Thursday, January 14, 2010


Took the score of Sam Jones' tuba concerto with me when I went to school yesterday.
Least I thought I did.
When I got to Caffe Ladro and opened my case, it wasn't there.
Left it home.
So I read through the score for the bass concerto instead.
Which was more pertinent to the day anyway inasmuch as that's what I'm working on in class.
Trying to get scores to look professional for submission to all the orchestras of the world.
Or maybe just some local ones.

Tempting fate again.

Taking the old chutzpa bus back to hubris city and environs again.

This time of year always starts out with the feeling that this year will be the big break I've been waiting for.
Most likely this feeling is what is responsible for the nastiness of the end of the year when I realize that nothing of the sort has taken place.

And so we traddle onward.

Actually went to three coffee houses today.
Q.A. Starbuggers, Ladro, (where I missed my Jones) and a Broadway one that I don't rem- Peet's!

Only drinking shorts these days.
Even so I'm up at six due to not sleeping.
Up at six is no big deal to dedicated government workers who never sleep in their tireless efforts to keep the biznezz of this great country rolling so smoooothley.

At Starblocks, I actually sat outside and had a brief thought about a bike ride onacountabecause it seemed kinda nice out.

But then it rained rained rained.

Bought bread at the Capitol Hill QFC.

Discussed music notation with David.

Discussed writing scores for thick chords in violin sections.

Drove home with windshield wipers flopping in my face.

Found the score I forgot, didn't I, Mister Jones.

I know sumpthin's happ'nin

Good morning miss Ophelia, wherever you iz.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Nice post, some rant, some exposition, some levity.
You are too right about we
government employees, at least
this one, who roll out hours
before the dawn, to chase the
wolf along the corridors of
concrete, with one eye peeled
for the constabulary sharks,
those lions with badges, who
love to flow into the flock
and weed out the random poor
sombitch to kick in the ass
and charge extra cash.
You are the perfect Seattlite
it seems, living in an ancient
wood frame two story manor on
the shores of a huge lake,
owning several rentals you
provide domicles with, and
gulping down truckloads of
coffee. Just go with the
flow of the old seducer, the
New Year; hope springs eternal
in the human breast, or some
such nonsence, enit?
I am pleased it is the end
of the work week and I am
embracing a nice three day
weekend, thanks to MLK and
the NACCP, and our light
skinned decently articulate
People need to get over
themselves relative to the
color issue for chrissake.
Go back and look at Spike
Lee's SCHOOL DAZE, Where he
pokes fun at the obvious
racist postulates extant within
the black community relative
to lighter skin and darker.
It is the same way in Australia
with the Aborigines. They call
the lighter skinned ones
"creamies". What a world. We
just need to breed more, and
one fine day we will all be
the same color, or nearly,
and the issue will be non.
I am now finished with the
poetry of Richard Smyth, and
have found the poetry of
Gregory Orr, yet another English
professor who publishes poetry
because he can, and doesn't
have to make a living from it.
Glad you dug the pictorial on
The Silver Surfer, who I call
the chrome dude; and you seem
to agree he is shinier than
silver most of the time.
Have you seen AVATAR yet?


6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Actually, it's Dr. Jones. We academics are not unhappy when others use our earned titles, as getting them takes a lot of time and hard work, though not of the physical variety. According to former students of mine now working on their doctorates, it now also takes a lot of tuition money, as opposed to the late 50s, when I sutied for my Ph.D.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, again, Lane!
Glad you now also get your coffee from Ladro, nmot just @ Starbuggers.
Since "Ladro" in Italian means "thief", it would be a more appropriate name for Starbuggers.
And since the coffee chain Ladro is a "Fair Trade" operation, the name is not at all appropriate for it. Maybe they should hire Vinnie to taech them Italiano.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
Thanks and congratulations on an excellent column this time; I actually read it through to the end, a feat I don't often accomplish.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Well, Doctor Jones isn't a Bob Dylan quote.

4:31 PM  

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