Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am having trouble sleeping late these days.

The concert went well. David has some very talented students, and is a terribly nice guy to boot. Although anybody tries to boot him will get a boot in the booty from yers trooly.
And on the ride home M. was kind enough to deconstruct my work for me so now I know everything that's wrong with it.

So nothing has happened since then, and it is rainy, dank, and glum.
Maybe I should ride a masochistic ride just to feel sorry for myself.

But, damn!, I don't feel sorry for myself so I can't even do that.

Gloomy too, it's gloomy t'other side of my window.

Gloom all over the place.

Perhaps I should just hide in bed 'till the recording session tonight.

I am recently reminded that Jamaica is still suffering from earthquake related problems.
Perhaps some gigantic international corporation can spread some oil on those troubled waters.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Yeah, gloom and glum and glumph,
and yet the sunshine is there
right under it, behind it,
adjacent to it, and just as
that old Sol does his break
out there are always rainbows
to brighten your spirit. You
must see some wowzers there over
the lake. I am still pumped up
about my retirement party, but
there is room midst the core
of my mighty ego to feel good
about your concert; and of
course it is a distaff duty
to keep you humbled, and rooted
in her perception of reality.
My Miss M is excellent at that
tactic, and several others that
keep me grounded and on an
"even keel". Have you and
Fidelio ever been caught in
a rainstorm? Sounds like it
could be kind of miserable.
I see dudes and dudettes on
motorcycles in the rain and
it does not look like much
fun. Gloom is temporal, and
it always preceeds the glow,
so be cool, get a grip, read
a book, flog the log, and
prepare for better days, sir.
What a revolting development
as Chester Riley used to
utter on those 12" B&W
television we watched in
1951--to not be able to sleep
late. Have you been napping
too much? What kind of snacks
do you ingest before retiring?
Soon, when I hit my nightowl
natural rhythm, I will be up
to wee hours nightly and
morningly, and will sleep until
10am or so without a flutter
of guilt or guile, enit?
Good luck on the recording
session, or was that last night?

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (& Glenn!!)!!
Yes to both of you!!!
Females (incl. LL) seem to revel in "deconstructing" their male "partners"!! The LL is a world champ (chimp??) in that regard!!
But who are the creators?? How many female composers can you (or anyone else) name?? Alex S., perhaps, but who else???????

2:49 AM  

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