Wednesday, June 09, 2010


About to head out to get ready for the concert.
Caprichino is the name of the piece I'm presenting.
It is a collection of short caprices for piano and clarinet.

Caprichino is a caprice with a shot of foamed milk and some nutmeg sprinkled on top.

So....see ya later.


Anonymous corve said...

Have fun

8:23 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Tis Thursday, so the show
is over, the presentation
has been done, the performance
has happened. So
how did it go? Good, we all
hope and suspect.
It must be glorious to hear
your own music play live
like that; good on you.
My retirement hootenanny was
a doozie for sure. Melva
attended, and like 50 people
were there; lots of attaboys
and accolades, and several
hundred bucks worth of gifts.
I gave my speech, and like
all old men, I got emotional
and began weeping twice.
My good-bye card from the
staff was missing five names,
and that was finally how the
great kiss off was accomplished.
All the staff members had been
forced into coming to the
luncheon, but by God they
didn't have to sign that
damned card! Coming up on
just two weeks of servitude

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!!
Yes, retirement sessions (I won't say parties, 'cause they ain't!!) are always disappointing to the retire!! A good friend of mine retired Wednesday night from thze chorus of the Staatstheater here and she was presented with a bouquet of roses by an usherette rather than the Intendant (General Manager) or the General Musikdirektor; she told me she didn't know who the "giver" was, but I suspect it was her secret lover (a top comedian in Germany) who also recently bought her a big new BMW (how else could she have bought it on her chorister's pittance??). They are both listed in the local phone book under his name (he ia a Berliner, not from here); only through chance did the LL discover this, while she sought someoen else with the same surname as said comedian in the phone book.
Her daughter told me that was a "mistake", but two phone books (2 years) since then the "mistake" has not been corrected!! So is life! But, as "corve" commented,
"Have fun"!!

3:00 AM  

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