Thursday, January 07, 2010

New year

Der Adler ist in das haus.
Yesterday was the first schoolday for me, consisting of lunch at a Q.A. Thai restaurant (Pud Thai mit chicken) and trip to the SCCC parking lot where I courageously parked next to the same concrete pillar that leapt out and creased the Prius.
In challenging this demon, I intimidated it and showed who is boss. I'll have no further trouble from that corner of this garden of eden.
Oddly however, when I looked for signs of Prius paint on the post, there was none.
The repair shop said it would be like it never happened, but would they go that far?

So anyway I trotted on down to Caffe ladro for some coffee and a cookie (got the last one)
You don't suppose she was saving it for me, do you?

I don't

On my way back up the hill I noticed a book in the window of Borders or Barns and whatsit.
I notice it because the title was "A handbook of pistols" or the like.
The thing that made me notice it was that it was on a rack labeled "KIDS"

I walked on the B-Hall side of the street tee-hee.
A tip of the snoot to yez Benny.

But the thing that really has me wondering is why isn't a kangaroo straight a legitimate poker hand?

It keeps me up at night.

Kurt Masur is a terrific conductor and a great human being.
He told the orchestra that that "played like angels"

And I'm sure that they did.

Today I edited scores for the Bass concerto.

Enharmonic spelling is starting to make sense to me.

I hope that's not dangerous.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Again, Welcommin Anonomann.
Gut to have you in das haus.
Great posting, back to form,
back in the groove, no hint
of lethargy or malaise, just
that peppy sardonic state you
usually manange for us.
SO that is what happened to
the Prius fender? Somehow I
missed that original posting
you say? Who published it for
hip hoppers, Snoop Dog? His
voice on the GPS certainly is
a piece of inane crap; just
a sign of the times I suppose.
You gave me a book of cartoons
back in the 60's, entitled
YOUR HEAD, and there were a
bunch of bizarre toons in it,
like "Rabbis beating up a Gondelier". But I remember one
where someone is trying to
hand off a handgun to a water
fowl, entitle; NEVER GIVE A
DUCK A .45. 2-4-6-8-10 certainly
should be a legimate poker
hand. I agree with your assessment.
Rainy and warm again this
morning; my kind of winter.
Jeez, it is in the 20's in
Florida and Texas. What a world.
Did you check out any of the
newest pictorials on FFTR?
I have my medical treatment
this afternoon. I pushed it out
to 5 weeks to accommodate my
vacation and the holidays, and
I'm dragging ass; but I made
it so it seems.
If your life was a Terry
Gilliam movie, then sure the
body shop guys came to that
parking lot and fixed the
pillar. Gilliam has a new
flick coming out soon; the
last role for Heath Ledger.
He died in the middle of
making it. Rather than scrap
the picture, Gilliam used
Johnny Depp and Christian
Bale to finish playing the
character. We have out first
TFC screening of the new
year tonight too, screening
with Judi Dench.


6:02 AM  
Blogger Blue Bunny said...

i think it's barns and strobles??

i bying books there for reeding.

like ones on karrits.

and investmint banking.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eeeh! BB, you sounds a very sensible bunny.
Remember to go for the long term in your investments.
and don't worry about the ElmerFudds of your life.

Your pal.....Bugs

11:07 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, the Prius fender incident was fully covered in the posts and the comments. I turned into a post while backing out of a parking slot at SCCC. The car spent a week at the shop.
Now you can't tell anything happened.
So don't tell anybody, okay?
The book was just a compilation of all the pistols ever made I guess.
I did look into it, the scariest pistol was a S&W .50 Magnum, for Christ sake, with a short barrel!!!.
With defense like that, you don't need enemies.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:56 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Damn, Onita, you have such a way
with words, and short sentences.
Guess I am having compound
senior moments cuz somehow I
just missed out on the explication
for the marring of the Prius.
Thanks for clearing it up.
One would think a .44 Magnum
would be enough wrist power
to take care of varmits; jeez,
a .50 caliber handgun. That
would take Rambo to fire it,
or a nine year old punk from
the projects, enit?
Nice to have the lepus consortium
show up here on FFTL, in the
persona of BB and Bugs hisself.
I got busy and finished up
the classic movie magazine cover
pictorial over on FFTR; like
490 of them and too many hours
to keep track of--but hey, it
knocks your socks off if you
like cinema art, the movies,
or old movie stars.
Carroll Ballard directed a
film, DUMA, a few years ago,
and it turns out to be a
winner, as good as THE BLACK
STALLION. Tale about an African
lad who finds a lost cheetah
cub and raises it as a pet.
Also got into the 1937 China
scene with Jonathan Rhys-
HUAING SHAI; strong stuff,
and actually filmed in China.
Our TFC screening of
MRS. BROWN came off well; like
over 20 people showed up.
The Club is off and running
for 2010!
I seem to go on these jags
over on FFTR, either poetry
heavy duty, or pictorials.
Feast or feast, right?
Melva is doing fine hobbling
around on her broken foot.
Our girls came over to visit
her on Sunday. She was tired
of just my fussing company.
Still feel kind of punk
post-treatment from Friday,
but hey, it is Monday, and
even though I had a hard
time getting sleep last night,
already used to staying up
later, and sleeping later--
here I am, driving through
the drizzle, at my office,
at my desk, at the computer;
wonder of wonders.


5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Too bad you didn't get to hear Kurt Masur's readings of the Mozart and Bruckner; they were fantastic; I went Thursday and Saturday; in fact the chance to hear Masur "live" was what dictated my flight date to Seattle from Germany (6 January)!!
Only in the USA will you find a book on pistols in the "kids section"; no wonder soooo many here go on a rampage rage of mass killings!

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
Thanks for your many kind worsds in the adjacent column!!!!
You are a very nice person ("ein guter Mensch"!!)!!!

4:13 PM  

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