Monday, September 07, 2009


We are going to be away for a few days.
Going to Lake Quinault.

My game computer is dying. It's obsolete, but the only one I can run Duke Nukem on.
It is experiencing it's own gotterdammerung, I guess

Fix it? Find a used one?

In the mean time, I'm loading some newer games on my music computer.
So far, I'm totally stumped by a jump in Tomb Raider.

But I did finally solve a problem in MYST III.

I need the distraction

Now that the violin double concerto is done I've got to write something better!

And the cello concerto is more or less done too, so It's on to the double bass concerto.

A double bass concerto, who will ever want as thing like that?

One must keep one's self challenged, I guess.

Anyone in need of a set of short pieces for wooden train whistle and violin right hand?

I didn't think so.

So anyway It's a labor day party at a bro-in-law's place then off to the wild green yonder right after a dental appt tomorrow morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane + Meredith!
The LL and I wish you a fun time @ Lake Quinalt!!
Anonomann (+ LL)

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
If the computer you seek is one that runs MS-DOS, try the purple computer store on the West side of Aurora, near 75th St. That's where I bought the one Meredith was kind enough to drive me tó the airport to take back to Germany.
I wish you luck in finding the computer you seek!!

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
If your concerto for double-bass is a good one, the Principal Double-bass in the Mecklenburg Staatskapelle here (and a good friend of mine) is always on the lookout for a good one for his instrumant, as soooo few concerti for it exist!!
Best wishes!!

2:17 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

My Goodness, how the months
and years fly by. It is already
time for the Palmer/Means
Quinalt adventure. And here
we are coming up to Melva's
6th annual Birthday Bash in
late October over at Pac
Beach. Hope you pack enough
good books and cookies to
get you through the Fall
weather that is descending
on us double quick. We at
the film club are already
having to make plans for
the Christmas party, and
our whole family is flying
to Texas, on several separate
planes, to have Christmas
with my 85 year old mother-
in-law. We missed the last
two in favor of spending
the holidays with the new
grandsons. "The boooys" as
Melva refers to them. Our
youngest daughter, Andrea,
just got her confirmation
for graduate school, studying
Social Work. So a bunch of
us took her out for Mexican
food and an atta' girl last
night. Our family intervention
happened yesterday, without
the participation of some
of my nephews. So much for
plans and facilitation. It
went as expected, lots of
promises and verbal contracts.
THE HUSTLER came off without
a scratch ball on Saturday
at the TFC meeting hall. The
chairs were a little uncomfortable,
but there it is. Our core group
brought lots of goodie to
feast upon, and the equipment
worked alright. Melva and I
took a ride to Packwood on
Sunday, forgetting it was the
annual Garage Sale Day; joint
was jumping. We did manage to
get into the Cruiser Tav and
scarf down some chicken
gizzards and pizza though.
The weather ranged from hail
to sun breaks, from deluge
to almost warmth. Then we
encountered the almost
tornado at Enumclaw as we
cruised through. Quite a
ride actually. So anyway
have a blast over at the
mysterious lake there at
the base of the Olympics.
One of my students over here
is an ex-deputy for the
Sheriff's Department out of
Hoquiam. He shared a bunch
of Sasquatch sightings and
reports with me. I still
think one of these dark
nights I will encounter Mr.
Bigfoot over there; or not.


5:58 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Looks like some showers today
and tomorrow, with a nice
hot one on Friday, so hopefully
you will be able to do some
hiking and exploring round
the lake, enit? What was
the name of the Lake Quinault
creature, OgeePogo?
What book did you take with
you? What particular kind of
cookie or cracker will keep
you company and salve your
sweet tooth? How are the spiders
in those old cabins?
Things hum along OK here on
the homefront. I have my
quarterly haircut today before
rushing off to a film club
executive meeting. Really would
like to unload this administrative
monkey off my back. It is not
one of the things I enjoy a lot.
But it is necessary to keep
things humming on some facsimile
of an even keel. Watched one
of my DVD's last night, Elmore
Leonard's KILLSHOT, with Diane
Lane, who seems to have aged a
lot in the last couple of years,
Mickey Rourke playing a native
American hitman named Blackbird,
Thomas Jane, and a hyper-version
of Joseph Gordon-Hewitt. It was
improbable but engaging. Rourke
had some good moments. Leonard
writes excellent crime dialogue.
Gearing up for Paul Newman
film #3 for this month on
Friday for the film club. I
guess the film club will continue
to sustain me post-retirement;
that and writing. Christ, just
reorganizing my film collection
will take years, literally,
and I have hundreds, if not
thousands of films I have
set aside that I have not seen
yet. Lots of good times acomin'.


5:43 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

I live for wooden train whistle and violin

And womens' professional billiards.

And Duke Nukem.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

One day I will have to take
a shot at Duke Nukem. He might
be my kind of guy, at least
the alter ego kind. I'm pretty
sure that most men would be
bitch slapped by their significant
others it they endeavored to
behave the way Nukem does.
Got my hair trimmed and hardly
recognize myself in the mirror,
like a sheared ram, or the
groomed pooch staring back at
me in the flat glass. We had
our executive committee meeting
and per usual, it went smoothly;
already making big holiday
plans for the group. 2009 seems
to be moving at warp speed.
Does this keep happening more
and more as I near my retirement?
And then what, it slows down
again? I have segueied into a
Iraq War poetry theme over on
FFTR. Found a bunch of interesting
poems on the Poets Against The War site. Many of the poets echo
my own sentiments and verbage
and thoughts. Joy Harjo did a
nice piece on the value of
poetry in our lives, and the
value of cherishing our poets.
Well the dampness seems to be
ebbing, Doug, so today and
tomorrow will be last gasp
Indian Summer, so lap it up
like a ravenous racoon. The
film club concludes our Paul
Newman tribute this Friday.
To further celebrate I get
to have my monthly medical
treatment that day as well.
Always a pleasure to have
Miss Funster drop by here
and over on my site. She is
an original for sure.


5:51 AM  
Blogger G said...

I'm not much into computer games unless they're the logical strategic kind.

But, hope you find a good suitable replacement computer to help you make through the day a littl bit better.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Great Googli--ooglie, it is
Friday, that fine fine day
when no one gives a rip, and
just sails through the crap
storm like a hot knife through
lard, and does some mental
prep for the Weekend!
Welcome "G" to the FFTL rolls.
I remember seeing you over
on Jannie's site, or Rick's,
or somewhere. So, with Doug
on vacation I welcome you.
Can't wait to here about
this year's Quinault adventure,
and see the Meredith photo
log of the event. Supposed
to be 85 today. That will be
a nice apex before it smooths
out to the more appropriate
70ish with the odd shower
later in the week. Farmer's
Almanac says it will be a
mild winter thanks to El Nino.
Nice to hear; hope it's accurate.
Listening to Yo Yo Ma this
morning, never tire of his
magical bow and emotional cello.


5:45 AM  
Blogger Mariana Soffer said...

Very nice post, the violin is among my 2 favourite instruments I would like to play well. I tried it but for a short time, very short. I used to play the saxophone for several years, but I quit, next time I will practice with one of my 2 favourites. The other one is the oboe, I love that sound.
By the way did you know jews where all violonists? it was because it was an easy instrument to take from one place to another when they where kicked out of the country they where living in. Havent you read/seen the fiddler on the roof? it is related to it

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Marianna!
Oboe, flute, and clarinet cases are smaller than violin cases, thus easier to take "on the run"; since you "love" the oboe, why not paly it?? Oboes are known as "scholarship instruments" because sooooo few music students major in oboe that a scholarship for oboists is faaar easier to get than one for violinists.

7:41 AM  

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