Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scarlet ribbons

Found a deal on 2 fer 1 tickets to the Bellevue Phil.
Just a bit too late to make it there in time.
Missed out on a spur of the moment adventure (I had dressed up but to no avail).

Glued the fingerboard onto the mandowhatchacallit instead.

Too late for that adventure, I decided on another.

Yesterday, a member of this household expressed a desire for some rye flour.
Our foraging run then produced nothing but the realization that none was to be had this end of town.

So today I headed to the other end (more like the middle or a bit north).

To wit, Queen Anne Hill, where I regularly visit in no small part but to return to the scene of the Seattle Symphony related incident of automotive intimidation against my person.
Gives me a little thrill whenever I pass the scene.

And more pertinently, to see if the store up there had the aforementioned baking staple.

They did.

But I checked out the PCC nearer to home in case.
They have it too, and a lot more kinds of flour than are dreamed of in my

But...I had other things on my list than they stocked on the top of old Q.A.

Zipped back south the Renton Fred Meyers for the rest of it.

On the way out of the store, I saw about six cop cars, lights flashing, and a half dozen cops standing around.

Looked pretty serious.

Maybe they caught some malefactor under suspicion of having a half ounce (with a street value of thousands) of marijuana.

And feared for their lives.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

It is MLK Day by the way,
and government offices and banks
and lots of places are closed.
I am sitting at Classy Chassis in
Tacoma, having my pick up double
waxed. I do this every 6 months.
I love to see the fire engine
red shine in the sun, and when
it rains around here, I love
to see the water bubbles bead
up. My mileage is now at 198,000
and I want it to last a few
more years if possible. You
managed to get more than 300,000
miles off your Volvo stawag, so
I know it can be done.
Turns out that poet Gregory Orr
has a wife who is a great artist.
Trisha Orr is her moniker. She and
husband poet person collaborated
on a book where he wrote poems
to match several of her paintings.
Then there was a second book
in which she did paintings to
match some of his poetry.
I found a bunch of these on line
and posted them on FFTR.
The TFC screening for BRICK
went OK, but some folks walked
out before the end of it. Should
make for spirited discussion
on Wednesday. Went out and saw
THE BOOK OF ELI, a paean to SHANE,
Denzel Washington is very good.
Glad to see that you found
your rye flour. We anxiously
await the pics of the "finished"
mandora. You certainly gravitate
to QA.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
As your househiold of four humans and obne cat is not that large, I'm curious which of the three other members wants the rye flour; I assumethe cat did not want it, and I know I never asked you to find it.
What I do buy is whole-grain pasta (rigitoni).

Were the cops surrounding the market because someone alerted them that a certain brave soul was seen in the neighborhood of the psychotic denouncer?? Does the SeaSyumpf also own Queen Anne now (or presume to own it)??

3:23 PM  

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