Sunday, February 07, 2010


Bike ride! After 3 0r 4 months of not riding, I got out yesterday.
Hadn't really wanted to but I rode the bike 30 feet in the basement just to move it from one room to another and it seemed like fun so I decided to take a short one.
Maybe five miles or so just so I could say I did it.
Turned out to be a 25 miler around half the lake.

The boring details;

Distance, 24.61 miles.
Time on the road, 2:35:28 hours
Average speed, 9.5 miles per hour.
Maximum speed, 32.2 miles per hour.
Odometer reading, 166.6 miles. (I'll have to add that to the reading from the old counter one of these days)

How 'bout today? 166.6 + 1307 = 1473.6
I did a lot of walking toward the end.

Concert today; Philharmonia Northwest.



Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Gosh, what's with the gaggle of FFTL'ers out there?
No comments yet on this or the
previous comment. Busy weekend
for all I suppose. I really
dug the Toyota Tantrum. It
made it, of course, to FFTR.
I have to agree that automobiles
are just a pile of modums and
computer chips these days,
and mechanics are just computer
techs, hooking your car to another
computer for analysis and
directions. No wonder there
are grevious errors and recalls.
Kudos on your "short" ride.
I am sure that Fidelio
was pleased to have you in
the rider's seat once more.
What's haps with the guest
list there at Redwood Manor;
perhaps the arrival of the LL?
Well, yeah, as the blues song
said, "ain't nobody's biness".
I spent the entire weekend
doing Film Club stuff. We had
a screening of PERSONA on
Friday, right after my medical
appointment, so I felt like
rat shit warmed over; but it
seemed to go well, like 24
attended, and Bergman is
always good for a few laughs.
Then on Saturday, I needed
to write the agenda for
tomorrow's Executive Committee
club meeting, type up the
three James Dean movie synopsis's,
and write the invite and promo
for the Friday screening of
SAFE. Then Sunday I spent a lot
of time catching up on bringing
the TFC journal up to speed.
I did manage to watch the 3
hour premiere of LOST too;
had to have some play time.
This week at the office looks
like it is going to be busier
than hell, so need to get to it.

6:32 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Yeah, I remember "Persona" as a laff riot.
You are correct about the identity of the special guest, you've said the magic word and you winnamucca.
Or maybe you winnabagel.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

So, what was your concert like, the Philharmonia giggy? Man, colder than a witch's tit this
morning; 30 degrees, thin ice
on the windshield, none on the
road surfaces though. Had a Doors/
Heart morning in FM land.
Rick Mobbs is still keeping
a low profile on his site,
but he did put on a comment
about possibly Melva and I
dropping in at his place in
New Mexico for a "visit".
That would be way cool. Now
I just have to convince my
Miss M that it would be fun.
Melva told me last night that
some of the folks in AER,
the professional group we all
belong to as workers with the
blind, has invited me to a
luncheon next month. Since the
word it out that the old fat
man is retiring, she said they
want to give me a "Lifetime
Achievement Award", and some
other folks too. I know very
few of those people, and am
prone to blow it off. Melva
agrees that the sheet of
paper will not even be
framed and I would have to
pay for my own lunch. Christ,
that was the clincher for me;
There is a shit storm of stress
going on here at the office,
although yesterday went smoothly.
I fully expect some level of
bitching and fussing from the
bosses today, since I had a
Pass yesterday.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

I guess Anonomann is busy with
his LL, and Robin checks in
but does not leave cyberprints
often, Jannie is jumping like
a hispanic bean over her home
remodeling projects and divers
other stuff, Friko is tending
her garden perhaps, Mariana is
busy in her own dominion,
Vinnie is following up on some
bad debts, Emily is rewriting
hundreds of her poems, Eddie
is restringing his six strings,
Poo is being Poo, Thomas Builds
A Fire is getting ready for
his own tour to promote his
latest book of poetry, Janet
(Leigh) is still dealing with
her fur kids, Rick is not over
his move to new digs and has
to reorganize his studio and
his life, Patton is chasing
the geese, Custer is still
searching for the a good
Indian, Woody is getting tired
of waiting for another of
his step daughters to come
of age, although he's got his
eye on one from Kenya, and
Mia is more than miffed
about it, George has run out
of Roman numerals to number
his grandchildren and a couple
greats, Dame Elton can't decide
which frock fits Thursday,
Michael J. is still basking
in the popularity created by
his demise, Juice is in the can I
think, and pissed off that the
media considers his non-news,
Bobby Blake continues to wear
whiteface make up in hopes
that David Lynch will hire him
one more time, and Butch is
wondering what is haps in
terms of commentor traffic
on this sterling blogsite,
this place of mirth, of a
million yuks.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Glad you had a bike ride!!
Hope the concert was also worth it!!
Anonomann (+LL)

2:52 PM  

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