Monday, August 31, 2009

Violin concerto

O.K. Summer is over and it's back to biznezz!

Friday Sept. 4 in the Chapel at Good Shepard, 50th & Sunnyside, 8:00 PM
The world premier of the piano trio version of my concerto for 2 violins and orchestra.

Pianist coming today for the score.
Rehearsal Wednesday.
Performance Friday.

Wagner may have been a jerk or his opinions may have been no more than a reflection of the times, but the "Ring" is an amazing work of art, several arts, as a matter of fact. For me it is probably as close to a religious experience as I'll ever have.
But it's over for another four years, or more likely eight.
We plan on skipping the next one.
But you know what Bobby said about plans.

What was it.....?
"Plans just take the fun out of things"


Doesn't sound right somehow.

Anyway, I don't plan this and look what happens.

I didn't plan the Ophelia collision.

I didn't plan the SSO experience, and...and?

Who nose?


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Nuttin like taking care of
Biznezz! Have a good show on
Friday. Nothing like a world
premiere to get the juices
flowing, enit?
Jannie, dearest, you hit me
right in the feel bads. But
then again I am a kind of
guy that people forget, right?
Doug, when you mount a performance
of this magnitude, do you have
to reach into your own pocket
to get these musicians to do
their thing? How does a piano
trio play music written for
violins and orchestra? Pardon
my ignorance on the subject.
I will be hosting the TFC
screening of COOL HAND LUKE
on Friday night, but I will keep
my ears peeled for the tones
of piano that may waft toward
the South Sound from the U District. It's only about 60 miles or so. It might get to me.
So they put on the Ring Cycle
every 4 years? If you skip one
you will be 75 years old the
next time Wagner does his thing
for you, right? At least there
is something out there, something
sort of spiritual that tweeks
your "religious" fervor, that
helps you to see the majesty
in art, in creativity, in music.
Sort of cool actually.
Our family circus is just getting
wound up. The Big Intervention and
Family Meeting will be Labor Day
at my place; lots of tears,
accusations, finger pointing,
rationalizations, and manipulations
going on. I can hardly wait, for
I am cast as the patriarchal host.
I am still agog with glee over
the fact that we both lived
in Ballard as tykes. Such a
small world. As to planning,
I like the Unitarian saying:
Want to hear God laugh? Make
a plan! Yet we all struggle to
exercise a modicum of control
in our lives, our schedules,
our circumstances. My 5 year
plan is coming to closure
with my Retirement, and then
perhaps there will be more
living in the moment, the
eternal now, or not.


5:52 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I usually pay musicians $50/hr.
The Orchestral parts are "reduced" to a piano part. The two violin parts are the same.
Trust me, Glenn, Jannie forgets you not.
Nobody who has ever met you, even on line, ever forgets the experience.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hey, it's Wednesday, the
proverbial Hump Day, and I
tell you what, I am humping
away like my youngest daughter's
stud Pug, who humps every
leg in sight, or table leg,
or chair leg, or if nothing is
available he just gets back
on his rear legs and he
humps air; randy little bastard
actually. I spent two wonderful
hours in the dentist's chair
yesterday, getting one of my
front teeth ground off in
readiness for Crown #12 for my
mug/piehole. The BIG FAMILY
has been moved to next Tuesday,
cuz my nephews had made plans
for Labor Day week end. Can
you imagine such impudence?
The temporary cap they put on
yesteday is the wrong color,
the wrong size, changing my
smile significantly. I have to
call them and find out if they
did the molds correctly. I look
like a fag vampire with only
one functioning canine fang.
Nice of you, Dougie, to
fortify my miniscule ego
with the positive feedback
relative to my impact on
the world around me. I just
feel that life has not quite
given me the roses I thought
I deserved, so one just does
the best they can, enit?
I really should have been
a journalist, a film critic,
an honest to God poet and not
a cyber erzatz pale imitation
of same. Yes, I did manage
to become a professional actor
for a brief moment in time,
and then I tackled special
education and became a
Blind Rehab Specialist, but
what have I done lately? Oh,
yeah, I began planning for
my retirement in earnest.
The film club is screening
THE HUSTLER on Saturday, so
that will be two Paul Newman
classics back to back, with
COOL HAND LUKE on Friday night.
Like Richard Burton, Newman
was nominated like 10 times
before they caved in and gave
him an Oscar for his work
was more like a make up we're so sorry award. Next month we will
get into heavy drama with the
classic 12 ANGRY MEN, along
with the new Russian remake
of that film, called "12".
Jannie is back in form with
her BORDS ON A WIRE #10 entry
on her site. Bobby Byrd is
still doing politico prose
relative to the war zone in
his backyard in El Paso.
Courtney Bledsoe is working
hard getting out his third
collection of poetry, called
RICELAND. If anyone is curious
I have like 160 of his poems
mounted over on FFTR. Joy Harjo
has been so busy touring and
traveling that her blog stays
kind of inactive for weeks at
a time. Alex is worried about
the lives and homes in peril
in California, in her old
neighborhood, kind of an
annual lamentation secondary
to mother natures indifference,
California's inhospitable
environment, Arnie Schwartzen
egger, and assholes who still
flick their lit cigarettes
out of car windows. Now all of
you Palmer followers out there,
get your rear ends to his
concert performance, to show
your support and enjoy the
compostions theyselves. Having
said that in absolute sincerity,
I have to then decline that
invitation and even myself
secondary to my own artistic
obligations here in the lymph
node of the Northwest in
Tacoma, WA. Oh well, life's
a bitch, then you fry, no lie,
no cry, no my oh my, why caint
I just say "die"? Actually life
is often a bit challenging. I'm
going through one of those
phases presently--yet there are
those compensations, right?
Music, Art, Poetry, Film, and
those innane sporting events.


6:14 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Actually your site is a better spot for real poetry than any "official" publication.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

This process of collaboration
and searching for poets
that interest me, has been
a great joy over the last
couple of years; with those
few bumps in the road you
are aware of. Unlike striving
to be a paperback writer,
a novelist who can make a
buck, one looks at their
talent for poetry, and others
and realizes that Sherman
Alexie is like an anomoly;
a poet/novelist/stand up comic
who actually "seems" to make
a living out of his angst and
art. It's kind of like your
love of music, and your talent
for composition--you do it
because you're drawn to it,
and success is relative.
Thanks for the atta'boy.
Glad you enjoy the site.
After all it was 100%
your efforts that the site
was set up and handed to
me to play with. You were
and are the impetus. Thanks
for that too. I just bumble
along discovering the basics
of blogging. Heard some
bitchin thunder earlier this
morning, but the rain eased
up by the time my pick up
moved into the slipstream.
The moon hid behind some
dark clouds for a time,
and then as I neared the
office it burst out in
its brilliant full moonness.
I managed to get into
trouble here yesterday;
another old curmudgeon who
felt I was disrespecting
him by asking my standard
assessment questions. These
next 10 months cannot pass
quickly enough. I had to
be counseled by the Boss.
I was wound up and raised
my voice to him, and that
was big hit too. Cool your
jets, my inner voices kept
whispering. This morning the
after burners are ash. We
will see what the day
presents for me. But it
started out well, listening
to the Doors, the Beatles,
and the Stones on the short
ride in.


5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Toi, toi, toi for the world premier of your violin concerto (piano version) tomorrow!!!!
Anonomann (+LL)

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Put your paragraph on Wagner (incl. "Ring" as religious experience as a comment on
Speight will love it, and when you start volunteering for them, you'll have "money in the bank".
P.S. The LL sent a letter and some photos of the Federal Garden Show (August 2009 version) to Meredith by snail mail a cou´ple of days ago.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
A piano often substitutes for an orchestra in rehearsals, even by major opera companies, like the Met, LaScala Milan, and Seattle Opera. A full orchestra at all but the final rerhearsals would be too expensive, plus the orchestra must practice its part alone before the singers are stuck with singing with an unprepared orchestra.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Thanks for the explication
on the use of the piano for
a small performance or a
rehearsal, Anonomann. Helps
me get a grip on the situation.
This is it, the Friday performance!
The World Premiere of another
Palmer Composition!! Hope the
joint is full and is arocking.
Wouldn't it be cool if Alex
was there to enjoy it too?
Odd to me how symbiotic my
connection to my blog site is.
I drift off to sleep reviewing
the postings I managed on that
day, and thinking about the poetry
and whimsical literature that
I will discover and post tomorrow.
I awake already replugged into
the process. You really started
something, Douglas--over 4,400
postings and still growing.
One of my fears is that if there
is a "limit" to how much can be
loaded onto a blog, that I will
reach it one day, and just get
the box appear that says, That's
All Doc....start another one,
no more room at the Inn. Oh
well, I will just move on to
FFTR II, III, and like that,


5:45 AM  

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