Friday, September 04, 2009

Hoo-ray, Hoop de do, and Yee-Haw!!

O, didn't they play nice.
O, didn't they sound good.
O, didn't everybody love it.
I am - like - like --


That's me talkin' about the 2 violin and piano trio.

Just got back from the show.

My recorder even worked


The piece is 14 min long, but the recorder quit at 11.3 min.
Fortunately, someone else was also recording so I'll eventually have a good copy.
I'll have to get a bigger flash card or whatever it's called.
Looks like the same thing as in the camera.

Billions of thanks to all involved and to all those praises and applause.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Kudos, congratulations, and the sound of several hands clapping, and whistles, and yaahoos
there maestro. I am sure you will give
us more information as the magic of
the moment and the evening wears off.
What kind of turnouts do you get for
such events and performances? I guess
you had been to a practice or two, so
you had some idea how your piece
was going to sound. Were there any
glitches or faupaus (inordinate screw ups)?

COOL HAND LUKE came off very well,
with 22 attendees. It was like visiting
an old friend to watch the film on the
big screen with a group, making me
appreciate the film even more; remembering
in 1967 how many bus transfers I had
to take down in San Diego to get to
the mall theater where it was playing.
Is it really possible that was over 40
years ago? Tonight we screen THE
HUSTLER on Broadway at our meeting
hall in the theater district in Tacoma.
The speakers have not been moved
around yet, so I can only hope the
sound does not sound distorted and
be difficult to hear. Loved your
comment on FFTR RE: the Iraqi War
poem. Powerful stuff I stumbled
into. I thought I had exhausted
the Iraqi War poetry scene last
year when I posted most of Brian
Turner's THE HURT LOCKER, and
found dozens more to accompany it.


3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Salon piece was a wonderful part of an excellent version of said venerable event; delightfully risky stuff all round. Wish that your players had been introduced to us. Not that memory is really good enough to actually retain names but sometimes the names help locate the next good show. Good shows, like this one, are important to remaining civilized or at least faking some approximate appearance of civilization. For our limited purposes here it is further assumed that 'civilized' is a good thing.

Enjoyed the music. Thanks!


6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
Glad the Violin+Piano Trio went soooooo well and was soooooo well received!!!!!!!!

2:19 AM  

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