Friday, February 05, 2010

This week

has seen the arrival of a special special guest in the house adding to the special guest already here.
I have been moved to a place in the recording studio, in a little nook next to my stash of fine exotic musical instrument woods...O.K. firewood.
But it's going to be my studio soon. I am planning (most all basement recording studios are in the planning stage) to use the space to try to get some use out of the fancy digital recorder (Fostex MR-8) that only works at home.
Never in it's life has it consented to record any of my performances.
Which of course is the reason I bought it.
For some reason pushing record and play outside the house is different than doing so at home.
Very disheartening.
The friend of mine who played my "Sad Song for piano"* at his recital recorded his performance on the exact same type of machine and that worked.
I have that converted to mp3 and posted to Myspace.
I never expected to make hit records with it.
I only asked it to record the little shows for my personal records.
Bur every time, when I get the thing home and go to upload to the computer...there is nothing at all on the card!
Never once!
But all the little bits I've recorded here at home are there.
Were there, I've got them on the computer now for some reason, probably because it's the only thing I've managed to get out of it.

Anyhow, many thanks to Wally and David and Kieth for the few records I do have.


I spend so many years in my auto repair activities accumulating a respect for Toyota but as soon as I get to a position in life to buy my first new car, I end up with this tin can full of computers that somehow seems to think it knows more about driving than I do.
Even though it has no eyes nor does has it ears.
It does have useless stuff like cruise control air conditioning and a radio without a mute button.
Which seems to me to be about the most important and easiest thing to add to a car that thinks it's so damn smart.
A friggin mute button f'crissake!
Let's face it a computer is just an idiot savant that can access more of it's pathetically limited store of little digitized facts faster than I can
Dumber than most animals.
Not really capable of making the real time survival decisions that I'm expected to take responsibility for.

So....anyway who gives a rip, nowhutI'msayin'?

It's like having a trained seal at the wheel.

So there's that......and.....?

I guess I'll just have to get back to playing with computers that don't burst into flames when they crash.

*Full title; "Yet another sad song littering the highway of life"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!!!
The LL and I are very honored to read that you consider us "Special Guests!!! Thanks for your (& Meredith's) great hospitality!!!!
Special Guest + Special Guest
We hope you can teach your recorder to record away from home!!!! Is it like teaching a cat how to swim??

2:58 PM  

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