Friday, January 29, 2010


Just added a new link especially for Glenn.
Check out "Applehouse"

More later, Ophelia, I'll never forget.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ophelia's last name is "Paine"

.....Ouatta Paine

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Who is the person in the photo??? Ophelia, Vincenzo (the Mafioso among your contributors), or who???

3:50 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

He's an early 20th century harp player.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Gosh, Anonomann, it's a famous
pic of Harpo Marx, the silent
mute member of the Marx Brothers.
You do recall Groucho and the
gang, right? Pic was taken in
the 1930's, when they were new
to Hollywood, fresh out of
Vaudeville. I like APPLEHOUSE
as a new link--thanks. But as
another UK link, like Friko's,
I may not be able to register
for comments on it from the office.
We'll see. Lynn looks interesting,
and I like her poetry. Maybe she
can get turned on to FFTR.
Had a 10 minute weekend with way
too much to do. Had a friend over
Saturday to see my Cinema Museum,
and talk about the TFC. Then
Miss M and I went to a birthday
party for another pal, what he
calls the Polar Plunge. His
brother-in-law has a swimming
pool and many of the guests go
for a dip. There were over 30
guests, and it got too hectic
for us, live band, and raining
like hell outside, so we split
early. Sunday, Melva wanted
to kick back and nurse her
broke foot, so I took myself to
the Grand Theater, and saw
A SINGLE MAN, a pick for the
Film Club, and CRAZY HEART,
a pick for me. A terrific
double bill. Place was jammed
though. They are really doing
and landslide business at
Tacoma's "only" art theatre.
Considering that Seattle has
got a dozen of them, it took
me a while to get used to the
slim pickins when it came
to Indie and Foreign films.
This will be my first full
week at the new desk, sharing
the big room with three female
interns; kind of cool in a
way. My name does not even
appear with a class schedule;
and there are five months to
go before the Liberation at the
end of June. I just shadow my
replacement. I do the actual
teaching for a few more weeks,
with her observing, and then
she will do the actual teaching
with me observing. The bosses
are being way cool with the lack
of pressure, and giving me some
skate time as I emerge into a
short-timer. It was 37 degrees,
dry and moving fast on this
Beatles Monday. I am like a kid
waiting for Christmas, or an
important birthday. Time is
elongating, and stretching,
and meandering. But there are
voices chirping way in the
back of the cavern and I think
they are saying, Retirement
will be here soon enough, chill,
relax, concentrate on the moment,
live in it, live that one day
at a time stuff. Oh yeah.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Glenn!
Thanks, very much, for the ID of who is in the photo for this blog.
No, I have never seen any of the Marx films, unless you mean Karl M. Neither my partner nor I are really film buffs. We do go to concerts, operas, and plays, but enjoy spending evenings doing cross-word puzzles together, having friends over, etc., rather than watching videos or TV; in fact we both, INDEPENDENTLY!!, got rid of our TV sets in Germany.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
I assume your amico, Vinnie, gets most of his dough from his Mafioso activities, but does he also operate a "legit" moving co.? Between Dr. Wallace's p[ractice (where I just had my teeth super-execllently cleaned again today and the bridge, there's a sign on a lamppost directing passers by to "Vinnie's Moving Co."; I was afraid to follow the sign, as I wasn't sure Vinnie might gun me down by mistake. Is the area safe???

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Area is safe Anono.
One reason Harpo is showing up on the net these days is because of the opera "Trovatore"
The Marx bros film of the 20's or 30's "A night at the Opera" featured that work.


5:40 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Anonomann, I appreciate your rejection of the media, in
terms of television, but it is
very hard for me to accept
that any person on this planet
does not like to go to a movie
once in a while. Certainly, as
a younger person, you were aware
of the alure and fame of the
Marx brothers. I guess you must
have started this movie
boycott decades ago. That's what
makes life worthwhile, the fact
that many of us have completely
different and unique views
of the world, and how to exist
within in it. If you have an
opportunity to see NIGHT AT THE
OPERA sometime, do yourself a
favor, and watch it. It is
wonderfully funny, and a
perfect example of Vaudeville
transferred to film.
Today I get to got to the DMV
and take my gimp driving test.
I feel so blessed. Cross your
fingers I do not screw the
pooch. I feel so disrespected.
Another fine day, the Universe
is trying to tell me. It was
a 4 star Floyd/Stones/double
Beatles morning on the FM.
Last night at the Producer's
meeting we decided to do a
James Dean perspective for
March. He only finished three
films, so we will be able
to see his entire career over
three screenings. I did find
some VHS copies of some very
early rare work on live TV
in the 50's too, but don't know
if we can project VHS easily
now. We still have not put
the finishing touches on our
Oscar Party plans. I think
James Cameron and AVATAR will
sweep the works.

6:16 AM  

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