Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Yet another nice day splog

Down the hill to the lake stopped at Stan Sayers pits (used to be Wetmore slough)looked at some unlimited class hydros. Watchad the Oberto boat make about six or seven laps. Interesting thing about that; most of the races are three laps, and most of the boats don't make it that far. I suppose that shakedown and practice runs aren't all that hard on the equipment. Rode the kilo long hill of 3rd west but didn't get bizze with an Izze cause S'bux was closed for remod. Went across the street for some fresh brewed tea. They've got lots of diff kinds and I don't remember which one I had. They give it to you in a cup with a little filter device in it and a "hourglass" filled with just enough sand to brew the tea properly and a little cup to put the filter thingie in when the tea is properly soaked.

What a hoot.

And a peanut butter cookie.

I had done 20 miles by then because of a loop around Seward park and the high road at the Arboretum and other excursions and diversions.
Normally, it's 15 miles.

Dead duck and dead squirrel on the road on the way back.

36.47 miles
3:40:20 hours
9.9 avg speed
32.5 max speed
361.3 on the odo. (+1307 = 1668.3)

Clear air brings out lots of snow capped mountainry.

Soon I will drive to the library and pick up M. from her volunteer job.

After that is life's big mystery.



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Today is another landmark
day performance art for
Palmer Compositions INC.
Good show! May the music
fairies hover and tinkle
their dust of success over
all that attend and listen
in person to what you have
created out of thin air,
out of the crevices of your
crusty creativity. So Meredith
volunteers at a library;
good on her. I do so hope that
my own inclinations and interests
lead me into double overtime
daily, and that will never
succumb to such a notion.
Your career as a volunteer
ended badly, but not before
I guess you had some good
times and years giving of
your free time, and experience.
Sounds like your latest
Fidelio splog adventure was
mellow yellow and tea-rrific.
Today I have my retirement
celebration in conjunction
with a Veteran's luncheon
at the Tacoma Elks Lodge.
Not wanting to just stand
up and say something like,
"for those of you like
me, I thank you enmasse,
and for those of you
who don't, kiss my ass."
--I wrote a few comments,
spiced it up with some
standard retirement quotes
and jokes, and should be
able to present it, or read
it with a modicum of gratitude
and leave with a shred of
respect still intact.
Melva decided that she will
drop in to help celebrate
this momentus occasion, and
that will be cool too.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
How did you get "down 3rd" without getting shot by the SS ("Security Snicks) at 3rd and Union and get added to the dead ducks you saw (or did they get shot by the lousy shooters at 3rd & Union??)??
<<<<<<<<<<add my wishes to Glenn's that "the music fairies hover and tinkle their dust of success" over your excellent compositions!!!

3:07 AM  

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