Monday, January 18, 2010


Still needs a little work. there's supposed to be a decorative skirt around the body.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Wow, and double wow!
Mandora, mandora, mandora,
ye looks slick, shiny, and
ready to be plucked,
strummed, twanged, and flanged.
After all the fussing you
did over this instrument, one
expected some poor vessel, some
sad creation. Instead we see
a fine finished instrument.
Like Anonomann, I would like
to hear its voice, its hum.
Man, I love this mild winter!
51, windy, and clear this fine
Tuesday. In all the years
I have been playing the tunes
game on the drive in, I have
never had a 5 star morning
before now; some threes, one
four. In 30 minutes of commute
there is time for about 8 tunes
on KZOK. I have my favorites
list, and when I get none of
them, it starts the day
"flat ass". But today, hey,
it is way up and out there!
Melva is doing better with
her broken foot. We returned
the knee scooter since she
doesn't like it and doesn't
use it. I watched RECOUNT
yesterday, all about the 2000
Presidential election. It
made me angry all over again.
The film club picked Todd Haynes
film, SAFE, from 1995, with
Julianne Moore. It hit hard
because it is about the plethera
of us that seem to have some
mysterious immune system failure.
Is it the environment? Is it
metaphysical and part of our
journey to self discovery?
I joined a new blog site,
the 6 Sentence Connection.
What can you write in just
six sentences. They call them
sixers. It is a challenge for
me, as you would assume. The
key, of course, are the clauses.
6 sentences can go on for quite
a ways; or not. I got the pick
up double waxed yesterday. It
so shiny and slick it actually
scares me; seems like somebody
else's vehicle. This 3 day
weekend seemed just the right
length actually. Usually they
seem short, way too short.
I have significant agenda to
trudge through in preparation
for June 18. Listening to
Joni Mitchell singing, "shine
on another asshole, passing on
the right." So the mandora looks
cool and ready to play.
Thanks for sharing.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
A beautiful instrument on that beautiful sunny day yesterday, the date of your post re: the "Man"!!!!
A work of art!!!!!!!!!

How does it sound (when you getb that far)? I'd love to hear it -- and see it, live!!!!!!!!

Toi, toi, toi, as we say in the German theaters before a premiere!!


3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
Tghe first thing I learned after completing my doctorate (where papersd were graded on the prof's bathroom scales) and coming into the "real world" was that the shorter the memo, the more likely it would get read. (Words to the wise???????????????)

3:15 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Well, gosh, Anonomann. Your
many not-so-subtle notes to
mineself regarding the length
of my comments is well put.
And yet, hey, I have a lot
to say, to share, to expel,
to synthesize. Yes, shortness,
brevity, petite, quiet little
comments are easier to scan,
but mine have meat on them
and in them. If one is not
ready for such heft in their
reading, then they are victims
of the insane need many have
to rush through everything.
So take a breath, roll up
your sleeves, and read on.
I have a TFC monthly meeting
tonight, and we discuss
& BRICK. Then we ready ourselves
for February, the Oscar nominations, and viewing of
Bergman's PERSONA, Todd Hayne's
SAFE, and A SINGLE MAN. Saw the
announcement for the gala
Grand Theater Oscar broadcast
party at the Rialto. We still
intend to have our own little
party only three blocks from
there at our 924 Broadway
meeting hall. Could be tough
to find parking. Still trying
to figure out if we want to
do another pot luck, or try
and cater it.

6:53 AM  

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