Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wolf Bar

Here's what it looks like partway up the trail from the Quinault to Wolf Bar. The trail eventually crosses the whole Olympic peninsula. Meredith did that hike once from the other direction when she was younger. It's a whole bunch of miles of climbing.

We met a bunch of trail workers coming back on their mules (one was a horse).
They had been clearing a rock fall that had blocked the trail.

Thanks guys.

Nothing exciting happening here, in fact, just the opposite.
Last night I stayed up late to see the comedian hosted tonight type shows.
Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon.

The shows were all exactly alike, same format, same screaming audience, same exact jokes about the same exact things, the same weird co-host guy off to the side, the same total lack of either content or good interview skills.
Oh Johnny, why'd ye leave us?

The Horror!

The only real entertainment of the evening was the rat that the cat brought in.

Keth and I had a few laughs trying to catch the little bugger until it eventually ran outside.

Now I'm going to shut up and google some game sites and try to find out how to get through these tricky games I'm dealing with.
They seem to require some intelligent thought!

I'm looking for more instant gratification.

I'm too old for deep cogitation.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Wolf Bar....has a nice ring
to it, like a place one would
encounter in a novel, or in
a movie. Meredith sounds like
she has always been a Nature
Girl/Gal/Woman. As a younger
healthier specimen I used to
partake of such hikeness
mineself; maybe one day in
the future these old feet
will find their way into
the Cascades or Olympics again.
I posted a great piece that
Bobby Byrd wrote concerning
his hiking camping trip with
his son, Johnny. I liked your
rant on late night clone wars
and entertainment; perhaps
you needed to watch more of
David Letterman. He seems to
stand out some from the clonus
clump. Some of your rant made it to FFTR as a poetic statement
entitled, OH, JOHNNY.
That cat with the rat
kind of conjured up a Dr.
Seuss imagery for me. The
rodent must have been injured
by the cat....and still it
escaped? Last night was OK,
but the reporter in the last
minutes of the day sent me
an email saying he was sorry
but could not make it, so he
canceled the shoot; felt they
could cover the artwork for
the upcoming article with
their stock clip art I guess.
glossy. It will be cool to
read another article about
the Tacoma Film Club. So far
it hasn't generated any new
membership, but what the hell,
maybe it's some kind of delayed
reaction. I am dragging my
butt this morning, having only
got 5 hours of sleep. The 8pm
bedtime becomes 10pm on
the Club night; another reason
to look forward to managing
my own metabolism post-
retirement, enit?


5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane+ Meredith -- and Glenn!
From the photo, the scenery looks worth the hike!!
Re: the stupidity of the late-night "comedies", I am now reading a book entitled "Die verblödete Republik" (= Bringing Stupidity to the Republic), in which the late night shows are among the most effective in making people stupid. All this so their minds will be blunted into accepting the neoliberal (pro dog-eat-dog version of Capitalism).

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
I am always asked by the computer here in the State Library if I want to see the unsecure object before it lets me look further in the Comment section of the blog; when I answer "Ja", your photo then appears. Please tell me what is "unsecure" about your photo.??.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Good question, Anonomann. I am asked the same question when
I endeavor to post my comments,
and nothing appears. Perhaps
that is your picture, since
you do not use an Avatar.
Nice to hear from you.
We have made out plans for
October for the film club;
watching 12 ANGRY MEN (1957),
and the Russian remake "12"
(2009). Plus the newest
Paul Giamatti film, COLD SOULS.
It is based on a dream
Woody Allen had, among other
things. The word verification
for this comment will be
"inkhoolo"--makes me want
to create another nonsense
poem using a bunch of those
words; that and Twitku were
loads of fun, Doug. You
need to resurrect such
frothy forms of poetic
prowess; that and Dog Poetry.
Of course, since you no
longer own a dog, you have
little in the way of
incentive to comiserate
with the canine folks.


6:15 AM  

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