Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bike ride

38.99 miles
3:56:39 hours
9.8 avg speed
31.3 max speed

Got a day off from dealing with the infantile antics of the Gods and the Nibelungen and the Walsings. What a bunch of idiots.
Speight Jenkins says he finds Wotans plight heartbreaking.
Speight is a God himself so I won't argue.
But I'm sure Mr Jenkins never stooped to selling off his family or committing robbery to finance his shows.
I'd believe it of the SSO, of course.
But the main thing that makes me believe in Speight's integrity is that his plans and schemes actually WORK!!!

So anyhow, tomorrow we get to see my favorite meathead, Siegfried.
Siegfried reminds me of my all time favorite product of steroid poisoning, Duke Nukem.

Anyway Siggy is describes by Anna Russel as very big, and very strong, and very brave, and very stupid.

Sound like some kind of Republican whiner, doesn't it?

Except for the "brave" part.

I mean, what is a "conservative" but a twinkletoed twit who pees his pants every time he hears the word "new"

Screw 'em all.

I love the endorphin rush you get from a good bike ride.

Different route today. Instead of turning up to Queen Anne, I waltzed my merry way along the north side of the canal and visited another of my old stomping grounds, Ballard.
And if you think that keeping up a 3/4 meter with only 2 pedal is easy, I invite you to try it sometime.
I headed up 24th to see if Larson's was still there.
It is.
Then turned south on 12th or Jones or whatever it was and looked for my first school.
Went there in '47 - '49.
From there it was a short jaunt south to the house I lived in at the time, 7020 Alonzo.
Then west again to Salmon Bay park where I spent many hours enjoying the facilities, the swings mainly, though Mommy often held my hand.
Then South again past the houses where my sister once lived, where Robin once lived and the Duplex I once owned a piece of.
There is a church on every corner!!!


Surely the world has been saved by now!
Surely the hungry have been fed.
Surely the poor have been aided.
Surely the sick have been healed.
Surely the evil have been shown the error of their ways and welcomed back into the fold.
Surely the infirm, the dazed and confused, the victims of hatred and intolerance have been tended to and shown the mercy of a loving God.

Surely the screwballs have been given right handed threads by now.

I'm alright, though, cause I'm an atheist.
God obviously wanted atheists because, we are!
The thing is, to "believe" is to stop thinking about.
So if you believe, it means you can stop thinking.
God doesn't want that.
So us atheists are the only true believers.


Blogger Jannie Funster said...

As Joe The German was so often wont to share, "I don't believe in God but I am afraid of Him."

So THAT'S why I pee my pants so durnd often. I was ready to blame it on trampolines, long supermarket lines and Decaf Number 407. :)

11:45 AM  
Blogger Outdoor Wreath said...


11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
From your justifiedpraise of Speight, I'm convinced your "calling" (besides as a composer!!) is as a volunteer at Seattle Opera, where you can sing Speight's praises rather than "Morte a tutti" at 2nd & Union!!

2:34 AM  

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