybe it's LSD.

Anyway, I fell off the caffeine wagon and now I'm addicted to applause.



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Welcome back, red ryder,
and thank you masked man
to the old Kemo Sabe.
I have never stopped in
Seaview, below Long Beach not
far from Astoria and the great
bridge. How is the beach there?
Just a flat unimaginative span
of sand like at Long Beach,
or does it have some personality?
Did you stop at the McD's in
Raymond on the way back?
One of our favorite stops while
working that part of the coast.
A reporter from the Tacoma City Arts council has contacted our
film club and wants to do a
piece for their quarterly.
He has requested that he get
a shot of me with THE LAST
PICTURE SHOW being projected
behind me, and perhaps on me.
Great concept. I am wide enough
to show about a third of the
screen on. The club members
who could help do not respond
to my email inquiries. It is
strange. Most of the members
have a life, and other interests.
Bizarre, enit? Well, we'll see
if it works out. I finally got
around to watching THE
WATERHORSE last night, and it
charmed the hell out me; great
CGI and good acting, nice
combination. It sure looked
like Loch Ness and Scotland,
but at the end the credits
said it was filmed in New
Zealand; could have fooled me.
I really liked your spirited
rambling on this post, especially
the end of it. I found the
poetic beating heart of the
quips about Rainier and Hal.
I posted it properly over on
FFTR, and entitled it
FEAR THE MOUNTAIN. Congratulations
on stoking my imagination yet
once again! You are absolutely
the most unconscious poet I
have ever had the pleasure of
knowing for more than 50 years.
Alex is doing a diatribe on
the merits of vegetarianism.
Rick Mobbs has been silent
for a month. Janet Leigh
equally silent. Courtney
Bledsoe is now much more
active on his blog than
previously, and his latest
treatise is on how certain
cereals affect your solid
intestinal wastes; great
and informative stuff.
Bobby Byrd did a great bit
on his toenail collection.
I have found a cool 100 poems
on anti-Iraq War themes. Many
of them hot off the Poets
Against The War site. Sad to
hear that Patrick Swayze died.
He always seemed to be so
geniune in his acting, tough
but sweet. Cancer is the foe,
and it waits for us all,
with it's friends obesity,
high blood pressure, high
cholesterol, and diabetes;
than and hair loss, gray pushing
the youth out of our temples,
and the persistant afterflow
after one shakes the lizard
137 times. Getting old is
certainly not for wimps,
sissies, or just anyone.
Hilary Swank is bringing
our AMELIA, the latest film
opus on Ms. Earhart. I would
love to pair that up with
the fine Bio Showtime film
that Diane Keaton did on
the subject, with Rutger Hauer
like ten years ago. So, again,
it was great to cheer you on
to do another road trip, but
it is always nice to herald
your return. Did you notice that
you're picking up some new


6:01 AM  
Blogger G said...

Welcome back!

And the "thank you masked man" was the only Lenny Bruce cartoon/schtick I've ever had the fortune of seeing.

I believe I saw it on an old show called "Night Flight".

5:34 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

The AMELIA film that Diane
Keaton did a while ago is
only available on VHS. Actually
it was a TNT Turner film; but
a pretty good one. I'm sure
that Hilary will do a bang
up job on the role in the
newest opus. While finishing
up the anti-Iraq War poems,
for now, I stumbled onto a
dynamite Viet Nam war poem
by Robert Bly, the author of
IRON JOHN. Digging around on
the net I found more of his
poems, so he will be the
feature poet for a time over
on FFTR. Tonight is the photo
OP for Tacoma City Arts Council
reporter, Mark Deming. Hope
it goes well. We will kick it
in the butt at 6pm. I am
beginning to dream about
performing and reading my
poetry at some local poetry
slams. As these things go, I
could quite possibly fall
squarely on my poetic ass
rather than be the success
that I envision, or not.
Less than 10 months from now
we will begin to find out.
Isn't that just too exciting?
Damn rights, more poetry in
this world, more comments,
more dissent, rapture, and
flights of fancy. Is today
your downtown class adventure
day? I lose track of your
schedule sometimes. Next week
we will launch another segment
of Indian Summer, up into the
80's, so you and Fidelio will
need to have some road time,


5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane+Meredith!
Sounds like you had a great trip!!!
That is: on wheels, not on caffeine! I guees that old "moderation" caveat applies here, too: a little caffeine keeps one alert; too much may lead to too much verbosity.
Glad you are also still on a well-deserved "high" from the success of your double-violin composition!!
Anonoman (+LL, who also repeatedly reminds me to give you ALL her regards)

7:35 AM  

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