Friday, September 25, 2009

More bike ride splog

Got tired of lethargy so I decided on a short one.
Coasted down to Rainier ave and headed south.
Just past Pucinella Pizza I saw a curving road off the the right that I've been curious about and decided to see where it went.
It went up through the back streets
Lots of hills and valleys some nice curvy bits along the edge of the hill, finally ending up in Skyway.
Enough for today, at least I got a ride in for Sept.

8.33 miles
0:57:17 hours
8.7 average
112.4 total so far since the big 100 miler.

You remember that I took the Vespa to the shop for service.
I found out there that the tabs were expired, so I'll go take care of that today.

Not much happened yesterday except the music that we decided to go hear in the evening.
I had planned to go to the little Red Bistro to hear Stuart and his band play some Choro.
Which we did.
But, I had also planned to drop three blocks to the Cafe Vignole and listen to The Bottom Line duo.
Unfortunately I got the times wrong.
Bottom played earlier than Choro.
But we went to Choro first.
So I missed.

I had a Rakett for Stuart which I delivered.
It's like a clarinet folded up in a bottle.

You've seen this one before.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

A "short one" is always
preferable to none at all,
enit? Good on you. Is Skyway
technically just the south
end of Beacon Hill? Been too
long since I cruised that
neighborhood. On the Splog
stats you left out your top
speed; must have been cranking
coming back down the hill,
you weren't peddling a whole
hour and covered a lot of
pavement. Is a Vespa, as a
scooter, a vehicle one can
ride without a special operator's
permit? Like a bike? I wonder
if Woody Allen hisself could
play that Rackett? He might
be able to finger it out.
What is "Choro", some kind
of hispanic rock?
Here it is Blue of the bluest
Mondays, the last one in
September--Joni Mitchell
is warpling on my CD player,
I am wearing blue, and the
clock is ticking ticking
toward my day of freedom, or
a reasonable facsimile thereof.
Had a very comfortable week
end and it just feels like a
damned imposition to have to
drag my ass up at 3am to clean
up and make my appearance here
at this white collar gig. I
actually am wearing a white
collar today, one of those
power shirts, electric blue
with the white collar, and
a red-white-and blue tie to
finish off the ensemble.
Friends came over on Friday
night and we had a rousing
game of pinocle. Saturday I
slunk out and went to see
the animated film "9", and
I really liked it. Elijah
Wood, Jennifer Connelly, and
Christopher Plummer were some
of the voice talents. There
was a piss poor turnout for
COLD SOULS, like 8 people counting
Melva and I, but they were all
regulars who came when they
saw I was leading the discussion.
The event lasted over an hour,
which surprised me. What the hell,
Melva and I get in free, and
I enjoy the fascilitation, being
"called" the leader; holding the
focus for a few minutes, fooling
myself into the delusion that
I do have some knowledge and
something to contribute in this


5:52 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Skyway is just south of Rainier beach and just north of Renton.
Yep. I forgot the max speed. Too late now, the speedo has been reset.
You need a drivers license and a riding test to get an "endorsement" on your license.
Choro is a south American style of music. My friend Stuart is from Venezuela.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Thanks for answering my questions.
I wonder where Beacon Hill ends?
Is there a dip, a valley, a
bridge before Skyway? Do folks
do the tango to Choro?
After all my excitement relative
to taking iodine to regain
some of my health, not being
able to get my doctors to
endorse it, so I self-diagnosed
and seemed to be getting positive
results and feedback, just as
I was feeling better, or thought
I was, now I am getting a constant
running headache, which is a
symptom of too much iodine, or
that you do not need it at all.
Oh, the sweet mysteries of
life.....when will the answer
lie before me, when will I be
able to move forward with
sense of my self? Oh well,
there it is, another apparent
red herring adventure, another
stupid conjecture, pissing in
the dark and convincing the
cockroaches it is raining.
So I will quit taking the half
tab of iodine for a while and
see if the headaches subside.
Of course the whole issue
is unclear, so I might just
be having sinus problems
secondary to the changing
weather. Oh joy, more to stress
out about. I need to write
up the invitation for 12 ANGRY MEN
this morning, and get it off
to the TFC newsletter in order
to promulgate it for the Friday
screening. It's been a long
three weeks since our last


5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane & Glenn!
Henderson St., for me, marks the end of Beacon Hill, but I don't think Skyway (another Third World country) starts thatbfar north.
Re: The Rackett and Stuart: Should Stuart give a concert on that instrument when I'm in Seattle, I'd love to attend, ESPECIALLY if he plays a composition by you on it!!
Stuart is one of the elite who was also fired by Whatyoucallit Hall.
I greatly enjoyed working with him while he still worked there!!


1:58 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Beacon hill starts at Dearborn and ends approx at the south end of Boeing field. All the while on the west side of MLK.
On the other side of that street The hill that Skyway is on starts at the
south end of Boeing field and ends at Renton.
Renton Avenue cuts across the hill at an angle and goes through the heart of Skyway.
There is a casino there.

9:29 AM  

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